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Building and protecting their company's reputation in a fast moving, global economy has moved to the top of the agenda for CEOs and boards. Reputation Rules offers the frameworks, strategies, and processes for building a capability to master this challenge.

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The blog touches on recent events, new insights, and emerging trends while introducing current research and putting things into broader perspective.


Open Enrollment Crisis Management Program


November 2-5, 2014, Daniel Diermeier is Academic Director for the Executive Education, open enrollment program entitled "Crisis Management".

In this program, you will:

  1. > Learn how to spot potential trouble areas in your organization and prepare for possible crises
  2. > Create a strategic framework for effective crisis response
  3. > Develop the critical techniques to handle the unique, high-stress pressures of a crisis
  4. > Identify the pathways to turn a crisis from obstacle to opportunity
  5. To learn more.....


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Recent Blog Posts


Activism and Regulation in Global Commerce - Huffington Post

Pursuant to the Kellogg / Aspen Institute Leadership Summit "Filling the Governance Gap: Aligning Enterprise and Advocacy", this blog reviews key trends in the evolution of Private Politics.

March 6, 2014


Global governance gaps and the rise of ‘private politics’—Five things that PR professionals need to know

Private governance is on the rise, so every Public Relations officer needs to know what the issues are and how to address them.

January 6, 2014


Top 10 Crises of 2013

This year's list contains everything from individuals to the U.S. Government indicating that reputation management is a challenge for a broad array of entities. Nobody is immune!

December 20, 2013

Barilla in Hot Water!

This post reviews the statements from Barilla's CEO and the repercussions these statements caused.

October 7, 2013

Guest Blog Post: America’s Corporate Shield and Europe’s Enterprise Responsibility

For a perspective on the legal issues related to private regulation in the case of the Bangladesh factory collapse,  please find this guest post by Caroline Kaeb. The author is Visiting Assistant Professor at Northwestern University School of Law. On […]

August 23, 2013 1:44 pm


Private regulation on the rise

Outside Opinion: Private regulation on the rise Public opinion, activism compel companies to demand changes in overseas plants; critics question legitimacy of deals By Daniel Diermeier August 18, 2013  (My Outside Opinion Editorial from the Chicago Tribune)  {This is, in part, a response to an op-ed in the FT:} It often takes a human tragedy […]

August 20, 2013 9:35 am


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In the News


Wall Street Journal

A Corporate Crisis is an Opportunity, Says Reputation Expert

April 21, 2014

Daniel Diermeier speaks with Ben DiPietro about the changing environment companies face when responding to a crisis.


Chicago Tribune

GM, Comcast hearings struggle selling stories

April 13, 2014

CEO's and others who testify in congress don't always use this opportunity effectively. Daniel Diermeier discusses how leaders need to contemplate their real audience and issues when presented with this situation.

Activists force companies out of comfort zone amid consumer shift

March 20, 2014

Daniel Diermeier comments on recent examples of how Private Politics and the broader expectations placed on companies are influencing companies' operatiing decisions.

The Worst CEO Screw-ups of 2013 - December 18, 2013

Daniel Diermeier adds his perspective to this list of missteps during 2013 as written by Susan Adams.

The Top 10 Reputation Crises of 2013 - November 15, 2013

Daniel Diermeier collaborates with Suzanne Woolley to analyze the countdown of major crisis situations during 2013. The list reveals that all sorts of organizations are susceptible to the pitfalls of mismanaging a crisis. The countdown reviews each case and offers commentary on the handling of the situation.


Market Watch Radio

Applying game theory to the budget battle - November 11, 2013

In this radio interview with Jim Asendio, Daniel Diermeier continues his analysis of the US Government budget issues and negotiations within the context of Game Theory concepts.


BBC Radio

Interview about US Government shutdown within the framework of Game Theory - Ocbtober 24, 2013


Washington Post

How a game theorist would solve the shutdown showdown - October 4, 2013

Daniel Diermeier employs Game Theory to analyze the debt negotiation crisis and US Government shutdown. He compares the US system of government to other systems, like that of the UK. He examines each system's process to show how the US could get to such a dysfunctional situation.


The Phnom Penh Post

For boycott, time is needed - September 30, 2013

In the wake of controversial elections in Cambodia, Daniel Diermeier comments on how boycotts might factor among the measures of protest considered in response to these events.


The Conference Board - Director Notes

Driving Real Value with CSR

September, 2013

CSR is becoming a much more nuanced area for creating value to a corporation. How and when to incorporate such activities in a company's overall operations can make a big difference to the value created.


Chicago Tribune

Outside Opinion: Private regulation on the rise - August 18, 2013

Daniel Diermeier's Opinion Editorial discusses the evolving approaches to effecting change in overseas operations. In the wake of the Bangladesh factory tragedy, companies are imposing new standards of operations. Public opinion and activism are creating the pressures for change, not government influence or regulation.

'Boycott Florida' not so simple, experts say - July 28, 2013

Daniel Diermeier comments on the feasibility of a boycott truly affecting Florida in the wake of the not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial. While boycotts can make a difference to companies or smaller organizations, states are so complex that the outcome of a boycott is unclear.


Kellogg School of Management - News & Events

Face-off: the trouble with spokespeople -Men's Warehouse, Paula Deen, and the dangers of public faces for brands - June 2013

Daniel Diermeier discusses the risks associated with dismissing a celebrity spokesperson. He specifically refers to the recent cases concerning George Zimmer (founder of Men's Warehouse) and Paula Deen, among others.

Lafley At P&G, Ullman At Penney: When Does It Make Sense To Rehire The CEO? - May 24, 2013

Daniel Diermeier comments on the challenges of reinstating former CEO's, like in the case of J.C.Penney.


Bloomberg Business Week

Apple Tax Grilling Becomes Cook's Latest Testing Crisis - May 23, 2013

This article reviews the recent scrutiny Apple has endured over the management of its finances - particularly when it comes to repatriating profits. Daniel Diermeier comments on the reputational implications of this crisis.


Huffington Post

Reputational Risk Management - It's time to build trust and resilience at the top - May 10, 2013

Daniel Diermeier co-authors this opinion piece with Harlan Loeb (Edelman and Northwestern Law).


Daniel Diermeier named Alumni Professor of the Year - May 3, 2013

In a ceremony held at Kellogg's Reunion 2013, Professor Diermeier received this award from Alumni in recognition of his tremendous contributions to research, teaching, collaboration and innovation at Kellogg.



Unlikely heroes: How BP and Walmart truly did well by doing good - April 11, 2013

Managing corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts carefully has become increasingly important for multinationals like Walmart and BP.


Kellogg Insight

When and How to Drive Real Value with CSR - March 4, 2013

Daniel Diermeier's article reviews strategies relating to corporate social responsibility.

J.C. Penney's Ronald Johnson, Nancy Brinker of Susan K. Komen for the Cure Among Forbes' Worst CEO Screw-ups of 2012 - January 1, 2013

Daniel Diermeier's insights on the worst CEO mistakes of 2012 from Forbes spread to



The Worst CEO Screw-ups Of 2012 - December 29, 2012

Daniel Diermeier's recent blog post was mentioned in this list of the worst CEO mistakes of 2012.


First Business News

Reputation Rules - December 26, 2012

Daniel spoke to First Business Network on the the year's top corporate screwups.


The Daily Beast

Banks, NFL, Walmart Lead List of 2012 Worst Reputational Crises - December 26, 2012

The Daily Beast featured Daniel Diermeier's 2012 list of top ten reputational crises.




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