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“My Cart” Registration System Feature
Available one week prior to web registration

The "My Cart" feature allows you to enter the web registration system and pre-select courses for which you might have interest. "My Cart" will be available one week prior to web registration. You may find it easier to sort your courses by using the "My Cart" feature. It will also allow you to register directly for a course in your cart when the appropriate registration window has opened.

Adding a course to your cart is not considered an enrollment transaction. You must officially register for this course by using the enroll button.

To place a course in your cart, use the top navigation bar and click "Search for Classes" to display the current course schedule (you can view the entire schedule or filter based on specific criteria).

Once your results are displayed, Use the Add to Cart button to add the course to your cart. To view the courses in your cart, click on "My Cart" on the top navigation bar.

You may register from "My Cart" when your registration window (as defined by the registration calendar) has opened. You must click the "Enroll" button next to the course(s) in your cart that you wish to register for in order for your enrollment transaction to be processed. Simply adding a course to your cart is not considered an enrollment transaction.

Web Registration Instructions

Before registering for class(es), check the current Course Catalog found on the Part-Time Student Intranet for the proper prerequisites, if applicable. All courses will be checked by the Student Services System and the Registrar to see that prerequisites have been satisfied. (Note: Courses are either 1 unit of credit or ½ unit of credit.)

PLEASE NOTE: Any student who did not take classes during the previous quarter, must attempt to access the web registration system (with their NetID and password) prior to their enrollment period. Students who are unable to access the system should contact Alana Stegich at ptmba-registrar@kellogg.northwestern.edu

ALSO NOTE: If you have a HOLD on your student record, you will need to contact Student Accounts at (312) 503-8503 and clear your record with them before you can register. If you have a health hold on your account, please contact NU Health Services at (847) 491-2203. If you need password assistance please contact Alana Stegich in the Part-Time program office at least 48 hours prior to your registration date.

If you have any questions regarding registration for particular courses, please call Sarah Francis at (312) 503-8385. If you have any technical problems regarding the registration system, please contact ptmba-registrar@kellogg.northwestern.edu.

  • Click on the "Enter the Course Registration System" link located on the top of this page. You should read the information regarding computer specifications and firewalls.

  • Click the Sign In button. You will be prompted to enter your Netid and Password.Please enter this information and press Enter (or click on OK). NOTE: If you do not have this information, you will NOT be able to register. You may obtain a temporary password from Alana Stegich in the Part-Time program office at (312) 503-6635 or via email at ptmba-registrar@kellogg.northwestern.edu.

  • You should now be in the web registration system and at the Message of the Day screen. The Registrar will post important registration related messages here. You may also see older messages by using the Messages Archive link.

  • To add a class, you will need to select a course from the "My Cart" screen (if you have already populated your cart) or you must go to the "Search for Classes" screen (select from "view entire schedule" or provide specific search filters). If you have pre-selected courses by using the “my cart” feature, you can go directly to “my cart” to enroll in your pre-selected courses.

  • To enroll in a class, click the Enroll button at the end of the row and in the right hand column. A confirmation screen will confirm or reject your enrollment. If you are registering for a second class, follow the same procedure described above.

  • To verify your enrollments (or waitlist status if the course was full), select "My Classes" from the top navigation bar. The screen is divided into two parts, an Enrollments area and a Waitlist area. Classes for which you are registered will appear in the Enrollments area. Classes for which you have waitlisted will appear in the Waitlist area.

  • To drop a class, under "My Classes", simply click the Drop button and confirm your intention to drop on the screen to follow.

  • If you are adding yourself to any class waitlists, you need to read the Wait List Overview or read the FAQs.

  • IMPORTANT: If you are adding yourself to any waitlists, the system only allows you to be enrolled in 3 classes. Therefore, if you are enrolled in 3 classes and wish to be on the waitlists for another class(es), you will need to select one of the enrolled classes to be dropped automatically. Under the "Waitlist" area, select the course to be dropped if your waitlisted class(es) becomes available. The final step of the waitlist feature is to SAVE your waitlist request. If you do not SAVE before leaving the waitlist screen, your waitlist request will be passed over should a space become available in the classes you have waitlisted.

  • Adding a third credit is now available online via the web registration system as soon as students are eligible to register.  If you have issues with adding a third credit, please contact ptmba-registrar@kellogg.northwestern.edu

  • During the Web Registration Period you may also DROP courses via the web. To do so, simply click on the My Classes screen where you will be able to view all courses for which you have registered. Use the Drop button to the left of your web registered course to drop a class.

  • In order to register for SEEK 440A, you must register for a 1-credit course first. Students in the traditional, 20.5 program: You also must have completed at least 8 courses as of the end of the previous quarter (this does not include the courses you are currently taking).  The system has been configured to monitor for eligibility. Therefore, if you do not meet the eligibility requirements specified, you will not be able to register. 

  • Following the end of Web Registration, you will be able to add and drop classes online via the web registration system over the following weeks leading up to the beginning of the next quarter.  Please click here for the designated dates.  

  • When you are finished registering for class(es) on the Web, be sure to EXIT Internet Explorer. Unless you exit the system, your registration information will remain available to the next person to use your computer.

To view and print your bill, log into QuickPay, Northwestern University's eBill and ePay service. Login through CAESAR, Northwestern's secure gateway to online student services, with your netid and password at http://www.northwestern.edu/caesar/: CAESAR > For Students > Financial Services > View My E-Bill & E-Payment.

Please refer to the tuition/financial aid page for more detailed payment information.