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Where do I register for my classes?
Students register for classes via the web registration system

How do I search for course listings in the web registration system?
Click on “Search for Classes” and utilize any of the search options.  Click on “Display All Classes” for a full listing.

How do I add a course?

  • From Search For Classes
    Enter search criteria and click “Search”. In the search results, find your desired section and click “Enroll”.

  • From My Cart
    If you already have class sections in your cart, simply click “Enroll”.

I don’t see enroll buttons.  Why?
This could mean a number of things:

-You are not in an active registration period.  Enroll buttons only appear when web registration is happening or during add/drop periods.  Please check the
Web Registration Resources section under the Course Management & Registration tab on the PTMBA intranet for web registration dates and add/drop periods.
-You are a Saturday student and you are trying to register for an evening course during web registration.  These courses are not available to Saturday students until add/drop 1.
You are an evening student and you are trying to register for a Saturday course during web registration.  These courses are not available to evening students until add/drop 1.

How do I drop a course?
Select the “Drop” button and confirm your transaction on the pop-up page.  Be sure to check the “My Classes” page to make sure it no longer appears.  Note: If you are dropping all of your courses, you must come to the PTMBA office and fill out a withdrawal form. 

How late may I drop a course?
You may drop a course at any time; however, after the first Saturday of the quarter, you will no longer be refunded full tuition. Visit the Tuition Payment/Financial Aid page for refund dates.  IMPORTANT: If you are dropping ALL classes, you will need to come into the PTMBA office and fill out a withdrawal form.

How late may I add a course?

You will have up until the first class begins on the night of the class to add it online. (Ex: Students are not able to add a Monday class online after 6:00pm on Monday night.)  Students will need the professor's written approval to add the class after this time, and contact .

What is My Cart and how and why should I use it?
The “My Cart” area is a work space to store courses that interest you. You should use it because it only lists courses that you have already pre-selected. In order to place courses in “My Cart”:

·         Click on “Search For Classes” tab.

·         Enter search criteria and click “Search”.

·         On the Search Results page, find your desired section(s), and click “Add to Cart”.

Do I have to put a class into My Cart before I enroll?
No, you do not. You can enroll directly from the “Search For Classes” results using the “Enroll” button. 

How do I get onto a waitlist?
If the class is full, you will be automatically added to the waitlist when you try and enroll in the class.

If I am on a waitlist, how do I avoid getting skipped over?
Be sure to select an Auto-Drop course under the Wait List section of the “My Classes” page.  Don’t forget to SAVE! 

How will I know if I get a course from the wait list?  
You will get an email from the PTMBA Registrar.

How many credits can I take each quarter?
Students can register for up to three credits.  This excludes KPPI 440A which is a .5 credit course that is a required course, but not charged for tuition.  Students can register for three credits AND KPPI 440A.

How do I know when to register?
Please check the Registration Calendar Registration Time Schedule for the
Traditional Program and the Accelerated Option on the PTMBA intranet. 

·         First Year Saturday students: You will be batched into your core courses the first year by the Registrar.  Starting the following Summer quarter, as you move into your electives, you will begin to register for your classes online via the web registration system.  Email communication will be sent as online registration approaches.       

What do the section numbers mean?
71*- PT evening class at Wieboldt from 6-9pm
72*- PT evening class at Wieboldt from 6-9pm
76*- PT Saturday class at Wieboldt either from 9:00am-12:00pm or 1:30pm-4:30pm
31- Shared section between PT and FT.  Class is held at Wieboldt from 6:00-9:00pm
81- Shared section between PT and FT.  Class is held at Jacobs in Evanston from 6:30-9:30pm

*This excludes KPPI 440A which is held over the weekend.  Please check the
course schedule for specific dates and times.

All other section numbers are FT classes held during the day up in Evanston. 

The course ID suffix 'A' denotes a .5 credit 1st 5 week course.
The course ID suffix 'B' denotes a .5 credit 2nd 5 week course.

What are reasons why I am not able to register for a class?
-You are not eligible to register at that time (check the appropriate registration eligibility schedule).
-You do not have enough credits.  (Completed credits do NOT include in-progress credits or waivers, but does include transfer credits.)
-You do not have the prerequisites to register for the class.
-You are trying to register concurrently with a prerequisite course.  Please contact .
-There is a time conflict with a class that you are already registered for.
-The class is full.
-You are an evening student and you are trying to register for a Saturday class.  All classes will be open to all students starting with add/drop 1.
-You are a Saturday student trying to register for an evening class.  All classes will be open to all students starting with add/drop 1.
-The first class has passed.  You must get written permission from the professor and contact .
-The course is by application only. 

If you still think there is an error and you should be able to enroll in a course, please contact .

Where can I see a schedule of course offerings for the coming quarter?
The course schedule is posted on the PTMBA intranet under the “ Course Management & Registration ” tab.  You can view the schedule in a number of ways: Course Catalog, Schedules by Course, Schedules by Quarter.

How do I register for a class in Evanston?
If an 81 section course is listed and there are seats available, simply select the “Enroll” button and make sure it appears under your enrollments on the “My Classes” page. 

What classes have mandatory first class attendance polices?
1st Class Req'd is listed on the “Search For Classes” results, in “My Cart”, and in “My Classes”.  A number of classes have mandatory attendance: See the Professor's Web page. If you have to miss a class, contact the professor.

May I register for a class for which I have obtained a course waiver?
Yes, but you must send an email to and let the Registrar know. 

What if I am taking a quarter off?
Please send an email to .

I am not able to access the web registration system.  What should I do?
-Confirm that you are accessing the right site:
-Clean out your cache: your browser may still have data from a previous timed out session.
-Make sure you are using the
minimum system requirements
-Make sure your NetID and password are valid by checking if you can successfully log on to other Kellogg resources (e.g., Webmail).
-If the problem still persists, contact

Wait List/Auto Drop FAQ

How do I get on a wait list if a class is full?
When you hit “enroll” for a class that is full, you will be automatically added to the waitlist.  A popup screen will appear to confirm this.  If you have been added to a waitlist and no longer wish to be on the list, you may remove yourself on the “My Classes” tab under the “Waitlist” section.  Click on the “Drop” button to be removed. 

What is Auto Drop?
If you are put on any wait lists and you are already registered for the desired number of classes that you want to take for that quarter, and/or you are registered for the maximum number of classes allowed (3), please be sure to select an auto drop class for each wait listed class in the web registration system.section. 

How do I select a course to Auto Drop?
On the “My Classes” tab, under the “Waitlist” section, use the drop down feature to select the enrolled course you wish to drop if a seat becomes available in the waitlisted course.  Be sure to hit SAVE!  If you do not have an auto drop class selected, you will be skipped over if a seat becomes available in the class you are trying to get into.

What happens when there is a drop from the course that has a wait list?
The first student on the wait list will be considered for promotion into the course. If the first student already has the maximum credits enrolled and has not selected a candidate course to drop in order to be promoted to the wait listed course, then that student is passed over and the second student is considered for promotion. When a promotion from the wait list occurs, the rest of the students move up one position.

What happens if I do not select an auto drop course for a wait listed course?
If there is no Auto Drop course indicated, the wait listed request will be passed over if your enrollment is already at the maximum of three courses.

How will I know when I get on the wait list?
The system will confirm a successful add to the wait list. Click on "My Classes" to see the wait listed courses.

Where can I check what number I am on the waitlist?
Students can view where they are at on a waitlist under the “Rank” column.

How will I know when I get promoted from the wait list?
The system will send you an email saying you were promoted into the class.

Will I be able to add myself to a wait list for another section of a course that I am already enrolled in?
Yes, you can.

Adding a Third Credit FAQ

How do I register for a third credit?
Registering for a third credit is now available online as soon as students are eligible to register.  If you have trouble registering for a third credit online, please contact .  

When can I add a third credit?
Students are now able to add a third credit as soon as they are eligible to register.  Please visit the Registration Calendar for all dates.

Can I be added to a waitlist for a third course?
Yes, now that adding a third course is online, you can be added to a waitlist.  However, you MUST select and save an auto-drop class.  Please click 
here for more information.     

I am already registered for two courses plus KPPI 440A.  Can I still add a third course?  
Yes.  You can now register for three courses and KPPI 440A online via the web registration system. 

What is the tuition cost for a third credit?
The same tuition rates apply.  Please click
here  for current tuition rates.

What if I am receiving financial aid and I add a third credit?  Will financial aid cover this additional credit?
 Yes.  Students who wish to apply for additional funds should contact the financial aid representative for the PTMBA program,
Raquel Brown  at 312-503-8700.

Is adding a third credit available to Saturday students?
 Yes, adding a third credit is available to all Part-Time MBA students.

Do you recommend that students take on this heavier load each quarter?
We recommend that students make a decision that best supports their personal situation and goals.  Academic advising is available to provide advice and counsel to anyone who may consider adding a third credit to their load.  Feel free to reach out to Carol Lucido, the Part-Time MBA Academic Advisor,
with questions.