Kellogg Student Treks – Overall Information

What is a Trek?

Students lead visits to companies in various industries around the US to learn firsthand about their respective industry, business model and to have a platform to build relationships. Treks take place throughout the academic year and typically range from 1 to 2 days. The location of the treks varies based on the companies selected by the students. Becoming an E&W Trek leader provides you with a great opportunity to connect with companies and get exposure to a particular industry / sector.

Eligibility Requirements+

Each E&W Trek has individual application procedures and eligibility requirements for each attendee, including the E&W Trek leaders. Additional information to organize and/or attend an E&W Trek, including important links and documents, can be found in the present webpage and the links contained herein. In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Kellogg Career Management Center – CMC.

  1. Submit Trek Interest Survey
  2. CMC Trek Advisor will send email with further instructions based on the responses from the Trek Interest Survey
  3. Upload basic information about the trek, companies, dates, etc.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A minimum of six (06) attendees is mandatory for any E&W Trek to take place and no attendee will be requested to commit to attend a E&W Trek until its details are presented and the Trek Participant Agreement is executed. E&W Treks are typically capped at 15 attendees. Read through our FAQs for more E&W Treks’ information and find sample companies from previous Kellogg Student Treks here.

Scroll down to the Trek FAQs for further details in the sections Leading an E&W Trek and Attending an E&W Trek.


The E&W Trek Timeline provides guided actions and dates that will assist you in planning for your E&W Trek.

Planning for Your Travel+

Whenever the E&W Trek takes place in a different city / state / country, each attendee is responsible for booking his/her own flights and hotel, at his/her own expenses (including the E&W Trek leader). E&W Trek leaders will communicate to the attendees if there are any group arrangements for lodging etc., but the responsibility remains individual. Please be aware that company visits will usually take place between 8am and 5pm during business days, and this information should be kept in mind when choosing flight times and commuting procedures, in order to ensure that all company visits can be attended with no delay and/or early departure. With that in mind, it is recommended flying out the night before the beginning of the E&W Trek and flying back no earlier than 8pm on the last day of the visits. The non-observance of any of the information provided herein may result in a fine, as per the item “Applicable Fines” below.

Applicable Fines+

Once the minimum number of attendees has been reached and the Trek Participant Agreement has been executed by all the attendees (including the E&W Trek leader), physical attendance in all the events scheduled for the related E&W Trek is mandatory. In the event an attendee is a no show for any of the company meetings and/or arrives late or leaves early the day of the E&W Trek or displays inappropriate behavior a fine of $250.00 will be applied. The fee will be paid to the Career Management Center – CMC within two business days following the E&W Trek.


Leading an E&W Trek+

A. What is the role of an E&W Trek Leader?

E&W Trek leaders work collaboratively with the Career Management Center – CMC in order to plan and arrange an E&W Trek visit. E&W Treks are usually led by two (02) students and an initial meeting with a CMC Trek Advisor, to be timely appointed, will cover an overview of all assignments to be developed and set the calendar of touch points / meetings that shall take place (this process succeeds the submission of the Trek Interest Survey mentioned in the item “New Proposals / Leading E&W Treks” above).

Responsibilities of the E&W Trek leaders include, but are not limited to:

  • Insert information on the E&W Trek in the “Ongoing Treks” online document that will be made timely available by the CMC Trek Advisor
  • Create presentation(s) and market and host info session for students interested in attending an E&W Trek
  • Connect with companies for agenda logistics and confirmation of interest
  • Collect resumes from all E&W Trek attendees and prepare Resume Book, according to Career Management Center – CMC guidelines, if applicable
  • Create presentation(s) and market and host pre-departure E&W Trek meetings for E&W Trek attendees
  • Coordinate all logistics of the E&W Trek (transportation, lunch etc.)
  • Lead visit(s) to the different locations and keep track of time
  • Hand over gifts (to be provided by the CMC Trek Advisor) to E&W Trek hosts
  • Send thank you notes and feedback survey to company hosts, according to Career Management Center – CMC guidelines, if applicable
  • Send feedback survey to students in attendance, according to Career Management Center – CMC, if applicable
  • Debrief with CMC Trek Advisor

B. Do I need experience and contacts in a particular industry / sector to become a leader of a certain E&W Trek?

No. Contacts and/or experience in a particular industry / sector are a good to have, but not a must.

C. How can I express an interest in leading an E&W Trek?

Students interested in leading an E&W Trek must complete the Trek Interest Survey mentioned in the item “New Proposals / Leading E&W Treks” above.

D. What are the requirements to be an E&W Trek Leader?

Interest in the E&W Trek you applied for leadership is a must have. Commitment and dedication to the role together with initiative and organizational skills will be also taken into consideration. Contacts and/or experience in the industry / sector of the E&W Trek are a good to have, but not a must.

E. Do I have to cover my expenses to attend an E&W Trek if I am one of the students leading it?

Yes, all students attending E&W Treks (including E&W Trek leaders) must cover their own individual expenses, with no exception.

Attending an E&W Trek+

A. Who can attend an E&W Trek?

Priority attendance goes to Evening & Weekend MBA students, followed by Full Time MBA students.

B. How can I verify existing E&W Treks / express interest in attending one or more?

Ongoing E&W Treks can be verified in the link entitled “Ongoing Treks” within Evening & Weekend Career Management Center – CMC Intranet. There, basic information on the current E&W Treks and other preliminary information will be made available to interested students, so that they can choose and register in the ones that are more appealing to them.

Please note that some E&W Treks may have higher attendance demand than capacity and a lottery system might need to be put in place. E&W Trek leaders will message attendees with information about the particular E&W Trek they are in charge of, including a list of final attendance; and once the Trek Participant Agreement is executed, all the applicable conditions must be observed.

C. What commitments will I be making if I decide to attend a E&W Trek?

Students attending E&W Trek must be present during all the companies visits scheduled for that particular E&W Trek, with no late arrivals and/or early departures from any meeting. There is no option to opt out of a company visit.
Other commitments include:

  • Following the instructions received from the E&W Trek leader and the CMC Trek Advisor during pre-departure meeting(s)
  • Attending every meeting scheduled for the E&W Trek, arriving on time for each of them and not leaving early as well
  • Following the dress code shared by the E&W Trek leaders (that may vary according to the industry / sector involved)
  • Behaving in a professional manner during the entire E&W Trek (with the companies’ hosts / professionals and the other attendees)

D. What is the cost to attend an E&W Trek?

The cost of E&W Trek varies depending on the location, time of the year, and length of the visit (one day, two days or more). For E&W Trek outside of Chicago you can anticipate the cost including airfare tickets, hotel, meals and additional transportation (public transport, bus service, taxis, etc.). Local E&W Treks will have a minimal cost including transportation (CTA, METRA, bus service). Additionally, lunch is usually included as part of the E&W Treks and offered by one of the companies during the visit (please check with your E&W Trek leaders logistics may differ).

E. Who is responsible for all travel arrangements involved in an E&W Trek?

Students attending an E&W Trek are solely responsible for individually booking their own flights and hotel accommodations. E&W Trek leaders can recommend hotels and times of flights as part of their info session and pre-departure meeting(s), but each student ultimately makes final decisions on when/how to get to the city and the lodging involved, at his/her own expenses. For local E&W Treks, specific arrangements will be shared by E&W Trek leaders, including a meeting point and where to purchase train/bus tickets and/or how to contribute towards a private transportation service (please check with your E&W Trek leader as logistics may differ).

F. How will I get specific information on my E&W Trek of interest?

E&W Trek leaders will message the attendees with information regarding the particular E&W Trek they are registered in. This may include an initial info session presentation to cover the potential agenda of companies and logistics and other activities that will be timely organized.

Proposing an E&W Trek+

A. How can I propose an E&W Trek?

A Trek Interest Survey must be filled out in order for an E&W Trek to take place. Proposed E&W Trek must meet the following criteria, among others, in order to be considered:

  • Minimum interest of attendance from six (06) students (and typically not more than fifteen)
  • Proposed companies to be visited may not have been visited by another E&W Trek in the same quarter (Evening & Weekend MBA or Full Time MBA)
  • Proposed date(s) may not be already in use by another E&W Trek
  • The proposed E&W Trek may fall on a date that does not conflict with any curricular activity of the attendees

B. Who approves proposed E&W Treks?

A Career Management Center – CMC committee reviews all proposals for E&W Trek and makes a decision based on the applicable requirements. As soon as a Trek Interest Survey is completed, a Career Management Center – CMC member will get in touch with the indicated E&W Trek leaders as soon as possible with further information on the presented request.


A. If none of the E&W Treks listed in the “Ongoing Treks” cover the industry, sector and/or companies I am interested in, can I individually visit a company and/or meet with alumni to learn about this particular field?

E&W Treks are not meant to be a substitute for networking / info sessions. If there is a particular company you are interested in visiting and / or know some alumni working at a company that you would like to meet with individually, you can arrange this meeting outside of the format of an E&W Trek, at your own responsibility and expenses.

B. Where should I direct questions related to E&W Treks?

All questions related to E&W Treks may be directed to

Past and Current Treks+




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