System Requirements

Browser and Resolution Settings 

  • The web registration system is designed to be viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or later, or Mozilla Firefox 3.x.
  • Set your browser to enable cookies and scripting. Refer to your browser's help menu. 
  • For best results, set your screen resolution to 1024x768. Your minimum screen resolution must be 800x600. 
  • Be sure to allow popups from the domain, especially if you are using Chrome or Firefox.

Connecting from your Office 

If you are unable to log into the registration system from work and get an error stating the server did not respond or the address could not be found, your company may be blocking the HTTPS connections required for secure communications with the registration system. If this is the case, you would not be able to use other sites that require HTTPS such as shopping or banking sites as well. If you feel this is the case, consult your company's IT policies and IT department to see if they are blocking HTTPS. 

Important Security and Usage Information

You MUST use your NetID and password to access the web registration system. If you do not have this information, you will NOT be able to register. If you experience issues with logging in, make sure you are able to log in to other Kellogg resources, such as Webmail. If you are not able to log in successfully to Webmail, double check that you are using the correct NetID and password. If you think you may have forgotten your password or it has expired, please go to to reset it by answering your security questions. If you still have trouble, please contact Alana Stegich Weisberg in the Part-Time MBA Program office, on 2M of Wieboldt Hall. She may be reached at (312) 503-6635 or via e-mail at

Because your NetID password expires every 365 days, you have the option of changing your password now to make certain that it does not expire after you register. To change your password now, click here

Registration Problems (Systemic) 

Problems or questions with the registration system should be reported via email to   

Protecting Your Account 

In order to keep your account and class registration secure, you must EXIT Internet Explorer or Netscape completely after registering. This is especially important on public computers. If you do not close your web browser, you are still logged into the registration system and the next person who uses the computer could access your account.