Corey Moss

    M.S. in Management Studies

    Student Profile

    Name: Corey Moss ’14
    Hometown: Great Neck, N.Y.
    Undergrad major: Theatre, with Minors in Sociology and Business Institutions
    Industry: Consulting
    Interests: Running, Singing

    As a theatre major and a singer, I invested a significant amount of time rehearsing with friends — you can’t put on a show without a team of talented people. But when I started working in groups at Kellogg, I realized I still had much to learn about collaboration. Working with my classmates inside and outside the classroom taught me so much about communicating authentically, playing off the strengths of others, and being a great team member. It also made me better at solving problems because it forced me to consider various situations from multiple perspectives.

    Kellogg professors are truly top-notch. They’re so committed to making sure we understand the material. Even in subjects I thought would be dry, like accounting, my professors showed me that the discipline was more than just numbers and formulas. It was a way of thinking about real-world challenges and rising to them.

    I feel so utterly prepared for my consulting job next year — a job I wouldn’t have had the confidence to pursue without the help of my Kellogg career coach. Kellogg has excellent career services, and my coach was very invested in my future.

    One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that you really can get better at something by devoting significant amounts of time and energy to it, and it’s extremely gratifying when hard work pays off. My Kellogg education helped me realize that and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

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    The new M.S. program is named in memory of Jim Russell, a 1935 alumnus of Northwestern's School of Commerce, now the Kellogg School.