Build your personal leadership. Grow your career.

Whether you want to transition careers, advance within your industry or rise to the top of your current organization, our leadership development MBA programming will prepare you for the journey.

Our approach

Leadership development is holistically integrated into all of our curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular offerings, ensuring that you continually refine your leadership strengths throughout the MBA program. At the same time, our strong curriculum will enable you to lead across functions and industries. You’ll grow into a well-rounded leader, ready to influence and inspire change.

At Kellogg, we believe that in order to lead others, you must first learn how to lead yourself. At this critical juncture of your career, you need the self-awareness to know who you are as a leader, where you want to go and how you’re going to get there.

Leadership Career Series

You’ll focus more intensely on your personal and career development through the Leadership Career Series (LCS), a co-curricular program that features a series of workshops, modules and personal assessments. Developed exclusively for Evening & Weekend students, LCS is designed to help you deepen your self-awareness, identify your unique strengths and articulate your personal leadership style.

LCS's sequence of four highly experiential, hands-on workshops is facilitated jointly by our career management experts and leadership development faculty. Each session is designed to help you engage in personal reflection; tap into Kellogg’s career services; and be challenged by and learn from the insights of your peers in breakout discussions. In between these sessions, you’ll complete several modules that enhance your experience.

The Power of Community and Collaboration

In this session, you will practice leadership through collaborative activities that connect you to your community and classmates. You’ll also make a meaningful contribution to the community through a service project.

LCS 1 was my first introduction to my cohort, a group of people who would rapidly become close friends. The fact that Kellogg reminded us that there is more to business than profit margins reinforced my understanding that a Kellogg MBA is special.

  Alexandra Stewart

Assessing Your Potential, Envisioning Your Future

Using Kellogg’s 360° Leadership Assessment tool, you will reflect on your leadership vision and aspirations. You’ll also set well-informed career goals and design an action plan for your time at Kellogg and beyond.

LCS 2 provided a deep level of understanding into my strengths and areas of opportunities, and my fellow Kellogg students added valuable insights during the discussion segments.

  Phillip Besoiu

Leveraging Your Strengths for Maximum Impact

In this session, you will use the StrengthsFinder® assessment to identify your personal strengths, and work with leadership development faculty to incorporate that insight into your work, goals and aspirations. You’ll also examine your career development from two different angles: changing roles within your company or moving on to a new industry and/or organization.

The StrengthFinder’s assessment that is part of LCS 3 has been a great resource for me in my career. The session taught me how to embrace and play to my strengths and how to best utilize them to drive successful teams.

  Ben Krejcie

Looking Backward, Moving Forward

With new skills and an action plan for putting them to work, you’ll enter your final session ready for what’s next in your career. During the session, you’ll also learn about the vast resources you have access to as a Kellogg MBA, including world-class career support, professional development opportunities and access to a global alumni network.

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. Through LCS, I’m challenging myself to be a unique leader with a diverse set of skills and perspectives so I can contribute even more to my company.

  Brian Lease


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