Accelerated Option

Fast-track your MBA with Kellogg

Our Accelerated Option can help you earn your MBA faster. Exclusive to Kellogg’s Evening & Weekend MBA Program, this option is designed for students who have completed requisite business courses and want to dive into advanced electives sooner. With fewer credits to graduate, the Accelerated Option allows you to complete your Kellogg MBA in as quickly as just one year and at less expense than earning your Evening & Weekend MBA at a traditional pace. You’ll gain the skills and knowledge needed to propel your career forward, faster than in other programs.

Benefits of the Accelerated Option:

  • Earn your MBA in as quickly as just one year, depending on the number of courses taken per quarter.
  • Reduce your tuition cost.
  • Fewer credits are required for graduation (15.5 vs. 20.5 at a traditional pace).
  • Dive into advanced electives sooner.
  • Choose between the Evening Program and Saturday Program.
  • Take up to four classes per quarter.

student perspectives

“I already had a strong undergraduate foundation in the core disciplines, and in my job I hone those skills daily. The Accelerated Option lets me dive deeper into electives in the areas where I need more development.”

 — Mary De Luis, Accelerated Option

How to qualify

To qualify for the Accelerated Option, you must have completed requisite coursework at the undergraduate or graduate level in at least three of the following four courses:

Topic Typical course Equivalent course at Kellogg
Introduction to Statistics
Introduction to Economics
Introduction to Marketing
Introduction to Operations

Students who qualify will complete the outstanding courses at Kellogg during their first few quarters in theEvening & Weekend Program. This course is in addition to the 15.5 credits needed to graduate. To qualify:

  • You must have received a grade of B or better in each class.
  • Online courses are not accepted.
  • In general, courses must have been completed in the past 10 years. 

Complete our online form to see if you are eligible. Each applicant is assessed individually. We will respond within five business days. 

Finance and accounting waiver

Accelerated students also have the option of taking a waiver exam to waive out of the core accounting and finance courses. This exam places students in the appropriate level of coursework. Based on your score, you may need to take a core class, move onto advanced study or receive a full waiver.

To sign up for a finance or accounting exam, contact

Check Eligibility

To apply for the Accelerated Option, complete our online form indicating the completed and outstanding classes and upload your academic transcripts.

See if you're eligible

Setting your pace: Two options for study

Accelerated Traditional
Courses required prior to enrollment
At least three of the following four: economics, marketing, operations, statistics
Program options
Choose between the Evening Program and Weekend Program
Choose between the Evening Program and Weekend Program
Time to finish
Evening: 1-4 years (average time: 2 years*)
Weekend: 1.5-4 years (average time: 2 years*)
Evening: 1.5-4 years (average time: 3 years*)
Weekend: 2-5 years (average time: 3 years*)
Credits to graduate
Courses per quarter**

*Calculated by subtracting first term start date from last term end date and dividing by 30. Includes all AY2014 Evening & Weekend MBA graduates.

**The duration of your program depends on the number of courses you take per quarter. You have the flexibility to determine your own course load and may take quarters off if necessary. Weekend students may choose to take Evening classes if their schedules permit in order to complete their degree faster.

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