Danielle David discusses her Kellogg MSMS (Masters in Management) experience

Sam Whaley '17 knew he wanted to switch career paths during the last year of his undergrad, but wasn't sure exactly how or what he wanted to do.

"I have a background in global health and environment, so I knew wherever I ended up I wanted it to have an international focus," Sam said. "What I wanted, without even realizing it, was the MSMS Program at Kellogg."


Originally from Michigan, one of the benefits that drew Sam to the program was the fact that he'd be studying in downtown Chicago. "I loved the idea of being somewhere new and being in transit with other business professionals. I just knew the experience was going to feel very real."

Another major pull had to do with how involved the MSMS team was in learning more about him and how he could achieve his goals.

"The MSMS team did an amazing job taking the time to really understand me. They knew about my interest in traveling and working internationally, so they definitely emphasized the global opportunities I'd have at Kellogg," Sam said.


"I cannot emphasize enough how much I learned about the process of finding a job," Sam said. "Kellogg just really blew me away with the amount of attention, resources and preparation they offer students here."

Sam's goal to find a path that would combine international opportunities with his new foundation in business led him to a consulting position at Oliver Wyman.

"It was a truly transformative experience in the MSMS Program," Sam said. "I was pretty new to these topics, then five months later I got an offer at one of the top consulting firms. I give so much credit to my career coach and the on-campus recruiting."

"Long term, I imagine myself living or moving abroad to work, and Kellogg has definitely given me the skills necessary to do that."

Student Profile

B.S. in Global Health and Environment, University of Michigan

Consultant for Oliver Wyman
Danielle David '14 Kellogg MSMS (Masters in Management) Alumni

Danielle David

"You will come out smarter, more confident in your skills and totally prepared to stand out in any industry you choose."
Stephanie Kim Kellogg MSMS (Masters in Management) Alumni

Mallory Harrington

"The amount of personalized attention, career guidance and support has been amazing. I don’t think I would have found my way to consulting without this program."
Corey Moss: Kellogg MSMS (Masters in Management) Alumni

Corey Moss

"Kellogg has excellent career services, and my coach was very invested in my future."

Application Dates

Round 1

Nov 13, 2017

Round 2*

February 19, 2018

Round 3

April 6, 2018

*International student deadline