MMM Program

Focus on Business & Design

Our dual-degree MMM Program is an immersive and integrative program that gives students a rigorous business education and a solid foundation in design innovation. When you graduate, you’ll receive an MBA from Kellogg and an MS in Design Innovation from the Segal Design Institute at the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Our Proven Success

The First of its Kind

Going beyond the traditional MBA, we designed the MMM Program to be for those who want to be involved in product development from the beginning to the end, while focusing on positive user experience outcomes.

Driving Innovation in a Variety of Roles

Our graduates leave ready to design and manage end-to-end solutions. They understand how to strike a balance between big-picture approaches and detail-oriented processes. This uniquely positions them for a variety of roles that drive innovation, particularly as product managers in technology.

In-Demand Alumni

MMM graduates are in demand around the world due to their superior skills in design and operations management. Our alumni work throughout Europe, Asian and North and South America. In the U.S., they manage teams at East Coast financial firms, West Coast technology companies and organizations everywhere in between. Our notable alumni include:
  • Murray Brozinsky ‘94, CEO, Cambrian Technologies LLC
  • Jeff Galagher ’99, VP & CFO, Walmart US eCommerce , Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
  • Matt Levatich ’94, President & COO, Harley-Davidson
  • Ajit Ramachandran ’08, Vice President, Innovation & Strategic Development, Barclaycard
  • Richard Rennert ’92, Vice President, Design Engineering, American Express
  • Caleb Tower ’93, CEO, P3 Software

Program Highlights

  • Become an innovation expert
    The program equips future business leaders to drive the entire innovation lifecycle of a product or service.You’ll think holistically and strike a balance between the analytical and the intuitive.You’ll be able to see and tackle problems differently which will position you for a variety of roles that create, develop and deliver innovation.
  • Earn two prestigious degrees
    Balance a rigorous education in business with a solid grounding in design innovation, earning both an MBA from Kellogg and MS in Design Innovation from the Segal Design Institute at the McCormick School.
  • Think and do
    After you complete required courses in business and design innovation, you can pursue advanced electives that best serve your career interests. Throughout the program, you’ll both think and do. Dedicated studio space allows you to explore, prototype and build your ideas. You’ll have the opportunity to apply knowledge gained in the classroom to real-world organizations, including through the Capstone Integration Project.
  • Build a stellar network
    As a MMM student, you hold membership in both the Kellogg and McCormick alumni networks. And the Northwestern MMM alumni network is the largest of its kind in the nation. Alumni provide networking assistance to students seeking internships, and many hire MMM graduates for full-time positions.

Westin Hatch '14

Westin spent many years developing technical and leadership skills as a product manager. To take his career to the next level, though, he wanted to learn design innovation. Kellogg’s MMM Program was the perfect fit, offering a balanced approach to management and design innovation while emphasizing technology in product and service development.

Integrate Design & Business

Our dual-degree MMM Program equips you to drive the entire innovation life cycle of a product or service. Get started to see if our MMM Program is right for you:


If you’ve earned a bachelor’s or equivalent degree from an accredited college or university, you’re eligible to apply.

Much of the coursework in the MMM curriculum requires technical aptitude and the capacity for analytical and creative thinking. You’re encouraged to complete introductory courses in calculus and statistics prior to attending.

Majors & Electives

As part of your MBA degree program at Kellogg, you may choose any business major, including operations, marketing, strategy and finance. At McCormick, you’ll focus on design innovation and technology, earning a Master of Science in Design Innovation (MSDI).  
Once you’ve mastered the core disciplines, you’ll be able to take advanced courses tailored to your professional goals. Our catalog contains more than 200 courses that constantly adapt to the changing business landscape.
Learn about MMM Academics, including required courses.

Student Perspectives

A portrait of Peter Eck, student of the MMM program at Kellogg.

Peter Eck

"I’m very interested in a career at the intersection of three areas: consumer products and services, digital technologies and innovation. I realized that the dual-degree MMM Program could open up many opportunities in that space."
A portrait of Erin Mulholland, student of the MMM program at Kellogg.

Erin Mulholland

“To lead in an organization, I needed a broader perspective on the way business works. That led me to Kellogg, McCormick and the MMM Program.”

Sample Employers Seek MMM Graduates
Bain & Company                     
The Boston Consulting Group
Cisco Systems
Deloitte Consulting
Intel Corporation
John Deere
McKinsey & Company
United Airlines

Application Dates

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Round 2

Jan. 7, 2015

Round 3

April 1, 2015