Advanced Courses

Advanced courses

Our advanced courses explore general management topics in greater depth. While many students take 13.5 units of advanced courses, you may opt out of one to two units (taking a total of 11.5 units) to accommodate for two additional electives.

All courses are one credit unless otherwise noted.

The Chief Marketing Officer in the Digital Age

This course explores how Chief Marketing Officers successfully lead in their role, with a focus on predictive analytics, innovation, growth, globalization, and corporate culture.

Corporate Governance

This half credit course defines the duties and responsibilities of board membership. This course describes the way corporate governance operates in today’s challenging business environment, as well as what it means to be an effective board member in such a climate.

Economics of Competition

This course prepares students to diagnose the determinants of an industry's structure and formulate rational, competitive strategies for coping with that structure.

Ethics and Executive Leadership

This course examines the role of the CEO and other top leaders in modern organizations. It highlights ethical challenges and explores the implications of a variety of frameworks in facilitating more effective decision-making in a rapidly changing business environment.

Law and the Corporate Manager

This course concerns U.S. business law on a state and federal level. Topics include shareholders’ rights; director’s and officer’s liability and fiduciary responsibility; mergers, acquisitions and takeovers; and securities regulation.


This course studies national and global economic activity. The course focuses on the effects of fiscal and monetary policies on gross national product, interest rates, unemployment and inflation.

Strategic Financial Management

This course uses case studies to enhance students’ understanding of managerial financial decision-making. The course covers both investment and financing decisions and provides a comprehensive view of the value-creation process as well as the key role managers play in this process.