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  GP-LP Relationships, Fund Identities, and the Regulatory Landscape
The relationship between limited and general partners is ever-evolving. This discussion will provide a current and prospective look at LP capital availability and allocation and how investors are planning for potential changes in the regulatory environment. Insight on these topics will be presented from both the LP and GP perspective.

Moderator: Jim Tunney, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers

  • Steven Brown, Partner, CHS Capital, KSM �02
  • Tom Hawkins, Director, Arcapita, KSM �99
  • Gregory Jania, Managing Director, WP Global Partners
  • Andrew McDonough, Partner, Winston & Strawn
  • Richard Strait, Managing Director, Northwestern Mutual Capital, KSM �82
  PE Panel 1: Portfolio Company Views
What are the elements within a successful sponsor-to-portfolio-company relationship that drive value? Panelists will discuss their experiences as sponsor-backed company CEOs for firms with varying styles and intensity of portfolio involvement. What does and does not work, and how should private equity firms seek to become better partners in the future?

Moderator: Harry Kraemer, Executive Partner, Madison Dearborn Partners, KSM '79

  • Rich Scalise, CEO, Hearthside Food Solutions
  • Jai Shekhawat, CEO, Fieldglass, KSM '96
  • Forrest Whittaker, CEO, Avalign Technologies
  PE Panel 2: Opportunities in Emerging Markets
Amidst all of the recent attention on emerging markets, where are today�s actionable opportunities? How should U.S-based PE firms choose whether to expand their investment activities into Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Central Europe?  Panelists will discuss what makes doing business in these markets lucrative and will highlight some common pitfalls.  Ultimately, this panel will seek to shed light on what may be the next big thing in PE investing.

Moderator: Steven Rogers, Gordon and Llura Gund Family Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship, Kellogg School of Management

  • Wale Adeosun, Chief Investment Officer, Kuramo Capital
  • Carlos Botelho, Managing Director, Cartica Capital, KSM �99
  • Joan Midthun Larrea, Managing Director, Global Environment Fund
  • Michael Wallach, Director of Strategic Investments, Sachs Capital Group, KSM '06
  PE Panel 3: A Younger Perspective on Private Equity
How do those currently in the trenches perceive the future of private equity? Hear from Principals and Directors at some of the nation�s top firms and get insights into lessons learned, where they see the asset class going, how firm strategies are being re-examined, and how to build a successful career in Private Equity.

Moderator: Theodore Wern, Partner, Perkins Coie

  • Andrew Cantwell, Principal, Norwest Equity Partners, KSM �04
  • Richard Copans, Director, Madison Dearborn Partners, KSM �05
  • Jason Rosenberg, Principal, Sterling Partners, KSM �05
  • R. Keith Taylor, Principal, The Carlyle Group, KSM �05
  VC Panel 1: Mobile Tech
Everyone has an opinion when it comes to the future of mobile, but these panelists are creating that future. Hear from cutting-edge entrepreneurs and investors as they give their expert opinion on what's next in mobile. Topics to be covered include paid software vs advertising revenue models and iOS vs Android development decisions.

Moderator: Yael Hochberg, Assistant Professor of Finance, Kellogg School of Management

  • Savinay Berry, Principal, Granite Ventures, KSM '08
  • Evan Doll, Co-Founder, Flipboard
  • Tod Francis, Managing Director, Shasta Ventures, KSM '83
  • Andrew Vilcsak, Lead Mobile Engineer, Airbnb
  VC Panel 2: Cleantech
Cleantech and alternative energy have been hailed for decades as the next drivers of growth in the US economy. The Cleantech Panel will discuss whether this will finally be the decade when cleantech claims its place in the economy and how venture investors can and will play a role in the industry.

Moderator: Tom Cushing, Former Senior Vice President of Membership, Chicago Climate Exchange

  • Ananth Ananthasubramaniam, Vice President, DTE Energy Ventures, KSM '85
  • Andrew Friendly, Principal, Advanced Technology Ventures, KSM '00
  • Bobby Kandaswamy, Director, Intel Capital, KSM '98
  • John Regan, Senior Director, Illinois Ventures
  VC Panel 3: Angel & Seed Investing
Is Angel Investing the new Series A? Hear different perspectives on how angel and seed investing, one of the hottest topics in venture capital, will change in the coming decade from investors from across the country.

Moderator: Todd Warren, Advisor, Divergent Ventures and Adjunct Professor in Computer Science, Northwestern�s McCormick School of Engineering

  • Alex Ferrara, Partner, Millennium Technology Ventures
  • Brad Keywell, Co-Founder and Director, Groupon, MediaBank, and Echo Global Logistics, and Co-founder and Managing Partner, Lightbank
  • Paul Martino, Managing Director, Bullpen Capital
  • David Tisch, Managing Director, TechStars NYC

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