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Kellogg London ‘trek’ helps students learn about job opportunities and each other

By Meg Washburn

12/14/2007 - While many of their peers were eating holiday meals over the Thanksgiving break, a group of Kellogg School students were talking turkey with European executives during a whirlwind excursion designed to expand their international business insights.

In the late 1990s, the Kellogg School of Management became one of the first business schools to pioneer the “trek” concept, in which students organize trips to meet with executives in varying geographies to discuss employment opportunities. The very first trek was to Silicon Valley, where students learned firsthand about jobs in the information technology industry.

Today, the trek is a long-standing Kellogg tradition, with students visiting 20 destinations around the globe each year. Recently, a group of 15 students spent their Thanksgiving breaks learning about job opportunities at leading companies in London.

Companies visited included Abbott UK, Amazon UK, BP International, Google UK, PepsiCo UK and Ireland, and Yahoo! UK. Students gained key leadership perspectives from senior executives about each company’s performance, strategic vision, culture and employment opportunities for general managers.

At PepsiCo UK and Ireland, students benefited from interacting with CEO and Kellogg School alumnus Salman Amin ’85. Amin recalled his time at Kellogg, and the lasting impact his experience has made on his career. “The trek was a success,” said Remi Grosjean ’08, president of the European Business Club (EBC) who attended the trip. “We were thrilled to have access to high caliber managers, division heads and Salman Amin. We also appreciated the opportunity to reinforce the Kellogg brand in Europe as a result of this trip.” Feedback from company representatives was also very positive, added Grosjean. “The executives enjoyed interacting with promising Kellogg candidates,” he said. The London Trek was a team effort, with student organizers from the EBC working to make it successful. In addition to networking with key decision makers at leading companies, students also took the opportunity to network with each other. “It was great traveling with a diverse group of students with similar career interests,” said Grosjean. “I think we all learned from each other during this trip.” In addition to those students who trekked to London, other groups of Kellogg students participated in similar treks to Washington, DC, Los Angeles and the New York/New Jersey area. Note: The Kellogg London trek was recently highlighted in the Financial Times: