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From left: Siebel Scholars David Newman, Akshaya Gulhati, Aditya Bhashyam, Christopher Gregory and Douglas Scott (all '07) are pictured with Kathleen Hagerty, Senior Associate Dean: Faculty and Research.

Siebel Scholars named

Five Kellogg School students named among elite in annual scholarship competition; Kellogg experience drives winners’ desire to make strong professional impact

By Matt Golosinski

10/13/2006 -  Five second-year Kellogg School of Management students have been selected as Siebel Scholars for 2007. They are Aditya Bhashyam, Christopher Gregory, Akshaya Gulhati, Dave Newman and Douglas Scott.

This prestigious annual award, introduced in 1999 by Siebel Systems founder Tom Siebel, endows five top students at each of 10 leading U.S. universities, providing scholarships of $25,000 to each person to support their graduate business, computer science or engineering studies. The deans of each school select candidates based upon outstanding academic performance and leadership.

The objective of the Siebel Scholars initiative includes supporting a unique, talented community whose members are expected to make significant lifelong contributions in their fields.

Kellogg School awardees expressed their pleasure at being named Siebel Scholars while offering insights into what drives their interest in management.

“I consider myself truly fortunate to receive this award, since the applicant pool was composed of so many of my talented and worthy classmates,” said Bhashyam. “This is an opportunity to work with similar minds from top schools across the country and meet young leaders to make a serious difference.”

Bhashyam said he intends to pursue a career where his leadership can contribute in meaningful ways and where he can continue learning. He also noted the importance of opportunities at Kellogg to develop leadership and collaborative skills in a rigorous academic environment that offers students a global perspective.

Similarly, Gulhati said winning the award was “truly humbling” given the “unbelievable set of students at Kellogg … working their hearts out to make this school great.” He intends to parlay his MBA to garner a management consultancy position in the United Kingdom for a few years before returning home to India where he plans to work with local companies to increase their market presence abroad.

For Scott, his Kellogg experience will support a larger mission to create educational opportunities for others. “I know that I’ll continue to be drawn toward the world of education and the need to find creative solutions to the myriad problems that create unacceptable educational inequalities among our nation’s children.”

Gregory said he was “thrilled at the opportunity to be part of such a unique and talented Siebel Scholar community.” He plans to focus on an entrepreneurial path after graduation, saying that this choice will allow him to pursue his passion for innovation.

“I plan to return to the Internet sector to start a company or join an emerging startup,” he said. “I have no doubt that the lessons learned from my Kellogg classmates and professors will enable me to better develop and realize my business ideas.”

His colleague, Newman, expressed a desire to contribute his leadership to help an established company thrive.

“Some people like to start with a blank canvas; I’d rather enhance a masterpiece,” said Newman. “With the help of those around me, and the tools and outlook I’ve developed at Kellogg, I feel ready to make a meaningful impact. The talent and enthusiasm that surrounds me at Kellogg is stronger than anywhere I have seen.”