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Second-year students participate in the Fall Convocation Kickoff Sept. 14 at the Kellogg School. The event, which welcomed the Class of 2007 back to Evanston where its members will complete their Kellogg education, featured presentations by senior faculty and administrators.

Another year of opportunities

Kellogg welcomes the Class of 2007’s return, emphasizing the importance of networking and academic planning as these students complete their management education

By Romi Herron

9/18/2006 - “How do we become the icons of leadership for the future?” Dean Dipak C. Jain asked second-year students to contemplate that question as they set out on their final year at the Kellogg School.

Coming together Sept. 14 for the Class of 2007 Fall Convocation, some 600 students joined members of the school’s faculty and administration in the Owen L. Coon Forum, listening as Dean Jain reminded them of two main components of the Kellogg mission: knowledge creation through research, and the development of socially responsible global leaders. He also advised students to embrace their academic and networking opportunities fully, in preparation for a successful career.

“Make into reality those things you postponed until this year to do,” Jain said. “Make sure you have the skills, knowledge and techniques you will need for your careers.”

The dean also said that “four pillars” are instrumental to developing as a socially responsible global leader: intellectual depth, experiential learning, a global mindset and ethical values linked with people skills. All are necessary to form well-founded arguments — a critical talent for an exemplary management career, Jain said.

Highlighting “The MBA Life Cycle: Disciplined Growth for Your Journey Ahead,” Jain said the four phases of acquiring analytical skills, interpersonal skills, policy and leadership skills, as well as cultivating a positive psychological perspective, rely on thoughtful selection of classes and effective time management.

Also emphasizing the impact of good decision making was Senior Associate Dean for Curriculum and Teaching Sunil Chopra.

“Once you start your careers, most of your day will be taken up by what you are required to do. This is your chance to make your own choices,” said Chopra, the IBM Distinguished Professor of Operations Management and Information Systems. “Expand the depth and breadth of your network. You’ll never get another chance to have this kind of breadth.”

He also urged students to consider how their course selections will represent them to recruiters.

“When you are interviewing, you should have a story that links every course you take in your second year to what you want to achieve,” said Chopra. “Also be mindful that every interaction you have, you have as an ambassador of Kellogg.”

Roxanne Hori, assistant dean and director of the Career Management Center, shared the Class of 2006 statistics for acceptance of offers by industry: 32.1 percent were offered opportunities in consulting, while 14.93 percent were offered jobs in the finance sector and 11.11 percent in consumer packaged goods. Hori said that, this year, 200 recruiting organizations are scheduled to visit Kellogg, and the school will hold three career forums. Fifty-nine companies are slated to participate.

Associate Dean of Development and Alumni Relations Whit Shepard explained the benefits of and ways to give back to the Kellogg Alumni Network. These include participation in various alumni clubs, annual Reunion events and lifelong learning opportunities, including MBA Updates. In return for providing these and other networking advantages.

Shepard said, Kellogg asks students to contribute to a class gift, return for Reunion and help interview prospective students.

Afterward, Assistant Dean and Director of Student Affairs Michele Rogers introduced Tim Calkins, clinical associate professor of marketing and the Lawrence G. Lavengood Outstanding Professor of the Year. Calkins advised students not to forsake quality for quantity by committing themselves too broadly.

“Try not to do too many things or you will find yourself frenzied along the way,” said Calkins.

Other Convocation highlights included Kellogg Student Association President Dan Goldman’s presentation of a student-produced video montage of the Class of 2007’s first year events.

In addition, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Research Kathleen Hagerty announced that eight new professors have joined Kellogg, including: Camelia Kuhnen, who earned a doctorate from Stanford, specializing in neuroeconoimics and experimental finance; Brian Rogers, a Cal Tech doctorate with expertise in social learning; Harvard doctorate Yi Qian, a researcher of marketing strategies in the context of technology advancement and international trade, as well as the impact of counterfeit products on the economy; and Tjomme O. Rusticus, an accounting specialist who earned a doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania.