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Kellogg School banking workshop draws international crowd

9/1/2004 - Twenty-two participants from central banks in the United States and throughout the world attended the first Advanced Workshop for Central Bankers held Sept. 26 through Oct. 2 at the James L. Allen Center at the Kellogg School of Management.

Coordinated by Northwestern University’s Center for International Economics and Development, the workshop served to familiarize central bankers with frontier models and techniques in monetary economics, said Sergio Rebelo, the center’s co-director and the Tokai Bank Distinguished Professor of Finance at Kellogg. He said the event also fostered discussion about monetary policy problems faced by central banks.

“Central banks rely on quantitative models in deciding how to guide monetary policy,” Rebelo noted. “The workshop gave bankers the opportunity to study recent developments, which have been substantial, in the academic literature on monetary economics.”

Countries represented at the workshop included Canada, Costa Rica, Finland, Japan, Malaysia, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland and Uruguay.