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What is the Kellogg School Super Bowl Advertising Review?
Launched in 2005 and now in its tenth year, the Kellogg School Super Bowl Advertising Review is an annual event in which faculty and students from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University gather to evaluate Super Bowl advertising by ranking ads based on a set of strategic criteria.

According to the Kellogg School of Management criteria, what qualities are essential to a strong Super Bowl ad?
The Kellogg School Super Bowl Advertising Review ranks ads based on the following six criteria: attention, distinction, positioning, linkage, amplification and net equity (ADPLAN). To learn more about the Review's ADPLAN framework, click here.

Who is involved in the Kellogg School Super Bowl Advertising Review?
The Kellogg School Super Bowl Advertising Review panel is comprised of Kellogg Marketing Club students and is led by marketing professors Tim Calkins and Derek Rucker.

Who are Professors Tim Calkins and Derek Rucker?
Tim Calkins, a clinical professor of marketing at the Kellogg School since 1998, teaches courses in marketing strategy and acts as co-academic director of the school's branding program. He also serves as a consultant to several major corporations worldwide on marketing strategy and branding issues. He is the author of Defending Your Brand, How Smart Companies Use Defensive Strategy to Deal with Competitive Attacks, as well as Breakthrough Marketing Plans.

Derek D. Rucker is the Sandy and Morton Goldman Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies in Marketing at the Kellogg School, where he teaches advertising strategy. His primary research focuses on the study of attitudes, persuasion, and social influence. A Kellogg School faculty member since 2005, he has been published in numerous academic journals including the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology and the Journal of Consumer Psychology. Professor Rucker is also the academic director of the Kellogg School's Center for Global Marketing Practice and is one of the lead researchers for the Kellogg Shopper Index, an ongoing study of consumers and their spending habits.

What is the Kellogg School of Management Marketing Club?
The Kellogg Marketing Club is an organization comprised of Kellogg MBA students. It provides members with academic, recruiting and networking assistance to prepare them for marketing careers.

What makes the Kellogg School Super Bowl Advertising Review unique?
The Kellogg School Super Bowl Advertising Review incorporates marketing expertise from Kellogg professors and student input to strategically rank the advertisements. Unlike other popularity-based polls, the Kellogg Review uses a strategic framework to evaluate advertisers on a set of key criteria or factors that can help drive sales, build brands and favorably impact a company's bottom line.

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