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Start Me Up: Tope Folayan ’01

6/3/2015 – With MallforAfrica, Tope Folayan fortifies commerce in Africa

High-performance negotiation skills for women

6/2/2015 – How can women overcome the pay gap? Do your homework and know what to ask for.

Merging big data with social science

5/29/2015 – Kellogg’s first-ever Computational Social Science Summit features collaboration and human-machine partnerships

High-priced drugs: Problem or progress?

5/19/2015 – Highlights of this year’s provocative discussions at the MacEachern Symposium

New Kellogg MBA courses look into several leading-edge trends

5/18/2015 – From data visualization to design thinking, offerings give students a glimpse into new research and thought leadership

Target CMO on transforming culture to accelerate growth

5/14/2015 – CMO Jeff Jones plans the Target of tomorrow

Video: Is your team slacking?

5/11/2015 – Leigh Thompson helps you ensure that your whole team pulls its own weight

Meeting the challenges of growth

5/6/2015 – At the Reunion Brave Leader Panel, alumni and faculty discuss growth strategies and challenges

Old friends, new lessons

5/4/2015 – More than 2,200 return to Evanston for Reunion

Gratitude from Kellogg

5/1/2015 – School honors alumni for contributions to Kellogg community

Start Me Up: Jen Helms ’12

4/29/2015 – Entrepreneur combines immersive learning with video games to teach other languages

Best-case scenario

4/24/2015 – Kellogg teams take top prizes in several competitions

Advancing the public good through research

4/24/2015 – Kellogg Professor Timothy Feddersen named to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Intellectual property – the capital of the knowledge economy

4/20/2015 – Nobel Laureate Jean Tirole and a panel of economists discuss the economics of patents, IP policies and innovation

Shutterfly CEO on focus, culture and vision

4/17/2015 – Jeff Housenbold shares lessons learned growing Shutterfly into a $1.1B company

Kellogg launches International Growth Lab

4/13/2015 – Program pioneers unique global learning opportunity for Kellogg, ESADE and HKUST students

2015-2016 McCormick Scholars Announced

4/10/2015 – Kellogg awards two leading students of media management

Grand influence

4/6/2015 – Kellogg professor honored with lifetime achievement award

Start Me Up: David Rasho '07

3/24/2015 – Driven by data, how one entrepreneur beat the odds

Finding strategies for business growth

3/20/2015 – Professor Mike Mazzeo and an alumni panel discuss different ways companies can grow