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David Schonthal, clinical associate professor and director of the Zell Fellows Program, advises students in the Kellogg School Innovation Lab.

Kellogg startups aim to solve complex global problems

Kellogg startups aim to solve complex global problems

Experiential courses and individualized co-curricular programming provide the launch pad students need to tackle big issues

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The skinny on SlimBooks

10/25/12 – Kellogg student challenges traditional publishing with innovative venture

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Timothy Calkins; Clinical Professor of Marketing

Defending Your Brand

10/17/12 – Professor Tim Calkins’ new book shows business leaders how to protect their companies from competitive threats

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'Slowly healing'

10/10/12 – Alan Krueger, chair of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers, shares insights into the nation’s economic standing

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Podcast: How much is your customer's time worth?

10/08/12 – If you are in the fast-food industry, a surprising amount, Professor Gad Allon finds

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Kellogg Professor Alok Choudhary

A limitless focus group

10/04/12 – Big data in social media has transformed marketing. Kellogg Professor Alok Choudhary challenges companies to take advantage of this goldmine

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Kellogg's second-year students were welcomed back to school Sept. 18 by Kellogg administrators, who brought them up to date on a host of new initiatives.

2013 Fall Convocation

09/26/12 – Members of the Class of 2013 are inspired to ‘finish strong’ during their final year at Kellogg

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Breaking through the glass ceiling

09/13/12 – Women lend women a helping hand to obtain top positions, Kellogg research finds

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Marketing Professor Neal Roese

Hindsight is 20/20

09/06/12 – Professor Neal Roese sheds light on the tendency to believe that ‘we knew it all along’

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With 658 students from across the United States as well as 47 countries, the Class of 2014 characterizes the high-performing, diverse student body that has become the hallmark of Kellogg life.

Welcoming the Class of 2014

09/05/12 – Kellogg leaders encourage first-year students to 'think bravely with us'

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Associate Professor Camelia Kuhnen

What happens to the CEO?

08/31/12 – Associate Professor Camelia Kuhnen explains when and why new leadership might be a firm’s best decision

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Assistant Professor Nicole Stephens

The social class divide

08/17/12 – Kellogg Professor Nicole Stephens makes the case for a new model to understand and reduce class disparities in health and education

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“Your passion is a major source of others’ inspiration,” Professor Adam Galinsky told the students. “You cannot inspire others if you yourself are not inspired.”

Of two minds

08/14/12 – Those who learn to embrace two cultures experience the greatest benefits from living abroad, new Kellogg School research finds

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On the case

08/10/12 – Taking on the timeliest business issues of today, Kellogg’s case studies are must-read materials in classrooms worldwide

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The ‘snowball approach’ to debt

The ‘snowball approach’ to debt

08/07/12 – Kellogg researchers find that consumers who tackle small balances first are likelier to eliminate their overall debt

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Associate Professor Derek Rucker

Why do we buy?

08/01/12 – Associate Professor Derek Rucker and doctoral student Soo Kim examine new dynamics between threats and consumption

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Financial Trust Index dwindles to 21 percent

Too big to trust?

07/24/12 – Chicago Booth/Kellogg School Financial Trust Index dwindles to 21 percent, reflecting the collapse in trust in national banks

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Eric Chang '13 (left) demonstrates the Northwestern Global Health Foundation's tablet prototype to two nurses in a clinic in Mbarara, Uganda. Chang was one of 34 Northwestern students in the inaugural Innovate for Impact course this year.

World changers

07/11/12 – Students in Kellogg’s Innovate for Impact class travel the globe on a quest to make a difference

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Mike Sands

Upgrading the underpinnings of online marketing

07/05/12 – Mike Sands ’96 leads BrightTag to the Moxie Awards and industry notoriety

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Kellogg faculty shared their views on the U.S. Supreme Court's June 28 ruling in a variety of media, including Crain's Chicago Business, WBEZ radio and NBC Chicago

Kellogg faculty react to healthcare ruling

06/29/12 – Professors respond to the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010

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David Besanko, the Alvin J. Huss Distinguished Professor of Management and Strategy

Overcoming tragedy ‘wherever you find it’

06/24/12 – In a talk to graduating students, Professor David Besanko illustrates how their Kellogg education can help them understand — and overcome—the ‘remorseless workings of things’

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