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David Schonthal, clinical associate professor and director of the Zell Fellows Program, advises students in the Kellogg School Innovation Lab.

Kellogg startups aim to solve complex global problems

Kellogg startups aim to solve complex global problems

Experiential courses and individualized co-curricular programming provide the launch pad students need to tackle big issues

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Prof. Robert Livingston

The ‘teddy-bear’ effect

04/30/09 – Kellogg Assistant Professor Robert Livingston finds that warmth and ‘babyface’ qualities benefit black CEOs

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Professr Adam Galinsky

Living outside the box

04/23/09 – New research by Kellogg Professor Adam Galinsky suggests that living abroad boosts creativity

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Professor Robert Korajczyk

Robert Korajczyk wins Crowell Prize for stock return study

04/10/09 – Kellogg finance professor earns ‘best paper’ distinction for generating new insights on quantitative investment

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Professors Tim Calkins, Harry Kraemer and Niko Matouschek

A price to pay

04/09/09 – Kellogg professors debate the merits of regulating executive compensation

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Professor Katherine Phillips

Embracing the ‘socially distinct’ outsider

04/07/09 – New research by Associate Professor Katherine Phillips suggests that adding a newcomer can increase a group’s discomfort — and improve the quality of its results

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Professor Sandeep Baliga

Decoding terror

03/25/09 – At a Kellogg School conference on political economy, Associate Professor Sandeep Baliga explores the messaging strategy of terrorists

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Professor Daniel Diermeier

Thriving in a world of risk and change

02/13/09 – Centennial conference in Zurich focuses on leadership in a turbulent business environment

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Professor Camelia Kuhnen

Born to gamble?

02/11/09 – A new study by Assistant Finance Professor Camelia M. Kuhnen suggests a genetic basis for risky financial behavior

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Prof. Calkins and Prof. Rucker at the Super Bowl Advertising Review

Kellogg School of Management ranks Monster.com best, SoBe worst in Super Bowl XLIII

02/02/09 – Panel notes that value messages, competitive claims reflect economic pressure

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‘A trust crisis’

01/27/09 – As the economic crisis deepens, Professor Paola Sapienza's 'Financial Trust Index' measures the loss of confidence in financial institutions

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Kellogg School of Management Faculty and MBA Students To Lead Fifth Annual Super Bowl Advertising Review

01/26/09 – How will advertisers perform during economic hardship? Results available immediately following the game

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Barack Obama

Change leadership

01/19/09 – Kellogg School professors weigh in on the management lessons awaiting President Barack Obama

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Professor Arvind Krishnamurthy

Kellogg professor wins Smith Breeden Prize

01/13/09 – Arvind Krishnamurthy’s timely paper reveals the disastrous consequences of fear in the marketplace – and how the Fed can help

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Professors Tim Calkins and Derek Rucker

Kellogg Super Bowl Advertising Review set to reveal recession’s impact on brands

01/08/09 – Now in 5th year, faculty-student initiative analyzes marketing effectiveness

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Ben Jones

Environmental issues likely to heat up in 2009, say Kellogg policy experts

01/02/09 – A new president may revisit whether the private market is the best fuel for U.S. energy plans

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Fifth annual Kellogg Super Bowl Advertising Review

12/23/08 – Professors Tim Calkins and Derek Rucker to Lead Event

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David Dranove

Sick situation

12/19/08 – Kellogg Professor David Dranove considers how the Obama administration may dramatically reform the U.S. healthcare system. Or not

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Mohanbir Sawhney

Kellogg Centennial Conference to explore how customer insights drive innovation

12/18/08 – In anticipation of the Jan. 11-12 Miami event, Faculty Co-Chair Mohanbir Sawhney tells why getting close to the customer is essential — particularly during an economic downturn

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Prof. Torben Andersen

Kellogg School finance scholar Torben Andersen elected to Econometric Society

12/15/08 – Prestigious appointment to international economic theory body latest honor for Kellogg asset pricing and volatility expert

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Professr Adam Galinsky

What was Blagojevich thinking?

12/12/08 – Kellogg School Professor Adam Galinsky’s research goes deep into the paradoxes of power to explain how the mighty can fall

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