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Adam Pah’s Human-Machine Intelligence course encourages students to confront important questions and prepare students pursuing careers that involve machine learning.

Kellogg prepares students for impact of human-machine intelligence

Kellogg prepares students for impact of human-machine intelligence

Through cutting-edge research, teaching and partnerships, Kellogg prepares students to lead through tech innovation

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Adam Galinsky

Stand tall, get ahead

01/06/11 – New Kellogg School research suggests that a ‘powerful posture’ may have a greater impact on achievement than title and rank

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Loran Nordgren

Understanding the 'empathy gap'

01/03/11 – Loran Nordgren finds that people underestimate the social pain and trauma suffered by bully victims

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Miami Program

Growing global leaders

12/23/10 – Now entering its fifth year, the Miami Executive MBA program gives life to the spirit of international collaboration

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Jan Van Mieghem

World class

12/17/10 – International faculty members bring global perspectives to Kellogg

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Threat, or no threat?

12/07/10 – In a spirited debate, Kellogg faculty and students consider whether the U.S. should welcome — or fear — an increasingly powerful China

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“You need to tease out those walking away from their bills strategically versus those who are just having trouble paying their bills. This is the ‘new normal’ of consumer behavior.” — Chisoo Lyons, vice president, analytics, FICO

The ‘new normal’ of consumer behavior

12/02/10 – The 2010 Kellogg Risk Summit takes a closer look at the interplay between marketing and risk management

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Kellogg Shopper Index

12/01/10 – A new, ongoing study of consumers and their spending habits identifies the key drivers of 2010 holiday spending

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New site selected for Kellogg building

11/12/10 – The location will 'unify our anchor campus in Evanston,' Dean Sally Blount says

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Kellogg on Marketing

Marketing’s brave new world

11/04/10 – In a discussion on the new edition of Kellogg on Marketing, the book’s contributors offer a window on the discipline’s latest trends and hottest topics

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Adam Galinsky

Why people embrace God before elections

10/27/10 – New research by Professor Adam Galinsky explores the interchangeable relationship between government and religious belief

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Professor Paola Sapienza

Trust in financial institutions declines

10/21/10 – The latest findings of the quarterly Financial Trust Index show dissatisfaction with the sweeping Dodd-Frank financial reform bill and declining expectations for real-estate prices

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Former U.S. Rep. Dick Gephardt: “The problem with talking about a collaboration between private companies is very simple: It’s called intellectual property.”

Leveraging ‘unnatural partnerships’ for innovation success

10/19/10 – Former U.S. Rep Dick Gephardt headlines the Kellogg Innovation Network’s dialogue on the future of pharmaceuticals

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“Negotiation involves figuring out how disparate individuals can come together,” Kellogg Dean Sally Blount said at the Business Symposium on Oct. 13. “It facilitates relationships; it reduces conflict. It’s the way we’ll save ourselves as a society.”

Masters of negotiation

10/18/10 – A panel of negotiation experts — including Dean Sally Blount — share their best practices for reaching agreement

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Associate Professor of Finance Joshua Rauh

Dire outcomes predicted for municipal pension systems

10/12/10 – Associate Professor Joshua Rauh estimates that cities and counties add $574 billion to the $3 trillion in unfunded liabilities from the states

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Aaron Gellman says Southwests buyout of AirTran could spell trouble for Delta

High-stakes merger for low-cost airlines

09/28/10 – Kellogg Professor Aaron Gellman says Southwest’s buyout of AirTran could spell trouble for Delta

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Evan Apfelbaum

In blind pursuit of racial equality?

09/22/10 – New research suggests a colorblind approach to diversity may frustrate efforts to identify and confront discrimination

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Alexander Chernev

The dieter’s paradox

09/20/10 – A new study by Alexander Chernev shows that weight-conscious individuals are more likely to believe in ‘negative’ calories

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Age-old advice

09/13/10 – Visiting Assistant Professor Evan Apfelbaum finds that in thorny situations, elderly adults often provide the best advice

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Assistant Professor Loran Nordgren

The ‘scope-severity paradox’

09/09/10 – A new study by Assistant Professor Loran Nordgren explores why people have a stronger emotional response to individual victims than to an entire crowd of sufferers

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Brayden King

The search for identity

09/01/10 – New research demonstrates a link between local communities and organizational identity

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