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Adam Pah’s Human-Machine Intelligence course encourages students to confront important questions and prepare students pursuing careers that involve machine learning.

Kellogg prepares students for impact of human-machine intelligence

Kellogg prepares students for impact of human-machine intelligence

Through cutting-edge research, teaching and partnerships, Kellogg prepares students to lead through tech innovation

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Sunil Chopra

Fostering a rich legacy

09/23/09 – Dean Sunil Chopra discusses the Kellogg School’s priorities for the coming year

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Rick Waddell

Leading the way

09/22/09 – Northern Trust CEO Rick Waddell ’79 shares the key leadership qualities alumni need to navigate the corporate world

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Top honors

09/18/09 – Five Kellogg students named 2010 Siebel Scholars for academic and leadership achievement

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Team Gyan

From plan to profit

09/17/09 – Kellogg students team up to win big at national business plan competitions

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Angela Y. Lee

The art of persuasion

09/15/09 – New research by Kellogg professors Angela Lee and Brian Sternthal offers insight into effective messaging

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Kellogg students participate in community impact day

‘Building a life’ through giving back

09/11/09 – First-year students roll up their sleeves — and learn about the value of community service at Kellogg

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Yael V. Hochberg

Venturing forward

09/11/09 – Kellogg raises the bar in its private equity and venture capital courses, giving students an edge in a tight-knit industry

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Professr Adam Galinsky

Don’t stand by me

09/10/09 – New research by Kellogg Professor Adam Galinsky explores the role of personal connections in failing projects

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Council of One Hundred

Mentoring their own

09/08/09 – Through the Council of One Hundred, women graduates of the Kellogg School share their knowledge and experience with the next generation of female leaders

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Thomas J. Wilson

Lessons in leadership

09/04/09 – Allstate CEO Thomas J. Wilson ’80 urges Kellogg students to set a vision and ‘drive real change’

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Incoming students join the ‘Kellogg family’

09/03/09 – The Class of 2011 receives a warm welcome — and sound advice — on their first day of business school

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Tim Calkin

Is your brand sharp enough?

09/02/09 – Great global brands demand clarity and distinction — and a strategic framework to capture customer value, Kellogg experts say

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Custom Designed Programs

In a class of their own

09/02/09 – Custom-designed executive education programs give companies a crucial competitive edge

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Thinking Green

Thinking green

08/28/09 – Courses, clubs and competitions give Kellogg students a fresh perspective on sustainability

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Finding the right fit

08/27/09 – The Kellogg School’s Career Management Center offers students more than job-search guidance — it equips them with the skills to pursue a fulfilling lifelong career

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Associate Professor Paola Sapienza

Gender, testosterone and financial risk

08/24/09 – Associate Professor Paola Sapienza explores the influence of testosterone on risk-sensitive financial decisions and long-term career choices

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Susan E. Perkins

Creating ‘win-win-win’ solutions

08/21/09 – International Business Strategy in Non-Market Environments pushes students to think beyond their assumptions

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Professor Derek Rucker

Fatigue and consumer certainty

08/19/09 – Research by Associate Professor Derek D. Rucker suggests that tired consumers are more receptive to advertising and likelier to buy

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Michael Mauboussin

Taking stock in the real world

08/17/09 – The Asset Management Practicum offers students a firsthand experience in portfolio management

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