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David Schonthal, clinical associate professor and director of the Zell Fellows Program, advises students in the Kellogg School Innovation Lab.

Kellogg startups aim to solve complex global problems

Kellogg startups aim to solve complex global problems

Experiential courses and individualized co-curricular programming provide the launch pad students need to tackle big issues

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Kellogg Super Bowl Advertising Review

Super Bowl Advertising Review

02/08/10 – The Kellogg School rates Google’s ad the best in Super Bowl XLIV; ads from Focus on the Family and the U.S. Census are ranked the worst

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Andrew Ross Sorkin

Kellogg Distinguished Lecture Series: Andrew Ross Sorkin

02/05/10 – The New York Times columnist and bestselling author of ‘Too Big to Fail’ to speak Feb. 9 on Northwestern’s Chicago campus

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Africa Business Conference

Africa: the new economic frontier

02/04/10 – Speakers at the Kellogg School’s first-ever Africa Business Conference highlight the fast-changing continent’s challenges and opportunities

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Brian Duggan

Learning the hard way

02/04/10 – ‘Shark Tank’ contestants Brian Duggan ’05 and Jonathan Miller ’08 share their hard-won lessons on entrepreneurship with students on Kellogg’s downtown campus

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Charlie Trotter

A feast of inspiration

02/03/10 – Chef Charlie Trotter serves up a full plate of ideas on business and creativity to Kellogg students

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Marketing Conference

Marketing as a core strategy

02/01/10 – Top executives share insights on how marketing can impact ‘every piece of an organization’

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Stephen Baker

Welcome to the data economy

01/29/10 – The 2010 Kellogg Marketing Conference focuses on the keys to staying relevant: ‘Don’t just keep up, move ahead’

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Biotech Winners

Big wins for Kellogg in global competition

01/28/10 – Teams from the Part-Time and Full-Time programs take first and second place, respectively, at the 2010 Biotech & Healthcare Case Competition

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Paola Sapienza

Financial Trust Index marks one-year anniversary

01/27/10 – Latest report shows banks still recovering trust while trust in the stock market stabilizes

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Emily Barr

A local role

01/25/10 – Emily Barr, president and general manager of ABC 7, describes the ‘enormous transformation’ in TV news

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Gail Collins

Kellogg Distinguished Lecture Series: Gail Collins

01/22/10 – The New York Times columnist and author illuminates the journey toward women’s rights

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Scott Shay

The mortgage-backed security crisis: What went wrong?

01/20/10 – Signature Bank founder and board chairman Scott Shay ’80 explains how the once-useful financial tool became ‘the security that ate the American economy’

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EMP 75

Class gift efforts break records

01/15/10 – Executive MBA students ‘give back to an institution that helps make you who you are as a person’

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Jon Anda

‘A lot of uncertainty’ in energy issues

01/14/10 – Jon Anda ’80 emphasizes the role of modern finance in developing climate policies

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Gail Collins

New York Times OP-ED columnist and author Gail Collins to address gender and equality in business and politics

01/14/10 – Collins next speaker in the Kellogg School of Management’s 2009-2010 Distinguished Lecture Series

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Professor Paola Sapienza

Finance professor honored with Smith Breeden Prize

01/08/10 – Paola Sapienza’s paper explores the relationship between trust and stock-market participation

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Robert Wolcott

Entrepreneurship isn't just for entrepreneurs

01/05/10 – Grow From Within by Robert C. Wolcott shows established companies how to create 'truly new business'

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Judge not lest ye be judged?

12/29/09 – New research by Adam Galinsky explores ‘moral hypocrisy’ in powerful people

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Superbowl Review

Kellogg hosts sixth annual Super Bowl Advertising Review

12/28/09 – Professors Tim Calkins and Derek Rucker will help students examine Super Bowl commercials through an academic lens

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