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Adam Pah’s Human-Machine Intelligence course encourages students to confront important questions and prepare students pursuing careers that involve machine learning.

Kellogg prepares students for impact of human-machine intelligence

Kellogg prepares students for impact of human-machine intelligence

Through cutting-edge research, teaching and partnerships, Kellogg prepares students to lead through tech innovation

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Janice Eberly

Leaders in the public sector

08/25/10 – Kellogg faculty and alumni who are making an impact in government and politics

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J. Keith Murnighan

Social Psychology and Organizations

08/23/10 – J. Keith Murnighan's new book sheds light on the complexity of human interaction

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Ned Heizer ’51 and his wife Molly in 1989

A ‘profound’ contribution

08/20/10 – Honoring late investment pioneer Ned Heizer '51, the Heizer Center takes a multidisciplinary approach to creating value

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Associate Professor of Finance Joshua Rauh

Who will foot the bill?

08/19/10 – Associate Professor Joshua Rauh predicts taxpayers will bear much of the $3 trillion in state pension liabilities

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KEAN members

The KEAN difference

08/18/10 – A strong pool of prospective students is headed Kellogg’s way, thanks to the Kellogg Executive MBA Admissions Network

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Ithai Stern

Flattery will get you far

08/16/10 – New research reveals seven types of ingratiation that increase boardroom prospects for top executives

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Kellogg on Marketing

Leading the fields

08/14/10 – Thoroughly revised for 2010, the second edition of Kellogg on Marketing offers the latest insights from the discipline’s top thinkers

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Brian Gunia

Seating does matter

08/13/10 – A new study by Brian Gunia explores the impact of seating arrangements on group performance and dynamics

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A wise investment

08/12/10 – For Matt McCall ’91, a partner at New World Ventures, sponsoring the Kellogg School’s Venture Lab has been a ‘win-win’

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Creating value now

Creating value now

08/09/10 – In the midst of a post-meltdown economy, Kellogg alumni are cultivating growth opportunities for private equity firms

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Angola University

Educational visionaries

08/05/10 – A team of Kellogg/NU alumni and faculty are working to build Angola University, a new school for 'Angolans seeking a brighter future'

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Finance Professor Jonathan Parker

What happened to the 2008 stimulus checks?

08/03/10 – Finance Professor Jonathan Parker analyzes the impact of the historic $100-billion stimulus package

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Bard Harstad

Bard Harstad named the Max McGraw Chair in Management and the Environment

07/30/10 – Business leader McGraw was renowned for his 'commitment to the environment and the business world'

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Marketing instructor Kent Grayson will be named Bernice and Leonard H. Lavin Professor

Lavin family endows new faculty chair

07/29/10 – Marketing Professor Kent Grayson is named the Bernice and Leonard H. Lavin Professor

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Freedom Through Business

Achieving 'freedom through business'

07/27/10 – A program founded by Kellogg students fosters the skills young inmates will need to thrive on the outside

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Professor Tim Calkins

Bruised Apple

07/23/10 – Clinical Professor Tim Calkins says the iPhone 4 is Apple’s first taste of brand crisis

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Paola Sapienza

Financial Trust Index reaches all-time high at 26 percent

07/21/10 – All components measured show increase in trust, including large corporations

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 Professor Sid Deshmukh

Going beyond the spreadsheet

07/20/10 – Professor Sid Deshmukh sets a high bar for his Analytical Decision Modeling class: He seeks to make it fun

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John Schlifske

From the classroom to the C-suite

07/13/10 – With more than 1,000 alumni in CEO roles, the Kellogg School has proven to be a fertile training ground for aspiring leaders

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Harvard Professor Alvin Roth

The practical power of game theory

07/08/10 – In the 2010 Nancy L. Schwartz Memorial Lecture, Harvard Professor Alvin Roth explains how market design can help save lives by increasing the availability of donor kidneys

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