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Adam Pah’s Human-Machine Intelligence course encourages students to confront important questions and prepare students pursuing careers that involve machine learning.

Kellogg prepares students for impact of human-machine intelligence

Kellogg prepares students for impact of human-machine intelligence

Through cutting-edge research, teaching and partnerships, Kellogg prepares students to lead through tech innovation

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Mortensen Wins Nobel Prize

Economics Professor Dale Mortensen wins the 2010 Nobel Prize

10/11/10 – The award recognizes work that helps to explain ‘search frictions’ in labor markets

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The Kellogg School honored 160 students in September at a celebratory luncheon for scholarship recipients.  “You are our inspiration,” said Alice Barda, senior director of development and corporate relations.

The gift of a Kellogg education

10/07/10 – For many students, the availability of merit and need-based scholarships make choosing Kellogg an easy decision

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Robert Mueller

Crisis response

10/05/10 – FBI Director Robert Mueller talks about the agency’s shift in focus after 9/11

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Kellogg Students

Streamlining stats

10/04/10 – Kellogg students will use a standardized statistical tool in all courses, free to students

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The Kellogg Entrepreneur Organization visited the headquarters of Groupon to discuss best practices with executives at the Chicago-based startup.

An innovative spirit

10/01/10 – For Part-Time students juggling school and startups, it’s all about learning from each other — and from Chicago’s best entrepreneurs

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Aaron Gellman says Southwests buyout of AirTran could spell trouble for Delta

High-stakes merger for low-cost airlines

09/28/10 – Kellogg Professor Aaron Gellman says Southwest’s buyout of AirTran could spell trouble for Delta

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Kellogg Board Fellows receive formal classroom instruction on nonprofit board governance while serving as non-voting board members at Chicago-based nonprofits.

‘A centerpiece of your career’

09/23/10 – Through the Kellogg Board Fellows program, students develop practical skills while contributing to the well-being of a nonprofit

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Evan Apfelbaum

In blind pursuit of racial equality?

09/22/10 – New research suggests a colorblind approach to diversity may frustrate efforts to identify and confront discrimination

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Alexander Chernev

The dieter’s paradox

09/20/10 – A new study by Alexander Chernev shows that weight-conscious individuals are more likely to believe in ‘negative’ calories

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The International Programme gathers MBA students from around the world to focus on issues facing the European Union and the implications for transatlantic political and business relations.

International opportunities

09/16/10 – Kellogg students join their counterparts from around the world at an international conference focusing on the European Union

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Age-old advice

09/13/10 – Visiting Assistant Professor Evan Apfelbaum finds that in thorny situations, elderly adults often provide the best advice

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Members of Northwestern’s UroVention team at NASDAQ headquarters. From left: Philip Herman, Omar Alam, Vishal Arya and Jason Chu. (Not pictured: Nas Alidu, Raj Kurpad, John Nazarian, Evelyn Auyeung and TJ Kim.)

A ringing success

09/10/10 – Northwestern’s UroVention team celebrates its win at the Wharton Alumni Business Plan Competition

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Assistant Professor Loran Nordgren

The ‘scope-severity paradox’

09/09/10 – A new study by Assistant Professor Loran Nordgren explores why people have a stronger emotional response to individual victims than to an entire crowd of sufferers

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The class of 2012 is welcomed to Kellogg

Slideshow: Complete Immersion in Management

09/07/10 – From coursework to community service, the CIM experience introduces new students to the school's unique culture

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2011 Kellogg Siebel Scholars

2011 Siebel Scholars named

09/03/10 – The international scholarship program honors five Kellogg students for academic and leadership excellence

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A. Salman Amin '85

Facing the fear of failure

09/03/10 – PepsiCo’s A. Salman Amin `85 advises incoming students to learn from prior mistakes and to embrace change

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Brayden King

The search for identity

09/01/10 – New research demonstrates a link between local communities and organizational identity

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Dean Sally Blount

Dean Sally Blount welcomes the Class of 2012

08/31/10 – Kellogg's new dean addresses the incoming class with advice and reflections on her own Kellogg years

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Adam Galinsky

Protecting the powerful

08/31/10 – In response to the Blagojevich trial, Adam Galinsky explores the relationship between power, ethics and punishment

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Charlie Baker '86

The business of politics

08/25/10 – Kellogg alumni aim for the winner’s circle in prominent 2010 political races

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