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Adam Pah’s Human-Machine Intelligence course encourages students to confront important questions and prepare students pursuing careers that involve machine learning.

Kellogg prepares students for impact of human-machine intelligence

Kellogg prepares students for impact of human-machine intelligence

Through cutting-edge research, teaching and partnerships, Kellogg prepares students to lead through tech innovation

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“People need to sit down and decide who they want to be.” — Harry Kraemer ’79, author of From Values to Actions: The Four Principles of Values-Based Leadership

‘Self-reflection, balance, self-confidence, humility’

05/11/11 – Clinical Professor Harry Kraemer ’79 leads a panel discussion on the four principles of values-based leadership

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“I believe people in every organization want purpose … and that people want to connect with something more than a paycheck,” Habitat for Humanity CEO Jonathan Reckford told Kellogg students April 28.

An unlikely journey

05/10/11 – Habitat for Humanity CEO Jonathan Reckford encourages students to reflect upon the place where drive and mission intersect

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Alexander Chernev

Lifestyle branding: The new frontier of brand competition?

05/09/11 – New research redefines the scope of brand competition and reveals the pitfalls of lifestyle positioning

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From left: T. Bondurant French ’76, Lloyd Morgan ’63, Dean Sally Blount ’92, Karin O’Connor ’89 and Gerald Cohen ’79

2011 Alumni Awards

05/06/11 – Kellogg honors distinguished alumni for their work on behalf of the school

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Janice Eberly

Headed to Washington

05/05/11 – President Barack Obama nominates Professor Janice Eberly to key Treasury post

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Roger Linquist '66

A cellular ‘David and Goliath’

05/03/11 – MetroPCS founder and CEO Roger Linquist ’66 talks about growing his small startup into a wireless-industry giant

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“Green is the color of money,” Hunter Lovins (left) said during a Green Week dialogue with Kellogg Dean Sally Blount.

Green Week 2011

05/02/11 – Sustainability expert Hunter Lovins and Dean Sally Blount talk about what it really means for businesses to go green

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Author and financial consultant Charles Ellis spoke with Kellogg students April 27 about the common characteristics of great firms. “In each profession, there’s a gold standard firm,” he noted.

Lessons from America’s top companies

05/02/11 – Author and consultant Charles Ellis identifies the qualities of ‘gold-standard firms’

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“For the first time in many years, American manufacturing is doing better than the rest of the economy,” Michael Ducker ’99, COO of FedEx Express, said in his keynote address at the 2011 Kellogg Manufacturing and Operations Conference.

2011 Manufacturing and Operations Conference

04/29/11 – Flexibility, scale and scope are deemed the keys to competing in today’s global manufacturing sector

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“It’s not just the connection that’s important — it’s the relevancy of the connection.” — Associate Marketing Professor Derek Rucker

MOSAIC Week 2011

04/28/11 – An interactive workshop on global advertising highlights the importance of connecting with consumers across borders

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The Kellogg team developed a strategy to give Nestlé an edge over competitors vying for the increasingly lucrative designer-foods market.

Kellogg students win war-game competition

04/27/11 – The 11-member team claims an ‘unprecedented’ fourth victory in the annual Fuld & Company event

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William Sanger ’88, CEO of Emergency Medical Services Corporation

Planning to win

04/26/11 – Focus on ‘purpose,’ says William Sanger ’88, CEO of Emergency Medical Services Corporation, and on the evidence you need to make good decisions

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President Álvaro Uribe

'Leading change'

04/22/11 – Addressing the topic of leadership, former Colombian President Álvaro Uribe talks about lessons learned during his eight-year administration

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Sachpreet Chandhoke (left) and Puneet Gupta, both ’11, took first place at the 2011 International Impact Investing Challenge in New York City on April 8.

A sustainable win

04/20/11 – Kellogg School students take first place at the International Impact Investing Challenge

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McCormick Scholors

2012 McCormick Scholars announced

04/19/11 – Media Management majors Gabrielle Arnay and Jeremy C. Wilson will receive full tuition for three quarters at Kellogg

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Can the next wave of activism be driven by social media? A panel of experts addressed that question at the 2011 Kellogg Tech Conference on April 9.

Connecting through innovation

04/18/11 – The 2011 Kellogg Tech Conference highlights the transformative power of technology and social media

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Harry Kraemer ’79, clinical professor of management and strategy and author of From Values to Action: The Four Principles of Values-Based Leadership

Bringing values to life

04/15/11 – Inspired by his students, Harry Kraemer pens From Values to Action, a book based on his popular leadership course at Kellogg

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IBM Professor of Regulation and Competitive Practice Daniel Diermeier

A Behavioral Theory of Elections

04/14/11 – A new book by Professor Daniel Diermeier outlines a new model for explaining voting behavior

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Lakshman Krishnamurthi

Global growing pains

04/13/11 – Lakshman Krishnamurthi pens an article about India’s fast-growing population in The Wall Street Journal

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The Kellogg team bested competitors from the University of Chicago, Stanford, Berkeley, Cornell, Loyola and Tulane. “It was a phenomenal experience for everyone,” says team co-leader Joshua Wishnick ’12.

A 'Rare' opportunity

04/13/11 – Kellogg students take first place in the New Orleans Entrepreneurship Week IDEAcorps MBA Challenge

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