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Yoga Makes Headway in Business Schools – 07/15/08
From the article: At Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, rising second-year MBA student Priti Mody is the president of the Yoga at Kellogg, which has more than 200 subscribers on its listserv. Mody, who spent two weeks studying yoga in India while doing nonprofit research before starting B-school, plans to draw upon her experience to lead the club, now in its third year on campus. ... Mody says yoga provides her an outlet to unwind from the challenges of B-school. "Business school is a unique experience. There are so many things you juggle at the same time. You're surrounded by highly motivated people and want to do everything, [so] you learn to find balance in schedule to be happy," she says. "Yoga is something consistent that lets me calm down."

Windy City Times (Chicago)

30 under 30 Honorees – 06/25/08
Julien Jacquet, a current student in the Part Time MBA Program, is honored by Chicago's oldest and only citywide LGBT newspaper for volunteering as the co-chief information officer of the Chicago Gay Games.

Die Presse (Austria)

MBA in USA: „Lernen mit und von Kollegen“ – 06/15/08
An interview with current student Robert Fuchs '09 who discusses why he chose an MBA program in the U.S. and why Kellogg. Among the Kellogg School's advantages he names a diverse and collaborative environment; exceptional access to learn from industry leaders; top managers coming to speak on campus; and a strong, responsive and well-connected alumni network.

Washington Post

D.C. Sports Blog: Demetric Evans at the Car Dealership – 05/19/08
The article notes that Washington Redskins defensive lineman Demetric Evans took part in the NFL Business Management and Entrepreneurial Program at the Kellogg School.

Fox Business

From NFL to MBA – 05/13/08
Segment on Eddie George EMP-76, entrepreneur and former NFL running back, who is pursuing his Executive MBA at the Kellogg School. View the video.

ABC (Spain)

Ready to face new challenges – 05/11/08
The third largest newspaper in Spain ran an article by current student Borja del Olmo de Saavedra '08 as a part of a special report on graduate education. In the article de Olmo says that at Kellogg he has experienced academic and skill development that will enable him to make a leap in his career and successfully face challenges going forward.

Clear Admit Blog

Kellogg School of Management Hosts Women’s Leadership Workshop – 04/30/08
From the article: “We hope to build on the success of last year and help you assess who you are as leaders through experiential learning opportunities,” said event co-chair Raquel Lachman, Kellogg ’08, in a statement. This year’s conference extended last year’s theme, “Unlock your potential. Shape your future.” Lachman, together with co-chair Dana Dimitri ’08 and 12 other Kellogg students, organized the leadership workshop’s programming, which included activities focused on self exploration, networking and personal and professional development.

Today’s Chicago Woman

Make it work – 04/01/08
Current students Tiffany Tyler and Chris Van Nostrand (both ’09) discuss their Kellogg experience.

Boston Herald

Light not ready to sack line over Giant loss – 03/27/08
From the article: [New England Patriot Matt] Light joked the time off since the Super Bowl has seemed more like a bye week, as opposed to an actual vacation. He spent early March enrolled in a workshop at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management as part of the NFL’s business management and entrepreneurial program.

Crain's Chicago Business

The China connection – 03/24/08
Profile of current MBA student Ben Munoz, who is studying abroad at Tsinghua University in Beijing.


These NFL players know football is a business – 03/05/08
From the article: A brainchild of the NFL Players Association, the NFL and several professors, the Business Management and Entrepreneurial Program has become a sports business wunderkind...Each school is differentiated by its area of expertise: real estate/entrepreneurship at Wharton, sports business at Stanford, brand/franchise management at Northwestern's Kellogg School and entrepreneurial/business management at Harvard.


SportsBiz: Preparing for life after the NFL – 03/05/08
From the article: At Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, 23 current National Football League players and one retired player, Lance Legree, just spent four days immersed in classes and study groups at the James L. Allen Center. While other NFL players worried about potential freeagent contracts, this group tackled money in a different way.


Why Trading on News Stories Could Actually Be Profitable – 03/04/08
From the article: In a new study, Joseph Engelberg, a PHD candidate at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, looks at Dow Jones Newswire stories surrounding earnings announcement between 1999 and 2005 to see if they can explain some of the post earnings drift ... Engelberg found that the occurrence of negative terms did seem to do a good job of predicting the post earnings drift. A portfolio of stocks consisting of long positions on stocks with no negative words and short positions on stocks with the highest level of negative words earned one percent per month abnormal returns.


2008 Job Outlook for New Grads – 03/01/08
From the article: Students who prepare themselves and who have spent time honing their skills should find themselves in demand, says Matt Krehbiel, a student getting his MBA at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Krehbiel, 29, will graduate in late June. He has already landed a job as an assistant brand manager at Procter & Gamble in his native Cincinnati. "It is a tough environment, but companies are always looking for top talent," he says.

El Mercurio (Chile)

Expertos de la Universidad de Kellogg asesorarán a ALTO en su internacionalización – 02/17/08
Profile of a current student "Global Lab" project. Global Lab is an experiential learning course that provides a hands-on opportunity for students to apply classroom knowledge to a real-world problem.

Wall Street Journal

Coke, Clydesdales Score With Super Bowl Viewers – 02/04/08
Coverage of the 2008 Super Bowl ads includes comments from Matt Krehbiel '08 and Tiffany Tyler '09, both current students who participated in the Kellogg School Super Bowl Advertising Review.

WFLD-TV (Chicago)

News at Nine – 02/03/08
Story features footage of the Kellogg School Super Bowl Advertising Review panel. Clinical Professor of Marketing Tim Calkins and student Tiffany Tyler ’09 comment on the Kellogg program.


Applicant Update: Getting the Good News About B-School; Why the B-schools admissions process is so nerve-wracking—and why I nearly swallowed the phone when Kellogg called to say "Yes" – 01/31/08
A first-person account, from recently admitted MBA candidate Brandon Cornuke, of what happens when you answer the phone and someone says, "I have some very good news for you. I'm calling to let you know that you've been admitted to Kellogg."

Chicago Tribune

Capitalizing on new ideas – 01/17/08
The Kellogg School’s Larry & Carol Levy Institute for Entrepreneurship is highlighted. From the article: Seventy seven percent of the faculty have started or owned entrepreneurship enterprises or still have them, which gives students access to a wide array of experiences. In addition to MBA courses, students have the opportunity to participate in 87 experiential learning activities, which include internships and entrepreneurship in residence where a student is matched with an entrepreneur.

Advertising Age

Broadcast TV Ratings Start to Strain – 01/14/08
The article quotes current student Matthew Krehbiel '08, who says he depends on word of mouth recommendations for current network TV viewing. "When there are less new shows, it probably affects the number of recommendations I get."