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Huffington Post

This 27-Year-Old Got Zomato To List ‘Disabled-Friendly' Restaurants – 08/10/15
Profiles Nipun Malhotra, who successfully convinced popular restaurant search website Zomato India to create a wheelchair access filter for their restaurants. Malhotra was inspired to request the feature while attending a week-long course at Kellogg.

Poets & Quants

The Most Surprising Things About Business School – 07/13/15
This article features Kellogg Class of 2015 grad Bruno Valle. Valle’s most surprising discovery was that he thought he would have more time in business school.

Poets & Quants

Class of 2015: The Toughest Part Of The MBA Experience – 07/08/15
This article interviews recent graduates on their biggest challenges in business school. For Kellogg grad Bruno Valle, the hardest part of school was avoiding being overwhelmed by the volume of activities, workshops, projects, and classes.

Poets & Quants

Class of 2015: The Best Executive MBAs – 06/25/15
This article spotlights the 30 most exceptional EMBA graduates from the Class of 2015 who have differentiated themselves from their peers. It features Kellogg EMBA alum Meera Atkins, whose passion for healthcare led her to open her own medical practice. Also published in Fortune.

Poets & Quants

MBA Class of 2015: ‘My Biggest Lessons From Business School’ – 06/09/15
A collection of advice from business school graduates this year includes Kellogg student Bruno Valle. He says to keep in mind that everyone is just a regular, smart, hard-working person and there’s no magical formula for success.

Chicago Tribune

Opticent Health wins Northwestern University Venture Challenge – 06/05/15
Opticent Health, maker of a non-invasive test for eye diseases, won first prize Thursday in the Northwestern University Venture Challenge, taking home $45,000. CEO Kieran Patel, a Ph.D., is pursuing a JD/MBA from Northwestern Law and the Kellogg School of Management. Professor Linda Darragh was quoted saying the competition’s interdisciplinary focus is a unique benefit of the program. Also reported in ChicagoInno.

Crain’s Chicago Business

Northwestern spinout gets $1.3 million – 06/03/15
FourKites, a logistics startup launched by a former Kellogg student, Mathew Elenjickal '14, and Arun Chandrasekaran has hauled in $1.3 million in funding. The Chicago-based company's software allows commercial shipping customers to track their freight in real time, using GPS devices that already are on more than 50 percent of all trucks. Also reported in the Chicago Tribune

Poets & Quants

The Best Advice Graduating MBAs Have For New B-School Applicants – 06/01/15
A collection of quotes from graduating students. Bruno Valle, a student at Kellogg, suggests taking time to reflect on what really energizes you to create a cohesive, forward-thinking application.

Poets & Quants

Class of 2015: The World’s Best and Brightest MBAs – 05/16/15
Inaugural roundup of a diverse group of 50 talented young MBA students includes Kellogg student Bruno Valle, a full-time student from Brazil who will be returning to Bain & Company upon graduation.

Poets & Quants

Getting More From A Summer Internship: Advice From Recruiters & Graduates – 05/05/15

Article interviews graduates and recruiters on how to get the most out of a summer internship and includes a Q&A with Kellogg student Namrata Kothari, who talks about her time at personal styling company Stitch Fix.

Poets & Quants

M7 Schools Launch Nepal Aid Drive – 05/02/15

Article talks about M7 b-schools’ collaborative fundraising efforts surrounding the recent Nepal earthquake, and quotes Kellogg student body president Ben Dowell saying that Kellogg knows friends and families affected firsthand by the disaster.

Crain’s Chicago Business

Plan for data center under Block 37 wins Kellogg competition – 04/29/15

Article talks about a student team from Booth winning the Kellogg Real Estate Venture Competition with their proposal to locate a data center in the never-finished Chicago Transit Authority "superstation" below Block 37 in the Loop.

Poets & Quants

From GMAT To Deposit: An Engineer’s Journey – 04/28/15

Article written by an incoming Kellogg student Dean Nordhielm talks about dos and don’ts for applying to b-school. 

Crain’s Chicago Business

Why Northwestern's engineering school boasts so many startups – 04/09/15

Article talks about Northwestern’s Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The 10 startups Farley produced in less than a decade is worth more than $500 million altogether, including SiNode Systems, a technology startup founded by Kellogg alumni Samir Mayekar.

Financial Times

Strategy development – 04/07/15

Article is written by student Merih Ocbazghi who talks about the importance of developing a strategy to focus his energy on the important things that will make his remaining time at Kellogg worthwhile: developing deeper and stronger connections with the people. 

Poets & Quants

Getting The Most From Your First Year – 04/04/15

Article quotes Rohan Rajiv, a first-year Kellogg student, on advice to incoming b-school students.

Poets & Quants

Guide to MBA Case Competitions – 03/14/15
Article lists P&Q’s top 20 MBA case competitions, including the Kellogg Biotech & Healthcare Case Competition. Also notes that a Kellogg team won the Deloitte National Case Competition in January.


U.S. Fracking Boom Won't Bring Manufacturing Home: Analysts – 03/01/15
Article mentions Kellogg’s 2015 Energy Conference, which focused on the impact of cheap gas and oil from the hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, of shale.

Crain’s Chicago Business

More Kellogg grads go geek, shun the Street – 12/22/14
Article reports that a record 18.4 percent of Kellogg MBAs in 2014's class headed to tech jobs, up from 12 percent a year before. Just 14 percent of Kellogg MBAs took jobs in finance, down from 20 percent a year earlier.

The Economist

Banks? No, thanks! – 10/11/14

Article reports that fewer MBAs are taking jobs in investment banking and finance as consulting and technology firms become more popular. Quotes a Kellogg graduate who said private equity appealed to him and his peers over banking because the firms are smaller and the work more entrepreneurial and hands-on.

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