Kellogg Faculty in the Media


The Worst CEO Screw-Ups Of 2013 – 12/18/13
Professors Daniel Diermeier and Harry Kraemer analyze the worst CEO mistakes of 2013.

Government Executive

Leaders Do Matter, But When Does their Gender Matter Too? – 12/18/13
Reprint of a Kellogg Insight article about research from Professors Nicholas Pearce and Susan Perkins that found countries with high levels of diversity and strife have stronger economies when led by women.


The Most Unforgettable Ad Campaigns Of 2013 – 12/17/13
Reports that the most memorable ads of 2013, quoting Professor Derek Rucker on what is needed to create an effective ad.

The Indian Express

IIM-Ahmedabad to host third edition of India Finance Conference – 12/16/13
Reports on the third India Finance Conference taking place Dec. 18-19 and the inaugural address will be delivered by Professor Ravi Jagannathan.

Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Sun-Times – 12/13/13
Reports on the new advertising blitz for the Affordable Care Act, targeting eight major markets and costing $1 million in federal money. Dr. Joel Shalowitz said delaying the ads until worked “was absolutely the right thing to do,” because going to a site that didn’t work well would give consumers a negative association with it.

Crain’s Chicago Business

Harry Kraemer, former Baxter CEO, honored by One Acre Fund – 12/12/13
Reports that One Acre Fund honored one of their biggest supporters, Professor Harry Kraemer. He is the executive partner of Madison Dearborn Partners and the author of “From Values to Action: The Four Principals of Values-Based Leadership.” All proceeds from his book benefit One Acre Fund.

Chicago Tribune

Office Depot picks Boca Raton, Fla., over Naperville for headquarters – 12/11/13
Reports on Office Depot’s pick of Boca Raton, Fla., over Naperville for its headquarters. Professor Therese McGuire comments on how states compete to retain firms. The story also ran in the Daily Herald, Rockford Register Star and the Daily Journal.


Innovative Thinking Keeps Family Businesses Ticking – 12/11/13
Professor John Ward discusses how family businesses focus more on preserving assets and family reputation unlike non-family businesses that invest more in risk for a higher yield.


IPO market fever rises with issuance highest since 2000 – 12/11/13
Reports on how some IPOs are the breakout stars on Wall Street and quotes Professor Benjamin Iverson on the risk of investing in IPOs.

Washington Post

Banks’ World Under Dodd-Frank Takes Shape With Volcker Rule – 12/11/13
Reports on the changes to be made due to Volcker’s rule and the Dodd-Frank Act. Professor David Stowell comments on what the early changes look like and how these changes can already be seen in sectors of the industry. The story also ran in Bloomberg.

The Fiscal Times

Why Wall Street Analysts Are Tepid on Twitter – 12/09/13
Reports on Twitter’s IPO and quotes Professor Anup Sirivastava, who says profitability can be a “vague” concept.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek

A Holiday Party Survival Guide, Business School Version – 12/06/13
Professor Karen Cates, discusses etiquette at a work holiday party.


The Fine Art of Negotiating in Different Cultures – 12/06/13
Reports on how global negotiations can get lost in translation and highlights three business school professors who say both Westerners and Easterners need to be aware of the inherent differences. Article quotes Professor Jeanne Brett.

The Palm Beach Post

The Fine Art of Negotiating in Different Cultures – 12/06/13
Reports on negating in different cultures and quotes Professor Jeanne Brett.

WBBM Radio

Interview with Professor Nicholas Pearce to discuss Nelson Mandela’s legacy and leadership traits.


Nelson Mandela’s Global Impact – 12/06/13
Professor Nicholas Pearce talks with WGN Morning News about Nelson Mandela’s global impact. Also ran on CLTV.

Al Jazeera

Study: Women on corporate boards help companies strike better deals – 12/04/13
The article also cites a 2013 study by Professor David Matsa on the effect of Norway’s requirement for public companies’ staffs to be 40 percent women

Miami Today

When excellence isn’t enough: Branding Miami-Dade County – 12/04/13
Reports on Miami-Dade County’s nine year old slogan, “Delivering Excellence Every Day” and quotes Professor Tim Calkins.

Marketing guru Kotler thinks Hall of Fame – 12/04/13
Reports on Philip Kotler acceptance into the Thinkers50 Hall of Fame, a London-based global organization that ranks the top 50 management thinkers every two years.

WBEZ Radio

Interview on the ACA – 12/03/13
Interviewed Professor Joel Shalowitz about the ACA changes during their “All Things Considered” show.