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Internet Evolution

Boomers Best Millennials at Using Social Media for Work – 10/10/13
Reports on a study conducted by Professor Paul Leonardi that finds Baby Boomers are best at promoting a company’s social media.

Aviation Week

Need For Speed (And Predictivity) – 10/09/13
Reports on GE’s Mind + Machines 2013 and notes that Professor Florian Zettelmeyer told attendees that you don’t have to become a data scientist to effectively move in this industrial internet age.


Looking Good for Regulators – 10/09/13
Reprint of an article by Professor Meghan Busse about regulators and the natural gas industry, originally published in Kellogg Insight.


What Happens if the Government Defaults. A Primer – 10/09/13
Reprint of an article by Professor David Besanko focused on the growing concern that the statutory borrowing limit will not be raised by Oct. 17, originally published in Kellogg Insight.

Retail Leader

Retailers Seize Marketing Opportunity in Health Care Reform – 10/09/13
Reports on retail and super market chains increasing their focus on health and wellness and quotes Professor David Dranove.

Agence France Presse

100 Years: Auto Assembly Line Still Moving – 10/08/13
Reports on the 100th anniversary of the auto assembly line on Oct. 7 and quotes Professor Stephen Burnett about its huge impact. Article was syndicated internationally.

Bloomberg News

Guide to Understanding Washington’s Damn Game – 10/08/13
Reports on the current government shutdown and quotes Professor Daniel Diermeier.

Bloomberg News

Ford Could be Thinking about a Future Without Alan Mulally – 10/08/13
Ford’s directors will gather and likely discuss future plans for CEO Alan Mulally, who is being considered for the top job at Microsoft. The article quotes Professor Aaron Gellman.

Business Insider

Taking Money Away is a Better Motivator than Giving it – 10/08/13
Reprint of a Kellogg Insight article about Professor Kelly Goldsmith‘s research on what motivates employees.

Retail Leader

Retailers See Opportunity in Affordable Care Act – 10/08/13
Reports on ACA’s impact on retailers and quotes Professor David Dranove.


Barilla in Hot Water Offers a Lesson in Reputation Management – 10/07/13
An article by Professor Daniel Diermeier on the recent statements from Barilla Pasta’s CEO.


Selective signs: Billboards around MetLife Stadium will be reserved for Super Bowl 2014 sponsors – 10/07/13
Reports on the Super Bowl advertising opportunities and quotes Professor Tim Calkins, who states the ad game may be more competitive than the play on the field.

Time Magazine

I Welcome My New Overlord – 10/07/13
Reports on communication with superiors and bosses and includes the research from Professor Ithai Stern’s “Flattery Will Get You Everywhere (Especially if You Are a Male Caucasian)."

Chicago Tribune

ADM Seeks Tax Breaks While State Can’t Pay its Bills – 10/06/13
Reports on Archer Daniels Midland headquarters move and their search for tax breaks and quotes Professor Therese McGuire.

Washington Post

How a Game Theorist Would Solve the Shutdown Showdown – 10/04/13
Reports on the current shutdown situation with a Q&A with Professor Daniel Diermeier.


Young, healthy people in high demand for new health exchange – 10/02/13
Reports that healthy young people need to sign up for the Affordable Care Act to make it work. Professor Joel Shalowitz says the 18- to 34-year-old age bracket has historically had the highest number of uninsured people.

El Paso Times

Leemore Dafny, Professor at Northwestern University and former Deputy Director of the Bureau of Economics at the Federal Trade Commission, joins Bates White Economic Consulting – 10/01/13
Bates Consulting announced Kellogg Professor Leemore Dafny joined as Academic Affiliate in the Antitrust and Competition and the Healthcare and Life Sciences Practices.

CBC News

Boycott Barilla, Dump Stoli: The Value of Hashtag Driven Boycott – 09/30/13
Article examines recent boycotts,such as those on Barilla Pasta and Stoli Vodka. The article cites research done by Professor Brayden King and links to the research.

Chicago Grid

Can Augmented Reality and Web Videos Make Funeral Homes and Banks Hip? – 09/30/13
Article looks at how some local businesses, such as a funeral homes and a community banks, are using social media for marketing. Professor Tim Calkins emphasizes the need to respond quickly to any surprises that pop up on any digital channel.

Crain's Chicago Business

Obamacare’s Big Winner in Illinois – 09/30/13
Professor Leemore Dafny discusses the Affordable Care Act, the increased number of insurance providers, and the competition that might lower prices.