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Kellogg Faculty in the Media

Bloomberg News

Wall Street Hires Losers Turned Winners After College Athletics – 10/17/13
Reports on the trend of hiring former athletes for finance-related jobs and quotes Professor Keith Murnighan.


Why Companies Speak Up and Why Consumers Don’t Care – 10/17/13
Reports on companies that get involved with political debates, such as Starbucks recently commenting about fire arms. The article quotes Professor Brayden King following his research on corporate boycotts and how there is rarely a financial impact for companies.


Beyond Bravado: Underground Rappers Resurrect Hip-Hop’s Roots as Protest Music – 10/17/13
Takes a look at the impact on rap from a historical perspective and quotes Professor Klaus Weber about social movements.

Chicago Tribune

Chicago’s Startup Engine Roars – 10/15/13
Reports on Chicago’s startup companies and quotes Professor Tom Kuczmarksi, founder of the Chicago Innovation Awards.


‘Bad Negotiators’ Experts Say Congress is Getting It Wrong in Fiscal Talks – 10/15/13
Reports on the poor negotiation skills related to those working on the shutdown and quotes Professor Leigh Thompson.


Chicago’s Future Innovators Look to the Past – 10/14/13
Reports on Chicago’s emerging startup scene, specifically at the tech hub 1871, and quotes Professor Linda Darragh.


Psychology of Risk-Taking – 10/14/13
Investigates whether some people are hard wired to take more risk than others, and quotes Professor Camelia Kuhnen.

Yahoo! Finance

Downtime Can Be a Real Business Boost – 10/14/13
Reports on the benefits of taking a break while working and quotes Professor Adam Waytz.

Before It’s News

The Industrial Internet – 10/13/13
Reports on GE’s industrial internet and shares a video of Professor Florian Zettelmeyer discussing the types of opportunities available.

The Healthcare Blog

When Talking about the Exchanges, It’s Probably a Good Idea to Look Beyond Opening Week Returns – 10/13/13
Reports on the byline article about the Affordable Care Act by Professors David Dranove and Craig Garthwaite.

Business Insider

How Game Theory Can Help Make Sense of the Government Shutdown – 10/11/13
Reprint of an article by Professor Daniel Diermeier about the government shutdown with game-theory concepts.

Emerging Markets

India: Edge of Glory – 10/11/13
Reports on India’s economic growth and the tough reforms needed. Professor Bala Balachandran states that action is needed to the problem.

Fast Company

Why productive people work well with their opposites – 10/11/13
Reports on the habits of productive people and quotes Professor Leigh Thompson.

Information Week

Boomers Beat Millenials With Business Social Media – 10/11/13
Reports on the unexpected result of Boomers use of social media from “The Coworker Network” study conducted by Professor Paul Leonardi.

Chicago Tribune

Dominick’s parent seeks to sell Chicago area stores – 10/10/13
Reports on the parent company of Dominick’s looking to sell the Chicagoland stores and quotes Professor David Masta.

Internet Evolution

Boomers Best Millennials at Using Social Media for Work – 10/10/13
Reports on a study conducted by Professor Paul Leonardi that finds Baby Boomers are best at promoting a company’s social media.

Aviation Week

Need For Speed (And Predictivity) – 10/09/13
Reports on GE’s Mind + Machines 2013 and notes that Professor Florian Zettelmeyer told attendees that you don’t have to become a data scientist to effectively move in this industrial internet age.


Looking Good for Regulators – 10/09/13
Reprint of an article by Professor Meghan Busse about regulators and the natural gas industry, originally published in Kellogg Insight.


What Happens if the Government Defaults. A Primer – 10/09/13
Reprint of an article by Professor David Besanko focused on the growing concern that the statutory borrowing limit will not be raised by Oct. 17, originally published in Kellogg Insight.

Retail Leader

Retailers Seize Marketing Opportunity in Health Care Reform – 10/09/13
Reports on retail and super market chains increasing their focus on health and wellness and quotes Professor David Dranove.