Kellogg Faculty in the Media


Family Businesses Are a Safe Bet for Long-Term Survival – 03/25/14
Discusses a Kellogg magazine article on family businesses in bad economies, quoting Professor John Ward who said, “Our experience with family businesses has confirmed that in down times, family businesses will take advantage of the negative economic conditions to make some seemingly unconventional and courageous decisions.”

Crain’s Chicago Business

Northwestern-Cadence merger sidesteps industry payment trends – 03/24/14
Reports on Northwestern Memorial Healthcare and Cadence Health’s merger and their measures to prepare for sweeping industry changes in payment models. Quotes Dr. Joel Shalowitz saying, “You cannot just flip the switch. You can't tell doctors all the time, 'Volume, volume, volume,' then all of a sudden say, 'Stop and do things differently.’”


A Turnaround Is a Lot Like Baking a Cake – 03/21/14
Article by Professor Greg Carpenter says that companies that successfully reinvented themselves approached the challenge more like baking a cake: recognizing that sequence, timing, and subtlety are crucial. This approach reflects the implicit assumption that the ingredients are limited, the process is delicate, and more important, you cannot reverse the process to correct a misstep.

Financial Review

How to win sales by finding your customers’ ‘justifiers’ – 03/21/14
Professor James C. Anderson co-authors article about the role of a justifier: an element of a sales offer that makes a noteworthy difference to the customer.

The Motley Fool

Starbucks Teams With Oprah for Tea – 03/21/14
Starbucks has announced that they will offer a Chi Tea at Tevana named after Oprah. Article mentions Kellogg’s research on her influence in President Obama’s elections. Professor Craig Garthwaite comments on the significance Oprah’s endorsement has.


Stupid things employers ask job candidates – 03/20/14
Professor Lauren Rivera research has found that employers also tend to hire people they'd like to hang out with.

Financial Times

Activists force companies out of comfort zone amid consumer shift – 03/20/14
Article covers how activists, not government, are pushing for change, and that companies are required to take positions on issues. Professor Daniel Diermeier commented, “The things companies have to worry about are much broader than ever before. We now have higher expectations about what companies are responsible for. In the olden days they would have said: ‘I’m selling beer, I’m not going to get involved in gay rights’. But the expectations that companies get involved in social justice and policy issues are now much higher.”


Guinness Is the Latest Beer to Boycott N.Y.'s St. Pat's Parade, but How Much Does It Matter? – 03/17/14
Article mentions Professor Brayden King’s study that boycotts tend to succeed only when they generate a high level of sustained media attention and, even when they do, effects on sales in the long term are “statistically insignificant.”

Discovery News

Discovery Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra launch All-New Meditation Experience ‘Finding Your Flow’ – 03/17/14
Oprah Winfrey and Professor Deepak Chopra announced the launch of their latest, all-new meditation experience “Finding Your Flow,” which is open for registration starting today at The free 21-day meditation experience, which begins on Monday, April 14, will serve as a powerful and energizing inner guide for transforming your life.

Government Executive

Cheating Pays—But Imagine Your Future Self – 03/17/14
Article covers Professor Loran Nordgren’s research of people’s living-in-the-moment mentality and if it might prove effective for deterring him from pursuing a bad decision.

Evanston Now

Kellogg Students Offer School Consolidation – 03/13/14
Three Kellogg student offer operation models to help School District 65 and 202 with consolidation under the guidance of Professor Therese McGuire.


Obamacare Could Lead to 25,000 New Businesses a Year – 03/13/14
Article covers “entrepreneur lock” and how it has affected the job market, and cites Professor Craig Garthwaite’s research that suggests the Affordable Care Act could lead 500,000-900,000 people to leave the labor market—many of whom will start new businesses.

Inside Counsel

More Data Needed in Ongoing Patent Troll Debate – 03/13/14
Article discusses the apparent rise in lawsuits by patent trolls and quotes Professor Daniel Spulber who is currently conducting research on the topic.

EE Times

Patent Data Missing in Troll Debate – 03/12/14
Reports on the current debate about the U.S. patent system and quotes Professor Daniel F. Spulber.

Information Week

Patent Data Missing in Troll Debate – 03/12/14
Article discusses the apparent rise in lawsuits by patent trolls and quotes Professor Daniel Spulber who is currently conducting research on the topic.

News One

Some Boycotts Are Effective But Not For the Reason You Think – 03/12/14
Article discusses Professor Brayden King’s research on why some boycotts succeed, while others don’t.

Business Standard

Empowered consumers more likely to switch brands – 03/11/14
Covers a news release that includes Professor Derek Rucker’s research, along with Yuwei from Jiang Hong Kong Polytechnic University, about the impact of a person's perceived sense of power on their likelihood to switch products or brands.

Chicago Tribune

The argument against raising minimum wage – 03/11/14
Professor Craig Garthwaite comments on raising minimum wage, saying “I don't think we should be doing anything to dissuade people from entering the job market right now."

Huffington Post

Business Leadership, Governance, and a Victory for Adam Smith – 03/11/14
Bylined article by Professor Daniel Diermeier shares insights from “Filling the Governance Gap: Aligning Enterprise and Advocacy,” a conference co-hosted by Kellogg and the Aspen Institute.


When Geico Accelerated Past Allstate – 03/10/14
Professor Tim Calkins discusses Geico’s consistent positioning statement of low rates and how that has help them surpass Allstate in car insurance.