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Kellogg Faculty in the Media


Talking About Social Class Improves Grades of First-Generation College Students – 02/18/14
Reports on Professor Nicole Stephens comments research on an intervention designed to help first-generation college students stay in school and earn higher grades.

Modern Healthcare

Highmark aims for more Pennsylvania clout with Blues deal – 02/18/14
Article covers how Highmark might broaden its reach in in Pennsylvania and quotes Professor Leemore Dafny. Please note: The full article requires a login.

Washington Technology

10 ways marketing drives your company's success – 02/18/14
Author quotes Professor Philip Kotler stating, “Generating the strategy that underlies sales techniques, business communication and business development. Marketing is an integrated process through which companies build strong customer relationships, and create value for their customers and for themselves.”

Chicago Tribune

Growth questions worth asking – 02/17/14
Professor Michael Mazzeo comments on what are the right questions to ask when businesses are not growing.


Jordan Rules and teamwork – 02/17/14
A discussion of Phil Jackson’s coaching of the Chicago Bulls, including Professor Keith Murnighan, who compares Jackson’s coaching style to corporate leadership principles.

Fast Company

The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Sports – 02/14/14
Article covers the business of athletic entertainment and the innovative approaches in sports, including examples of redefining ticket sales and building stadiums worthy of Silicon Valley. The article highlights Northwestern’s “Purple Pricing,” which was developed by two in-house economists. The article does not cite Kellogg or the economists’ names (Professors Sandeep Baliga and Professor Jeff Ely)


Biggest Business Risk You Can’t Ignore: Mortality – 02/13/14
Article reports on succession plans for businesses and quotes Professor John Ward, who says only a third of family-controlled businesses transfer leadership to a second generation of family control.


Blame game: AOL won't explain how Obamacare costs $7.1M – 02/13/14
Professor Craig Garthwaite comments on AOL’s change to healthcare and 401k plans, leaving some employees with fewer benefits.


The 40 best B-School professors under 40 – 02/13/14
Article cover Poets and Quants Top “40 under 40” review of business school’s faculty, which includes Kellogg Professors Adam Waytz and Kelly Goldsmith.

Science Codex

Marriage's 'haves' and 'have nots' – 02/13/14
Article discusses Professor Eli Finkel’s research on how marital relationships have changed.


Olympic Ads Won't Win Any Medals, but Marketers Should Take Note – 02/12/14
Professor Derek Rucker writes an article comparing Olympic advertisements with Super Bowl advertisements.

CNN Money

8 young B-school professors on the rise – 02/12/14
A slideshow featuring eight professors from Poets & Quants 40 under 40 ranking.


Is It Better to Win Bronze Than Silver? – 02/11/14
Article mentions study done by Professor Victoria Medvec from 1995 on how Bronze medalists are more likely to be happier than silver medalists.

Consumer Affairs

Best time to make health decisions: when you're tired – 02/11/14
Professor Angela Y. Lee argue that the best times to make decisions about your health is when you are tired as you tend to pay more attention when you are vulnerable.

Nation of Change

Ending Job Lock: What Economists Praise as Choice, Fox Slams as Laziness – 02/11/14
Article covers past arguments made that review how the Affordable Healthcare Act will affect “job lock” and “employment rates and cites a New York Times article (dated Nov. 23) that quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite.


Are you a high achiever? Even the best products might leave you dissatisfied – 02/11/14
Doctoral student Jingjing Ma and Professor Neal J. Roese assert that society’s “go for the gold” mentality can cause consumers to be more regretful and dissatisfied with a purchased product.

The Daily Beast

Obamacare Is Wayne’s World – 02/11/14
Article discusses how the Affordable Care Act could affect the amount of people who wish to work full-time. Article mentions Professor Craig Garthwaite’s research on the 2005 TennCare drop of 170,000 participants.

Bloomberg News

A Tale of Two Mercks as Protesters Take On Wrong Company – 02/10/14
Reports on protests mistakenly staged outside of Merck KGaA, when it was intended for Merck & Co. Article quotes Professor Tim Calkins on the confusion of similar sounding brands. (Also published in Washington Post and Businessweek)


You can thank Obamacare for that raise – 02/09/14
Article covers Professor Craig Garthwaite’s research on Job Lock and how the Affordable Care Act may effect it.

Progress Illinois

Economists, Health Policy Experts Weigh In On The CBO Obamacare Report – 02/07/14
Professor Craig Garthwaite comments on how the Affordable Care Act will change the labor supply.