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First Business

Multitasking and Mental Stress – 04/23/14
Professor Nicola Persico is interviewed about his research on multitasking and the toll it takes.

Metro MBA

Taking It To The Streets: Kellogg Prof. To Detail Business Road Trip In Book – 04/23/14
Q&A with Professor Mike Mazzeo about his book Roadside MBA: Backroad Wisdom for Executives, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners, which he co-authored with two former Kellogg professors.


We'll all be Better Off if We Can Just Agree That College Isn't For Everyone – 04/22/14
Article by Professor Harold Sirkin argues, “Some people would be far better off learning a skill—at a community college, a trade school, or on the job—than going directly from high school to college.”


Why Gillette’s New Razor Is Good for Procter & Gamble – 04/22/14
Article by Professor Alexander Chernev explains that, because of diminishing marginal value in incessant blade innovation, a new razor will best spark consumer excitement.


The Unlikely Business Benefits of Crowdfunding – 04/22/14
Article cites a recent article by Professor Marty Lariviere about crowdfunding’s hidden benefits such as inventory management and operational flexibility.

The Daily Journal

Guest Viewpoint: Why Rauner-Emanuel just might work – 04/21/14
Op-ed by Professor Don Haider argues, “Political opposites not only learn to co-exist, they also tend to work together far more productively.”

Blue Sky Innovation

Sally Blount, Valerie Jarrett talk women in C-suite – 04/18/14
Article reports on Dean Sally Blount’s meeting at the White House with deans from the top 14 business schools and Senior Adviser to the President Valerie Jarrett to discuss ways of increasing women’s representation in business.

Chicago Tribune

Chicago area aims to attract more foreign investments – 04/18/14
Increasing expansions by foreign companies are “a sign when others come to your region to invest that there are growth opportunities and attractive elements to the market,” said Professor Benjamin Jones.

CNN Money

Pop-up shops are becoming more permanent – 04/18/14
Quotes Professor Alexander Chernev, who said, “Inefficiency with the retail market rental process, coupled with an abundance of supply over demand in the real estate market, has created a sweet spot for short-term renting…”


Plug in, act out—how tech is transforming the environmental movement – 04/18/14
Article explores the role of social media in traditional advocacy work. Quotes Professor Brayden King, who said, “There's some reason to think that participating in a public forum with social media may actually have a debilitating impact on people's engagement."

Fast Company

Smiling Can Make You Feel Rotten – 04/17/14
Article explores the myth that smiling makes a person feel better and quotes Professor Aparna Labroo, who said, "People who feel they smile because they're always trying to manage their mood--and fake it, essentially--are going to feel much worse."

Poets & Quants

B-School Deans' White House Pow-Wow – 04/17/14
Article covers the meeting of White House senior administrators with business school deans, including Dean Sally Blount, and focuses on their discussion of the pay gap between male and female MBA graduates.

The Wall Street Journal

B-School Deans Get to Work at the White House – 04/17/14
Article covers Wednesday's meeting between White House senior administrators and deans from the top 14 U.S. business schools, including Kellogg. Deans discussed how to improve workplace conditions for working families, particularly women.

The Wall Street Journal

The Morning Risk Report: Airbnb's Image Takes a Prostitution Hit – 04/17/14
Article says that Airbnb faces a reputation pitfall after reports of its guest homes being used for prostitution services. Quotes Professor Daniel Diermeier, who said, "The important thing is the reputational risk they’re facing goes beyond the legal or operational limits of the company."


White House calls in the deans – 04/16/14
Dean Sally Blount and other deans from top business schools met with senior administration officials at the White House to discuss how to best prepare their students as leaders for the 21st century workplace.

Wallet Hub

Ask the Experts: Making Sense of Dynamic Pricing – 04/16/14
Article explains dynamic pricing for goods such as airline tickets and quotes Professor Lakshman Krishnamurthi.


Protecting your company's reputation in a Heartbleed world – 04/14/14
Article discusses consequences for companies affected by the Heartbleed Bug or other IT security breaches. Quotes Professor Daniel Diermeier, saying, "You will be held accountable for what you did or didn’t do in the months and years leading up to a crisis."

Chicago Tribune

GM, Comcast hearings struggle selling stories – 04/13/14
Column questions the efficacy of congressional hearings after a senator used the Comcast hearing to ask if he should switch back to cable. Quotes Professor Daniel Diermeier, saying, "This has become so commonplace now that it's become one of the situations that (top executives and other witnesses) need to be prepared for…"

Chicago Tribune

Chicago to host first Venture Capital Summit – 04/13/14
Impact Engine, an accelerator for for-profit social enterprises founded by Professor Jamie Jones and Professor Linda Darragh, announced its new CEO.

Metro MBA

Kellogg Professor Named Guggenheim Fellow – 04/11/14
Professor Daniel Diermeier was named a 2014 Guggenheim Fellow along with 177 others.