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The China Post

Entrepreneur pens Chinese business savvy book – 01/16/14
Article discusses Zhao Yancheng's book “The Causes of Wealth of People” which is based on Chinese people's experiences of starting businesses in the country. The book is forwarded by Professor Lloyd Shefsky. Also covered in: China Daily, Doing business the Chinese way, 1/13/14

Marketplace World

Just how seriously should we take the latest bank earnings? – 01/15/14
Reports on banks’ quarterly outlook reports and quotes Professor David Stowell who says that others should analyze the financial reports and look through the accounting noise.

Chicago Tribune

Rex Huppke: LGBT ally groups can improve an office – 01/14/14
Column on how LGBT employees often feel “closeted” in the workspace quotes Professor Brayden King who says support from heterosexual workers has always been key to making workplaces more accepting of LGBT employees.


The Startup Accelerator Wars [INFOGRAPHIC] – 01/14/14
Professor Yael Hochberg asserts in an article on accelerators and startups, that entrepreneurs need to recognize that even 75 percent of venture-backed firms fail.


Small businesses optimistic heading into 2014 – 01/14/14
Reports on the rising optimism of small business owners. Professor Lloyd Shefsky says that might be more about being an entrepreneur than an overall change in the economy, and that small business owners are overly optimistic people.


Statistics That Hurt – 01/13/14
Reprinted Kellogg Insight article about Professor Jörg Spenkuch’s research into whether race may still be a factor that causes wage gaps.


Pain and Pleasure in Persuasion – 01/13/14
Reprinted Kellogg Insight article about Professor C. Miguel Brendl’s research on persuasion.

The Washington Post

Obamacare’s narrow networks are going to make people furious — but they might control costs – 01/13/14
Reports that narrow networks could offer less choice for Obamacare participants. Professors David Dranove and Craig Garthwaite, argue that narrow networks are not utilized to limit patient’s choices, but an opportunity to “harness market forces to lower costs.”

Business Insider

3 Reasons CEOs With Military Experience Make the Best Leaders – 01/09/14
Reports on a new research paper by Professor Efraim Benmelech that finds CEOs with a military background make better leaders.

CBS Money Watch

Why Super Bowl Commercials Might Be a Waste of Money – 01/06/14
Reports on research showing Super Bowl advertising may not pay off, and quotes Professor Tim Calkins.

Virtual Strategy Magazine

Today, Content is King. Start 2014 Off Right by Participating in a Free MOOC on Content Strategy for Professionals by Northwestern University – 01/06/14
Article covers the new Content Strategy course that was created by 10 Northwestern professors and will be available through MOOCs. The faculty come from Medill and Kellogg and it is led by Professor John Lavine, director of Northwestern’s Media Management Center.

Reporter News

Rex Huppke: Words of wisdom for workers in the coming year – 01/05/14
Article covers helpful tips for a better work experience. Professor Adam Waytz offers advice on communication, specifically managing conflict.


Super Bowl 2014 ad spots selling out fast at $4 million – 01/03/14
Article highlights how quickly the 2014 Super Bowl ad spots sell out. The article mentions Kellogg’s Super Bowl Ad Review, which is led by Professors Derek Rucker and Tim Calkins.

Chicago Tribune

Workers Get Ready for 2014 – 01/01/14
In the nationally syndicated “I Just Work Here” column, the author writes about 2014 preparations and quotes Professor Adam Waytz.


Instant Replay, Instant Bias – 01/01/14
Article discusses research by Zach Burns that finds, when determining whether an error or act of aggression was intentional, viewing video footage of the events in slow motion will bias the judging party to believe the act was intentional.

Business 2 Community

Guilty Pleasures Are Even Sweeter When Shared – 12/31/13
Reports on guilty pleasures and quotes Professor Kelly Goldsmith.


Management experts knock Obama – 12/31/13
Reports on President Obama’s end of the year address, particularly his remarks on the technical difficulties with rolling out the Affordable Care Act. Professor Daniel Diermeier commented on the president’s management skills saying, “No one asked you to write code or be a technical expert, but the expectation is you can set up a process.”

Yahoo! Australia

Honesty should be the only policy – 12/31/13
Reports on honesty in the workplace and quotes Professor Nicholas Pearce, who states, “There is a prevailing cultural sentiment that lying is OK - the fact that everyone is doing it and that it's necessary to get ahead.”

The New York Times

Reborn, Dell Aims Message at Businesses – 12/30/13
Reports on Dell’s business-to-business brand campaign that it is launching. The article quotes Professor Tim Calkins, who suggested the campaign was also directed at Dell’s own employees.

Poets & Quants

Business School Dean of the Year – 12/27/13
Reports Roger Martin, dean of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, as the Dean of the Year. The article cites Kellogg’s Dean Sally Blount putting Martin in the company of such transformational leaders as Donald Jacobs, who had put Kellogg on the map years earlier. The article also ran in Fortune.