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Rates of Uninsured by State Before & After Obamacare – 07/01/14
Quotes Professor Joel Shalowitz, who said, “The ACA has begun to make good inroads into covering the uninsured. But as the law is structured, we will probably never cover everybody.”

Chicago Tribune

Walgreen considers headquarters move: Is tax loophole unpatriotic? – 06/29/14
Quotes Professor Klaus Weber, who said, “People expect corporations to fulfill their citizen duties as taxpayers like everyone else.”

Chicago Tribune

Calvin Klein and the fabric of brand loyalty – 06/29/14
Quotes Professor Derek Rucker, who said, “A brand is a constellation of associations that help or facilitate consumers making decisions, so expectations become wildly important.” Also quotes Professor Tim Calkins, who said, “Calvin Klein might be cutting product quality in an effort to build profits. This would not be a great sign for the long-term health of the franchise.”


Leaders Need To Walk The Talk When It Comes To Integrity – 06/29/14
Article reports on Professor Paola Sapienza’s research, which found that a real culture of integrity adds value to a company, although there was no correlation between organizations’ profitability and their advertised values.

The New York Times

The Trauma of Parenthood – 06/27/14
Op-ed by Professor Eli Finkel argues that the psychological distress new parents experience is at least in part caused by objectively bleak circumstances rather than simply the birth process’s toll on hormones.


Research Brief: Anxious? Let Your Self-Driving Car Talk You Down – 06/25/14
Article reports on Professor Adam Waytz’s study on computer-controlled cars. Participants were more relaxed and trusted the car more if it talked than if it operated in silence, even in an accident.


Who will keep 50-year-old software running? – 06/25/14
Article by Professor Harold Sirkin reports on the skills gap companies face if they use programs written in outdated software languages that today’s computer programmers are too young to know how to use.

Huffington Post

Revving Our Engines: 10 Lessons From Launching an Impact Accelerator – 06/24/14
Article by Professor Jamie Jones offers advice based on her experience founding Impact Engine, an accelerator program that supports for-profit businesses with an integrated societal or environmental mission.


To get good employees, paying college tuitions may be the new health benefits – 06/20/14
Bylined article by Professors David Dranove and Craig Garthwaite, explains that the Affordable Care Act is driving down the cost of health insurance, which in turn, makes it a far less valuable employee benefit. Providing generous tuition assistance will help Starbucks retain its advantage in hiring.

Chicago Tribune

Businesses turn to improv to bolster skills – 06/19/14
Quotes Lecturer Karen Cates, who said improv techniques help employees deal with unexpected situations, gain confidence in running meetings and take part in brainstorming sessions.

Financial Times

Amazon Eyes Online Sales Boost Through ‘Fire’ Smartphone – 06/19/14
Reports on the unveiling of Amazon’s ‘Fire’, a smartphone designed to drive more online sales to the company’s website and broaden its distribution of digital content. Article quotes Professor Mohan Sawhney.

NBC News

Amazon's Fire Phone: A Compulsive Shopper's Worst Nightmare? – 06/19/14
Article reports on the phone’s Firefly feature, which allows shoppers to take a picture of an item in a brick-and-mortar store and instantly find the same item on Amazon.com. Quotes Professor Alexander Chernev, who said that when people are actually in stores, they are more likely to just buy it there.

Washington Post

Dinner-Table Food Wars – 06/19/14
Cites research by Professor Michal Maimaran on how to entice children to eat healthy foods and mentions The New York Times’ coverage of the study.

Business Insider

58 Cognitive Biases That Screw Up Everything We Do – 06/18/14
Quotes Professor Leigh Thompson, who said that her research shows the person who makes the first offer in a negotiation is better off.


B-School Reading List: The Power of Questions – 06/17/14
Reviewer says Professor Mike Mazzeo’s book Roadside MBA is “refreshingly different” and “worth adding to the business school canon.”

Financial Times

The world struggles to keep up with the pace of change in science and technology – 06/17/14
Quotes Professor Benjamin Jones, who said, “Those who claim there are few options for important innovations strike me as suffering from a failure of imagination.” Also quotes Kellogg Chair in IT Shane Greenstein, who pointed out the incremental nature of many technology shifts both today and in the past.

Huffington Post

How Moms Became A Force Corporate America Can't Ignore – 06/17/14
Quotes Professor Brayden King, who said that women are likely paying more attention to what companies are saying and doing and are therefore more likely to engage with them.

U.S. News & World Report

Businesses, Policymakers Make the Case for 'Make it in America' – 06/17/14
Quotes Professor Hal Sirkin, who said with China’s increasing wages, the time it takes to move the goods will decide whether it’s more advantageous to produce goods in the US or abroad.

Blue Sky Innovation

6 low-cost ways to market your new business – 06/16/14
Quotes Professor Mohanbir Sawhney, who said finding partners with built-in audiences is “the fastest way to grow a startup’s customer base, particularly for business-to-business customers.”

Crain’s Chicago Business

How your company may be as bad as GM – 06/16/14
Article reports on the role of corporate culture in a company’s success. Quotes Professor Adam Waytz, who said, “There's plenty of evidence that companies that do good do well.”