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When Betting on a Losing Company Is a Great Career Move – 05/07/14
Article by Professor Greg Carpenter about Professor Eric Leininger’s decision to join McDonald’s in the midst of resurgence.


Not All Oreos Are Round: Have Trust In Market-Focused Reinvention – 05/07/14
Article profiles Senior Fellow Sanjay Khosla and the success of Oreos in China under his marketing leadership. Quotes Professor Greg Carpenter, who explained the four necessary steps for a market-based resurgence.

The New York Times

A Small Brand Tries to Escape the Confusing Shadow of a Big Brand – 05/07/14
Article reports on the confusion between Hobby Lobby International and Hobby Lobby Stores Inc. Quotes Professor Timothy Calkins, who said, “This is clearly a problem for both of these companies, but it’s a bigger problem for Hobby Lobby International. The craft store is a much bigger player and, socially, is a very polarizing company.”

Crain’s Chicago Business

Obamacare insurers need to step it up to compete with Blue Cross – 05/06/14
Quotes Professor Leemore Dafny, who said Blue Cross' rivals will need to negotiate better deals with physicians and hospitals to reduce prices for their plans.


Blue Cross Blue Shield is dominating Illinois’ insurance marketplace – 05/06/14
Quotes Professor Joel Shalowitz, who said, “Whenever you have a new product, the company that has the highest brand recognition is going to do well.”

Chicago Tribune

Wrigley Field brand booms, but not Soldier Field’s – 05/04/14
Quotes Professor Derek Rucker, who said, “…as a brand, you can take actions that make your brand bigger, make your brand about something else. Look at Wrigley. Look at the experience. It's more than just watching the game."

Chicago Tribune

Outside Opinion: Donald Sterling fallout supplies brand lesson – 05/04/14
Op-ed by Professor Timothy Calkins about companies pulling their sponsorship of the Clippers. Calkins commends State Farm’s quick response, saying it is “a model of how brands need to act in today's digital world.”


Tiny advisory firms challenge the big banks – 05/01/14
Quotes Professor David Stowell, who said, “With fewer overlapping agendas than a giant global bank, small boutiques are freer from conflicts of interest.”

Psychologies Magazine

Every Time We Say Goodbye – 05/01/14
Print-edition article looks at why people hesitate to change unhappy work or personal situations. Article quotes Professor Neal Roese, who said a successful entrepreneur "tends not to regret taking action, is the sort of person who is not impulsive, not emotional, and not prone to overthinking."

Blue Sky Innovation

The second phase of innovation in the Chicago region – 04/30/14
Op-ed by Professor Thomas D. Kuczmarski argues that “the real fruit of innovation comes when deals are made that enable the startups to grow and expand — their maturity phase. If those deals are made with major firms located here in the Chicago region, we will see a dramatic growth in money and jobs here at home.”

The Wall Street Journal

For Some Executives, Doing Less Means Getting More Done – 04/27/14
Quotes Professor J. Keith Murnighan, who said the key to unlocking greater productivity is to just say no: to switch off the email pings, decline meeting invitations and get home in time for dinner.

The Wall Street Journal

Put Your Envy to Good Use – 04/25/14
Article cites research by Professors Tanya Menon and Leigh Thompson. They found that while unchecked envy can damage careers and organizations, a person’s "envy reflex" can point him in the right direction, focusing his time and attention on the areas that are important to him.

Blue Sky Innovation

Big-company innovation – 04/24/14
Quotes Professor Mohanbir Sawhney, who said, “There's a myth sometimes that only startup companies can be creative, because they're agile, nimble, have nothing to lose. But innovation has nothing to do with the age or size of a company. It has to do with mindset.”

The Root

Sudden Change of Editors at Ebony – 04/24/14
Amy DuBois Barnett has stepped down as editor-in-chief of Ebony magazine. She will begin teaching at Kellogg in May.


Wal-Mart’s Everyday Low Prices Fail to Stir Brazilians – 04/23/14
Article reports that Wal-Mart is failing in Brazil in part because it lacks long-standing ties to local suppliers. Quotes Professor Susan Perkins, who said strong relationships matter in Brazil. Article also appeared in The Washington Post.

Bloomberg Mobile

Goldman, UBS Alumni Redefine Boutique as Tiny Firms Win – 04/23/14
Quotes Professor David Stowell, who said tiny firms offer clients the undivided attention of experienced dealmakers, without big-bank bureaucracy or the need to chase rankings. Article also appeared in The Washington Post.

Blue Sky Innovation

Chicago: City of makers – 04/23/14
Article profiles small Chicago manufacturing businesses that are succeeding despite their size due to technology. Quotes Professor Linda Darragh, who said, startups that fail often try different variations of a product rather than focusing on the version that sells best.

Chicago Tribune

Parent who served on academic improvement committee is hired by Dist. 303 – 04/23/14
Quotes Professor David Austen-Smith, who said it raises the question whether the district and parent can be “perceived credibly as free of a conflict of interest.”

First Business

Multitasking and Mental Stress – 04/23/14
Professor Nicola Persico is interviewed about his research on multitasking and the toll it takes.

Metro MBA

Taking It To The Streets: Kellogg Prof. To Detail Business Road Trip In Book – 04/23/14
Q&A with Professor Mike Mazzeo about his book Roadside MBA: Backroad Wisdom for Executives, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners, which he co-authored with two former Kellogg professors.