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Kellogg Faculty in the Media

The New York Times

Do No Harm? It May Be Hard to Avoid With Health Law’s Medicare Cuts – 01/05/15
Article cites a study by Professors David Dranove, Craig Garthwaite and Christopher Ody that found that hospitals responded to the 2008 market collapse not by cutting staff but by trimming back in other specific areas, including advanced medical records and less profitable services like those for substance use treatment or those provided in trauma centers.

Daily Press

McDonnell sentence: Questions of ethics, deterrence, consequence – 01/04/15
Quotes Professor Juliet Sorensen, who said, "There is a difference between lending a helping hand and being convicted of a federal crime of corruption. The jury perceived this and I expect the judge will, too."


What moves global stock markets? Lately it’s been news out of Washington, D.C. – 01/04/15
Article reports on research by Professor Scott Baker that found that U.S. economic policy developments have increasingly triggered sharp stock market moves in the U.S. and across the globe.

American Association of Individual Investors

Corporate Reinvention and the Creation (or Destruction) of Value – 01/01/15
Article by Professor Lloyd Shefsky argues that amidst the many signs investors face in decision-making, the ability of a company’s leaders to handle major setbacks is particularly valuable to examine.

Chicago Tribune

Chicago team returning to Super Bowl – 12/31/14
Article mentions Kellogg’s Super Bowl Advertising Review and quotes Professor Tim Calkins, who said that WeatherTech’s ad this year is a “big opportunity is to spend a little more time explaining here's exactly why this makes such good sense to go out and purchase.”


How To Charge More for Higher Quality – 12/30/14
Article includes a video of Professor Mike Mazzeo and his Roadside MBA coauthors explaining how product differentiation helped a tiny dairy farm survive.

Harvard Business Review

How to Handle 3 Types of Difficult Conversations – 12/29/14
Quotes Professor Jeanne Brett, who said that when people hear about a decision that affects their jobs, they should calmly explain how the decision is bad for the entire company rather than complain about how it affects them personally.

The Globe and Mail

What high frequency trading really does to Canadian markets – 12/24/14
Article reports on research by Professor Robert Korjczyk that found that high frequency traders do tend to withdraw from the markets at a higher rate than traditional “designated market makers” during times of high stress, which is valuable information for regulators trying to help guide Canada’s markets.

Chicago Tribune

Cubs owner Ricketts ventures into social impact investing – 12/22/14
Quotes Professor Linda Darragh, who said that she has observed more and more financial institutions becoming interested and involved in impact investing due to client demand.

Harvard Business Review

When a Private Message Ends Up in the Wrong Place – 12/22/14
Quotes Professor Jeanne Brett, who said that when people offend their coworkers, they should quickly approach them to apologize and ask forgiveness.

Chicago Tribune

Cautiously, Mayo builds an empire – 12/21/14
Quotes Professor Joel Shalowitz, who said that the Mayo Clinic Care Network is a very smart move to preserve the Mayo brand and its source for referrals.

Huffington Post

10 Mind-Altering Business Books from 2014 – 12/19/14

List includes Fewer, Bigger, Bolder by Senior Fellow Sanjay Khosla and Professor Mohanbir Sawhney and describes the book as “a much-needed call for clarity and simplicity.”


Why 2015 Super Bowl Spots Aren't Selling Fast – 12/18/14
Article by Professors Tim Calkins and Derek Rucker argues that Super Bowl ads are selling at a slower pace due to the increased price tag and increased risk from the NFL’s recent domestic abuse controversies.


The Worst CEO Screw-Ups Of 2014 – 12/17/14
Article mentions Professor Harry Kraemer, who helped compile the list of this year’s worst CEOs.


To Avoid Taxes, Delta's Assets Could Book a One-Way Flight to Europe – 12/15/14
Quotes Professor Mitchell Petersen, who said, “A lot of these tax-efficiency strategies are about postponing the taxes, not avoiding the taxes. If you pay the tax in 10 years, the present value of that burden drops.”

Myanmar International TV

Innovation In Business: Leveling In A Competitive Market – 12/14/14
Package includes interview with Professor Robert Wolcott, who said, “If you’ve got increase in competition, if you have increasing opportunity, there will be some people who see the opportunity and have the guts, the courage to take the risks and go out and try new things, and some of them will work.”


A Private Label YouTube Shows The Power Of Data Monetization – 12/11/14
Article mentions that Professor Russell Walker’s idea of asset surveillance could be used by JW Player to monitor the quality of networks in various countries or how tastes for content differ across the globe.

Chicago Tribune

How Quxsi and other apps are responding to the surge of Uber – 12/10/14
Quotes Professor Mohanbir Sawhney, who said that Uber’s surging popularity spawned a microeconomy of new companies, which is “a healthy development for consumers, because there are unsolved problems” that Uber has created.

Chicago Tribune

How Quxsi and other apps are responding to the surge of Uber – 12/10/14
Mohan Sawhney on how one company’s surging popularity can spawn a microeconomy of new companies and why this is a healthy development for consumers.


Consumers Are No Longer Brand Loyal – 12/10/14
Quotes Professor Robert Wolcott, who said, “Brands earn trust by being authentic, and by being seen to be authentic. They earn loyalty by creating meaningful experiences across all contacts in ways that matter to customers.”