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Lenovo's Superfish fallout: Can we forgive and forget? – 03/05/15
Article by Professor Brayden King argues that Lenovo’s good reputation is now a liability as customers turn against the company after the scandal over malware installation on their computers. Companies with good reputations are punished more severely than companies with weaker reputations when the evidence of their wrongdoing is stacked against them.

WNYC (New York Public Radio)

What to Do About Your Worst Work Enemy – 03/05/15
Article cites Professor Brian Uzzi’s steps to fixing relationships gone bad: redirect negative emotions, give the other person something to entice them to rebuild the relationship and set the terms of your new understanding.


Nightly Business Report – 03/03/15
Quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite on the latest challenge to the Affordable Care Act. He said that adverse ruling out of the Supreme Court could cause the beginning of the end of the ACA in the states that chose to use the federal exchange rather than set up their own exchanges.


Four survivor CEOs since Nasdaq last hit 5,000 – 02/25/15
Quotes Professor Walter Scott, who said that Amazon's CEO has created a culture open to any new ideas by bringing in creative people.


The Big Payoff: Are you creative, curious and empathetic? Then you just might make it as an entrepreneur – 02/25/15
Interview with Professor Linda Darragh, who said that curiosity gets entrepreneurs thinking about better ways to do things and empathy allows them to think about being in their customers’ shoes.


Rule reversal allows schools to bill Medicaid for services – 02/24/15
Quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite, who said, "This frees schools, particularly those in low-income communities, to offer more primary care and preventative service through their health centers."

Bloomberg Daily Tax Report

Focus at Medtronic’s Transfer Pricing Trial Turns to Product Quality – 02/23/15
Article reports on Professor Edward Hughes’s expert witness testimony, which focused on product quality of the medical devices. Hughes said, “It’s about life and death. It’s not about markets.”

Chicago Tribune

Investors look for picks and axes, not unicorns, in health startups – 02/23/15
Mentions that Professor David Schonthal moderated a Chicago Health 2.0 program at his healthtech incubator, Matter.


How Neuromarketing And The Science of Influence Will Change Marketing – 02/19/15
Article reports on research by Professors Bobby Calder and Kalyan Raman that found that there is now considerable justification to use influence as a marketing, media and promotion variable.

Fast Company

How Drug Company Gilead Outpaces Its Competitors—And Common Diseases – 02/18/15
Quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite, who said, “We’re getting into a situation where drugs are geared to more and more [specific] conditions, they’re hard to make, and they’re going to be priced high because of that.”

Chicago Tribune

Chicago agency helps Wheat Thins find hidden message – 02/17/15
Quotes Professor Tim Calkins, who said that making "Eat This" the centerpiece of a new campaign is a clever marketing strategy that should resonate with consumers and translate into incremental sales.


Step Outside Yourself – 02/16/15
Article by Professor Adam Waytz reports on his research that found that people with stronger connectivity in the part of the brain responsible for mental simulation reported more meaning in life.

Crain’s Chicago Business

Even U of C Medicine and Rush have health insurance problems – 02/14/15
Quotes Professor Leemore Dafny, who said that as patients have more insurance options and shoulder a higher share of the cost, they're more willing to tolerate restrictive plans. That makes insurers tough negotiators with hospitals and physicians.


A LinkedIn For Analytics; Helping Analytic Insights Go Viral In Your Business – 02/13/15
Mentions Professor Mohanbir Sawhney, who helped develop the Sentient Enterprise approach to big data analytics, which helps large organizations retain the agility of a startup.


This Valentine's Day, I'm Loving The Boyfriend I Built For Myself – 02/13/15
Quotes Professor Eli Finkel, who said, “In a non-digital world, it would be strange that you never saw your friend's girlfriend. But in a world where a huge amount of our communication happens on the Internet already, it's easier to lie if people aren't actually dropping by your house."

CBS Los Angeles

Retail Therapy: Can Shopping Till You Drop Make You Feel Better? – 02/12/15
Quotes Professor Derek Rucker, who said that most people don’t realize how emotional purchases can dig them into debt. Rucker’s new study reveals the pitfalls of shopping to counter traumatic experiences.

Harvard Business Review

What Chinese Companies Want from International Deals – 02/12/15
Article by Professor Jeanne Brett reports that Chinese companies now want resources, technology and access to global markets out of deals with foreign companies.


Apps Can Speed The Search For Love, But Nothing Beats A Real Date – 02/12/15
Quotes Professor Eli Finkel, who said, “You can browse through online profiles till you're blue in the face and still not know if you're compatible. Tinder is an easier way to quickly get face-to-face with someone and figure out of there's chemistry.”

Poets & Quants

Big Data Study: Is It Really A Business School Essential? – 02/12/15
Quotes Professor Florian Zettelmeyer, who believes data analytics should be taught in every business school, “as intensively as today maybe we are teaching marketing or we teach finance.” And working executives “need to get themselves up to speed really fast. it’s absolutely crucial.”


How Active (Not Activist) Investors Create Real Value – 02/11/15
Citing content from her Brave Leader discussion with Jeff Ubben, article by Dean Sally Blount argues that not all active investors are activists. Active investors focus on a certain type of company, become experts on their business models and are willing to wait longer for returns.