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Kellogg Faculty in the Media


Don’t Take Risk – Eliminate It – 07/16/15
This article by Professors Carter Cast and David Schonthal talks about how innovators should determine the best ways to reduce risk in developing a new product or service.

Inside Higher Ed

Antiskimming Software – 07/15/15
This article profiles ForClass, a student engagement startup cofounded by Professor Gad Allon. The platform aims to stop students from skimming through reading assignments.


The science of empathy – and why some people have it less than others – 07/15/15
This article by Professor Loran Nordgren talks about their research on empathy, which found that people who have suffered are often the least compassionate. It discusses how businesses need to understand the dynamics of empathy.


Venture Thinking: Why Corporations Should Think Like Startups – 07/14/15
This article by Professors Carter Cast and David Schonthal discusses how corporate leaders should consider a mindset of resourceful entrepreneurship that’s applicable to virtually any company looking to spur innovation and drive growth.


5 Clues You’ve Found A Venture Worth Pursuing – 07/14/15
This article by Professors Carter Cast and David Schonthal talks about the five indicators that show you’ve found a problem that’s worth solving.


Leadership Lessons From a True Renaissance Man – 07/14/15
This article quotes Professor Brian Uzzi on how Medici’s “multivocal leadership” brought disparate groups of people together to create cultural and artistic icons that still endure today.

Huffington Post

From Facts to Meaning, Through Beauty – 07/13/15
This article co-written by Professor Deepak Chopra discusses why we should use beauty as a bridge between science and philosophy or religion.

Boston Globe

Rudeness is contagious – 07/12/15
This article cites Professor Nour Kteily’s research, which asked people to rank various groups with evolutionary stages. It found that lower evolutionary opinions correlated with prejudice and perceived threat.

Fast Company

Starbucks, #RaceTogether, and how companies do good the right way – 07/10/15
This article quotes Professor Nicholas Pearce on how a company’s leaders should make clear what their organization’s values are so that investors, employees and customers will have a clear idea of what the organization stands for.


Women make better leaders – so why aren’t there more of us? – 07/10/15
This article by Professor Susan Perkins discusses why women are missing among the top positions in the business world and what it would take to fill the gender gap.

The Economist

Not here to cause trouble – 07/10/15
Increased immigration may have been associated with a barely statistically significant uptick in property crime, but there is essentially no correlation between immigrants and violent crime, according to Professor Jörg Spenkuch. In this Economist article, his research and other evidence handily undermine Donald Trump’s case that Latin American immigrants are prone to crime.


Negotiation 101: The Real Reason Greece Said ‘No’ – 07/09/15
This article quotes Professor Tim Calkins on why he thinks the Greek public voted against the proposed EU bailout. He says the Greeks preferred an uncertain outcome to an unattractive one.

USA Today

Can Subway and Jared Fogle repair the damage? – 07/09/15
This article quotes Professor Tim Calkins on how brands are shaped by perceptions.

Harvard Business Review

Great Leaders Can Think Like Each Member Of Their Team – 07/08/15
This article by Professor Brian Uzzi talks about how multivocal leaders, or leaders who can empathize with many members on their team, can maximize their team’s success.

American Economic Association

Can democracy combat ethnic favoritism? – 07/06/15
This article discusses Professor Ameet Morjaria’s research mapping out how Kenyan government resources are being steered toward particular ethnic groups. The authors argue that Kenya is an especially good place to look for evidence of a link between democracy and ethnic favoritism because of its complicated post-colonial history.

Chronicle Of Higher Education

Team Science Leaves Many Researchers Lost in the Crowd – 07/06/15
This article discusses Professor Brian Uzzi’s research on how some universities have improved how they evaluate team science, but the fixation on lead authorship as a signifier of intellectual independence remains.

Washington Post

More competition is supposed to help consumers. That might not true with health insurance – 07/06/15

This article quotes Professor Leemore Dafny on how there is evidence from the past that shows premiums rise when insurers consolidate. Prof. Dafny’s research and thought leadership on this topic was also featured in Marketplace Radio, Huffington Post and Chicago Tribune this week.


Fact-checking Donald Trump's immigration comments – 07/03/15
Though many Americans believe newcomers to the country are more likely to commit crimes, research suggests the opposite is true. This article in Reason.com quotes Professor Jörg Spenkuch on how the rate of violent crimes remains essentially unaffected by an increase in immigration.


Aetna announces deal to buy Humana – 07/03/15
This article quotes Professor Leemore Dafny on how consolidation has led to increases in provider prices and health insurance premiums.

The Washington Post

Heavily in debt, Newseum considered risky strategy to improve finances – 07/02/15
This article quotes Professor Thomas Lys on how balloon-payment loans can be risky.