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Kellogg Faculty in the Media

The New York Times

Diversity Makes You Brighter – 12/09/15
This article presents research by Kellogg Professor Edward Zajac, which found that people in diverse groups tend to perform better.

The Simple Dollar

Direct Sales in the Age of Social Media: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugh – 12/09/15
Quotes Professor Kent Grayson, who said, "We can say generally speaking that direct sellers are more outgoing, more extroverted than introverted. And yet I’ve seen some very successful quiet people who somehow have figured out their own way to be successful. The biggest thing is that you have to have a solid work ethic — you need to be comfortable being your own boss.”


Why Boys Can Play With Barbie Dolls, Too – 12/08/15
Professors Tim Calkins and Derek Rucker wrote an article evaluating changing attitudes on gender in the US, and the benefits of moving away from gender-focused brand positioning. This article was also featured on Fortune.

Chicago Tribune

No boss, no overtime. Is this heaven? – 12/07/15
Zappos is trying out a new management policy that assigns workers to self-governing circles. Professor Harry Kraemer is quoted in this article saying the fundamental issue in the operation of a business is about unlocking the potential of each employee.


How ‘Culture Fit’ Can Be a Shield for Hiring Discrimination – 12/07/15
This article cites Professor Lauren Rivera's study which found that job offers were strongly influenced by interviewers’ perception of fit, seeking similar "playmates."


This Is the Real Key to Generating Creativity – 12/07/15
Article reports on research by Professor Loran Nordgren that found that people underestimate the impact of persistence on creativity.

Harvard Business Review

How to Run a Meeting of People from Different Cultures – 12/04/15
Professor Jeanne Brett is quoted in this story on the difficulties of running multicultural meetings and offers ways to better the process.

Huffington Post

Dress Like the Professional You Claim You Are – 12/02/15
This article features a Kellogg study that found when people dress up for a role, they actually become better at it.

Huffington Post

Let's Stop Calling Anti-Muslim Bigotry 'Backlash' – 12/02/15
Article cites a study by Professor Nour Kteily that found that Americans perceive Muslims as less than fully human. Politics of fear dehumanize identity groups to justify racism.


Why Investors Should Think Beyond Returns On Investments – 12/01/15
This article by Dean Sally Blount asks individuals to consider putting some investment money into a “social business” or social impact fund.

Harvard Business Review

Giving Up Is the Enemy of Creativity – 12/01/15
Article by Professor Loran Nordgren explores the benefits of persistence in creativity. Creative ideas are often generated after an initial period of thinking deeply about the problem, considering different ways to frame the problem and exploring different possible solution paths.


Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Social Entrepreneur? – 11/30/15
Quotes Professor Harry Kraemer, who says that values-based leadership is essential in social entrepreneurship, and gives three principles.

The Wall Street Journal

Corona’s Iconic Holiday Ad Returns to TV for 25th Year – 11/25/15
Professor Tim Calkins is quoted in this article on Corona's long-running holiday ad, saying that when brands stick with a piece of advertising for a long period of time, the creative becomes part of brand equity.

The Washington Post

Guardians of ‘Christmas cred’ reap publicity, donations – 11/25/15
Professor Brayden King is quoted in this article commenting on consumer habits, in this case for Christmas credibility campaigns.

Harvard Business Review

Why Creative People Are More Likely to Be Dishonest – 11/23/15
Article by Professor Maryam Kouchaki reports on research that shows creative thinkers tend to see themselves as more deserving than others, leading many of them to be dishonest. Her research examined when and why creative people feel entitled and act dishonestly and some business solutions.

Crain's Chicago Business

House hunting by helicopter? Brokerage gives it a whirl – 11/19/15
Professor Tim Calkins is quoted in this article on Jameson Sotheby's new real estate preview, which offers buyers a helicopter ride to check out potential properties.


Insurance giant shakes ACA tree – 11/19/15
UnitedHealth Group announced it projects to lose $425 million selling plans on the Affordable Care Act exchanges and is considering pulling out of those markets. Professor Leemore Dafny is quoted saying UnitedHealth may not be a tell-tale sign of all insurers' actions.

Bloomberg Business

Lot of Contacts in Your Mobile Phone May Get You Loans – 11/15/15
Professor Paul Christensen is interviewed in this article about the newest startups monitoring cell phone use and other personal habits to predict creditworthiness for loans.


What Entrepreneurs Get Wrong About Funding – 11/14/15
Professor Linda Darragh writes that when choosing where to locate a startup for funding, incubators and expertise, the default answer should not be Silicon Valley, but "where's my customer?"


What Starbucks' Red Cup Controversy Says About American Consumers – 11/14/15
In light of Starbucks' red cup controversy, Professor Tim Calkins gives four takeaways about brand management in the digital world.