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Chicago Tribune

The office holiday party gets toned down amid a national conversation on workplace harassment – 11/30/17
Article discusses how concerns over sexual harassment, budgets and employee lifestyles means many firms' holiday parties will be toned down, quoting Professor Nicholas Pearce, who says that companies that cancel holiday parties in the wake of high-profile sexual harassment claims may send a message that they were not vigilant enough before the issue became a topic of public discussion.

Harvard Business Review

How to Navigate the Politics of an Innovation Project – 11/30/17
Article by Professor Brian Uzzi discusses how if you’re trying to get your idea through your company’s approval process, you should follow four key steps to use these politics to your advantage.


All Muslims are often blamed for single acts of terror. Psychology explains how to stop it. – 11/30/17
Article cites research by Professor Nour Kteily, which offers tantalizing clues for how to break the cycle of collective blame and retribution that often fuel conflict.


Harry’s, And How To Lead By Following – 11/27/17
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Paul Earle discusses how being later to a market, but being the best is usually much more beneficial and better than being their first, profiling the razor delivery company Harry’s as a prime example.


It Turns Out Trump’s Tax Plan Is Bad for Businesses Too – 11/27/17
Article by Professor David Besanko discusses the tax reform plan proposed by President Trump and congressional Republicans’, noting that although most analysts have said that the GOP plan is business friendly, it is actually bad news for the private sector and it will hinder business. The plan will ultimately lead to additions to the federal deficit, which will lead to economic stagnation.


5 books from 2017 that these authors think you should read – 11/24/17
Video clip highlights five of authors Daniel Pink and Ann Patchett’s favorite books of 2017, featuring “The All or Nothing Marriage” by Professor Eli Finkel. Pink says, “Finkel’s big point here is that while the institution of marriage, in general, in America is declining, the best marriages today are better than any time in history.


Learning to code will eventually be as useful as learning Ancient Greek – 11/22/17
Article by Professor Robert Wolcott explains that learning to code may not be as useful as was once imagined, noting that understanding how technology works is much more important.

The Hill

Puerto Rico isn't that far despite what words might be used to describe it – 11/22/17
Article by Professor Rima Toure-Tillery discusses her research, which found that describing a place as “nearby” or “far away” has an influence on people’s willingness to help a place in times of need.


How To Use Neuroscience To Improve Your Career – 11/21/17
Article features Professor Moran Cerf as he discusses the keys to career and business success that are already inside your brain, noting that time of day impacts your decision-making and go on vacation without packing work.

Business Insider

Advertisers can target you psychologically based on a single Facebook like, study finds – 11/20/17
Article explains how a new study finds one Facebook like is all it takes for advertiser to tailor ads to your psychological profile, quoting Professor Moran Cerf that minor tweaks can substantially increase the chances you’ll click on an ad and buy the product.

CNN Money

Retailers are going nuts trying to lure you into their stores this holiday season – 11/20/17
Article takes a look at how businesses and companies are getting shoppers into the actual storefront this holiday season, noting that it is more inexpensive for the business to have the customers to go into the store, according to Professor Tim Calkins. “Delivery is incredibly expensive. It is much more efficient if customers actually pick up the items themselves at the store.”

Strategy & Business

Reimagining Effective Cross-Functional Teams – 11/20/17
Article by Dean Sally Blount takes a look at the necessity of a business to have insights and actions from people working across the organization, noting that assembling cross-functional teams are the best way to capitalize on this.

Garnet News

What Will Good Men Do? – 11/19/17
Article by Professor Ellen Taaffe discusses the reaction in the workplace after the #MeToo movement to shed light on sexual assault, questioning if men are becoming increasingly anxious about interacting with women at work.


Neuroscientists Have Identified How Exactly A Deep Breath Changes Your Mind – 11/19/17
Article by Professor Moran Cerf discusses the effect deep breathing has on your mind, noting that controlling one’s own breathing can create additional access and synchrony between brain areas. This may lead to “greater control, focus, calmness, and emotional control.”

Crain’s Chicago Business

The either/or world of Cards Against Humanity: Funny or die – 11/17/17
Article profiles the company Cards Against Humanity and how its founders go about staying funny and relevant, quoting Professor Tim Calkins on the brand’s ability to stay fresh.

Harvard Business Review

How to Reduce the Costs of Salesperson Turnover – 11/17/17
Article by Professor Andris Zoltners takes a look at how the demand for experienced salespeople exceeds the supply and because of this companies face high sales force turnover situations.


How Leaders Use Power To Drive Change – 11/16/17
Article by Dean Sally Blount takes a look at the interesting juxtaposition of those who truly have power deny it, while others who don’t have it can’t seem to stop talking about it.

The Washington Post

What happens when neo-Nazis hijack your brand – 11/16/17
Article takes a look at “the emerging danger to major American brands negotiating the racial politics that have cleaved the country” because of unsolicited and unwanted support from certain groups. There is no telling the impact that alt-right endorsements have on companies’ sales, and experts expect that co-opting brands will continue, including Professor Nour Kteily. “It helped to make the alt-right seem more like normal Americans rather than a fringe.


Trump in China: Simple, Bilateral Policy In A Complicated, Multilateral World – 11/15/17
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy discusses how President Trump was able to demonstrate the kind of trade policy he really likes while making a $250 billion deal when he was in China.


Nurses to the Rescue! – 11/15/17
Podcast features Professor Benjamin Friedrich as he and other experts in the field discuss whether or not the growing number of nurse practitioners can be the answer to the doctor shortage.