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What China’s tumultuous summer means for the U.S. – 09/09/15
This article written by Professor Philip Levy explores why and how the economic activity in China impacts the U.S.


What Marissa Mayer's pregnancy really means for investors – 09/07/15
This article written by Professor Paola Sapienza disagrees with critics who think that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer should have taken full maternity leave to set an example, arguing instead that her stay is more important in the long run for her leadership.


How a tax on health plans may lead to higher wages – 09/07/15
Professor Leemore Dafny is quoted discussing impact of the Cadillac Tax, a provision under Obamacare that penalizes health insurance plans that are considered too generous.

Crain's Chicago Business

A very easy way for McDonald's to win – 09/05/15
Professor Tim Calkins is quoted in this article saying that McDonald’s has an easy growth path with the fast food brand’s new all-day breakfast expansion.

The Huffington Post

Neuro-tips: Deep Connection at Work – 09/04/15
This article features Professor Brian Uzzi’s research on how most people choose friends/colleagues from a neurological perspective.

Poets & Quants

Could ‘Growth’ Become A New Business School Discipline? – 09/03/15
This article features Kellogg's new curriculum on how to successfully scale and grow a small- or middle-market business, featuring faculty including Professors Ben Jones, Gad Allon and Mike Mazzeo as well as Lecturer Dan Weinfurter.


Be Unrealistic: The Only Path To Breakthrough Success – 09/02/15
This article by Professor Rob Wolcott discusses four guiding principals for corporations to identify and pursue plans that will likely be rejected by traditionally minded executives and investors.

Harvard Business Review

How Certainty Transforms Persuasion – 09/01/15
Professor Derek Rucker co-writes this article about the power of certainty in business that can turn beliefs into action, and offers four strategies to better enhance persuasion strategies in the workplace (consensus, repetition, ease, and defense).

Huffington Post

Fix Capitalism--Join Us! – 09/01/15

This article by Professor Phil Kotler discusses 14 shortcomings of capitalism and urges people to join the discussion, in light of the 2016 election, on his newly launched website: fixcapitalism.com.

Crain's Chicago Business

For startups, investors aren't just funders—they're 'pattern recognition' experts – 08/31/15
This article by Professor Linda Darragh recaps the Pritzker Group Venture Fellows Pitch Day, in which Kellogg and Booth participated, and discusses why venture capital firms are underestimated for their pattern recognition insights.


Here’s how ethical business can be good business, too – 08/29/15
This article cites information from Professor Phil Kotler’s recent book, Marketing 3.0, which says that consumers are looking for meaning in the products and services that they buy.

Chicago Tribune

Layoffs could spell more trouble for Illinois – 08/28/15
This article quotes Professor David Matsa on the impact of recent mergers on widespread layoffs in Chicago.


Fighting Bad Guys With Health System Consolidation – 08/28/15
This article quotes Professor Leemore Dafny on the topic of healthcare consolidation and the merits of affiliations among various health care providers across the continuum of care.

Chicago Tribune

McWhopper ads stir up ‘burger war’ for Peace Day – 08/26/15
This article quotes Professor Alexander Chernev on Burger King’s proposal to partner with McDonalds to create a “McWhopper.”

Chicago Tribune

Snagshout dangles big discounts in search of ‘real’ online reviews – 08/26/15
This article quotes Professor Tim Calkins on how companies such as Snagshout can help new products build a strong base of reviews.

Chicago Tribune

Illinois lawmakers gave Chicago’s mayor the freedom to ruin school finances – 08/22/15
This article quotes Professor Donald Haider on how we are repeating the past by not devising a solution on how to finance schools in Chicago.

USA Today

Motivation matters in paying off debts – 08/22/15
This article cites research by Professor Blakeley McShane, which found that consumers paying off small balances first were more likely to have eliminated their entire debt than those focusing on other strategies.

Chicago Tribune

What Michael Jordan’s Dominick’s lawsuit teaches us about business – 08/21/15
This article quotes Professor Tim Calkins in an article about the business lessons that can be learned from Michael Jordan’s current lawsuit against Dominick’s for the use of his name and identity.

National Agricultural Export Development Board (Rwanda)

Rwanda Coffee Sector Workshop of Fully Washed Coffee Production – 08/21/15
This article talks about how Professor Ameet Morjaria’s research was used to draft the Rwanda Coffee Development Policy to formalize a long-term coffee strategy in reforms in the sector.

Chicago Tribune

Uber in Chicago sepaks second language: Spanish – 08/20/15
This article quotes Professor Tim Calkins on how the move towards UberEspañol could protect Uber from competitors that may seek to target Hispanic communities.