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Harley Davidson, whiskey makers may feel tariff retribution – 03/07/18
Article quotes Professor Russell Walker on the international whiskey market, saying markets in Asia and the Americas will provide enough customers for the industry to survive through tariffs.

The Washington Post

The Health 202: UnitedHealthcare will hand some consumers more money for drug prices – 03/07/18
Article on UnitedHealthcare quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite on the exorbitant bills sick people face.


Brain Upgrades, Free Will And Comforting Beliefs: A Conversation With Lone Frank – 03/06/18
Article by Professor Robert Wolcott details his conversation with European science journalist, Lone Frank, about brain upgrades, free will, and film.


Why Apple, Amazon, and Google are making big health care moves – 03/06/18
Article quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite on the potential motivations of large tech companies to enter the health care industry.


1 Simple Switch Will Help You Land Rock-Star Talent – 03/05/18
Article cites Adjunct Lecturer Jeff Hyman’s book on how to attract rockstar talent. Hyman says in the book that the best way to attract quality team members is with job invitations.

Reader’s Digest

6 Ways Job Searching is About to Change Forever – 03/05/18
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Jeff Hyman discusses how your digital footprint will become an increasingly important part of the job search.


Saturday Night Special 3.3.18: Women’s Month – 03/05/18
Podcast interviews Professor Ellen Taaffe about Pivot Points, the Global Women’s Summit, and her perspective of women in the workplace, specifically focusing on the #MeToo movement.

CNN Money

Why you'll see fewer ads on NBC this fall – 03/02/18
Article explains how the total amount of time dedicated to commercials during NBC’s original prime time lineup will drop by 10% this fall. “Younger viewers are abandoning traditional TV in favor of streaming services like Netflix, and advertisers are shifting dollars to digital,” said Professor Tim Calkins.


Dick’s decision to ban assault-style weapons raises this ‘critical’ question – 03/01/18
Article by Professor Megan Kashner discusses Dick’s Sporting Goods and its recent announcement that it will no longer sell assault rifles and high-capacity magazines. Also quoted in Financial Times on this topic.

Chicago Tribune

The NRA boycotts are already working; and here’s why – 02/28/18
Article quotes Professor Brayden King about the impact of boycotts on companies with ties to the NRA. King said very few boycotts actually ever result in significant change in consumer behavior, but if the boycotts grab the attention of the media and threaten the reputation of the company, then they are more likely to be successful.


White House Remains Conflicted In Its Trade Agenda – 02/28/18
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy discusses the conflicting voices that have defined the Trump administration's trade policy.


White House Remains Conflicted in its Trade Agenda – 02/28/18
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy discusses the conflicting voices that have defined the Trump administration's trade policy.


Why Technology is the Bright Future for Business Schools – 02/28/18
Article highlights the increasingly closer relationships between business schools and tech firms. Article notes that Kellogg has a record 25 percent of its MBAs accept positions in the technology industry in 2017.

Ms. Magazine

This is Our Moment to Act – 02/28/18
Article by Professor Ellen Taaffe discusses the still-present female leadership gap, as well as the slowing rate of advancement for women in business.

New York Times

The Power of Religion – 02/28/18
Article cites Professor Dean Karlan’s research on whether religious faith leads to healthy behaviors. Karlan said the findings were cautiously positive for the power of religion. Karlan’s research was also covered in The Economist.

Crain’s Chicago Business

What the NRA’s business partners should do – 02/27/18
Article by Professor Tim Calkins discusses the question of whether businesses should cut ties with the NRA. Calkins said in the article that by maintaining a partnership with the NRA, a company appears to be taking the side of the NRA, which is important to consumers’ perceptions.

Financial Times

How brain science founds its way into business school – 02/27/18
Article highlights how courses on improving productivity, influencing decision-making, and handling stress have found their ways into business schools. Quotes Professor Adam Waytz, who said an ethics course at Kellogg teaches students how neuroscience can influence people or persuade people.


Commerce Dept. Sees Strong Link Between Steel And National Security; Military Doesn’t Seem so Sure – 02/27/18
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy analyzes the differing opinions of the Department of Commerce and Department of Defense on the importance of steel production for national security.


Congrats on the New Job. Don’t Burn a Bridge by Forgetting to do These 2 Things – 02/27/18
Article cites a recent post by Dean Sally Blount on the importance of the last 90 days at a job for building a strong, lasting legacy.


Bootstrapping in America: Carter Cast of The Right (And Wrong) Stuff – 02/27/18
Program interviews Professor Carter Cast on his career path as well as his recent book about what is truly important for people to succeed.