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Audi’s Super Bowl Ad Sells More Despair Than Hope For Women – 02/06/17
Article by Professor Julie Hennessy discusses Audi’s Super Bowl ad and how it missed in its effort to empower the women of today. Also reported in Forbes.


H&R Block is using artificial intelligence to help you do your taxes – 02/06/17
Article discusses how starting this month, H&R Block’s tax preparers are using IBM’s computer system Watson to help them maximize deductions for customers, quoting Professor Brian Uzzi on how A.I. will be a big help for taxpayers.


The Best and Worst Super Bowl Ads of All Time – 02/05/17
Article by Professors Derek Rucker and Tim Calkins examines the best and worst Super Bowl advertisements over the years and what made them click with viewers.

Crain's Chicago Business

What's a serial entrepreneur to do when the world is topsy-turvy? – 02/04/17
Article discusses Chicago entrepreneur Glen Tullman and the lessons he’s learned throughout his career, quoting Adjunct Lecturer Brooke Vuckovic on how "Those who take an entrepreneurial path are typically much more frank and directive in their communication.”

CBC News

Trump boycotts leave companies caught in the crossfire – 02/03/17
Despite the fact that the new administration has only been in power for nearly two weeks, there has been no shortage of controversy. Consumers have been active in boycotting companies, policies, and using the power of their wallet to show their reluctance to comply the new administration's policies. Brayden King, Chair at the Kellogg School of Management, spoke about the recent controversy regarding Uber and the new administration. "It created an opportunity for activists to make some noise," King said. "Uber was the opportunity, not the target itself."

Chicago Tribune

Controversy difficult to avoid for some Super Bowl ads – 02/03/17
Article discusses how due to the political climate, this year’s Super Bowl advertising campaigns will be under extra scrutiny, quoting Professor Derek Rucker on how Super Bowl advertisers will be playing it safer this year.


6 Super Bowl Ads That Failed Miserably – 02/03/17
Article by Professors Derek Rucker and Tim Calkins says that not all Super Bowl ads can change a consumer's perception of the brand. Not all sales increase. And though viewed by millions, not all ads are translated into a positive business impact.

Poets & Quants

The Founder: The New Story Of The Old America – 02/03/17
Article by Professor Moran Cerf discusses the latest release of the film, “The Founder,” and how as long as greed (money/time) is part of the system within-which we work, individuals will get away with things. As a result, the question professors in business schools must now ask themselves is: what lesson should we teach our students in such a world? If the examples of success involve bending the rules first and asking for forgiveness later, can we expect our students to behave differently?

Harvard Business Review

Leading People Too Smart to Be Led – 02/02/17
Article by Professor Wolcott discusses six different ways for leaders to lead a wildly creative, highly effective organization.


Contest For Biz Students Is All About Umbilical Cords – 02/02/17
Article explains that at the Kellogg Biotech and Healthcare Competition, MBA students came up with plans to get moms and dads to use an antiseptic on the cord stump to ward off infection, quoting Professor Tim Calkins on the ideas and solutions generated from the competition.


Nothing: What Will Remain Uniquely Human In An Age Of AI – 02/01/17
Article by Professor Robert Wolcott explains how in this century, artificial intelligences will overtake human beings across an ever-widening swath of capabilities. These capabilities will in many cases be integrated into our living systems, facing us with the question: What might remain uniquely human? And does this question even matter?

The Huffington Post

Super Bowl - Ad Week – 02/01/17
Article by Professors Derek Rucker and Tim Calkins discusses how advertisers have come to realize three important points about how Super Bowl advertising has fundamentally changed over the past decade.

The New England Journal of Medicine

Success and Failure in the Insurance Exchanges – 02/01/17
The article about the future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) under the Trump administration is co-authored by Professor Craig Garthwaite.


Trump Spoils Pharma Chiefs With No More Bad News on Drug Pricing – 01/31/17
Article discusses Trump’s recent meeting with various heads of pharmaceutical companies, insisting that the drug makers shift manufacturing to the U.S., and quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite on how moving factories to the U.S. is not going to save money.

Chicago Tribune

Universities advise some students, scholars not to travel abroad – 01/30/17
Article discusses how various colleges and universities throughout the Midwest are urging some students and scholars not to leave the country, quoting Professor Maryam Kouchaki on research which shows that “hearing these messages of inclusion from management, whether it's a university president, a CEO or a school principal, is critical for those affected by Trump's order.”


Beware Of False Claims That Obamacare Repeal Will Kill Thousands Of Americans – 01/30/17
Article cites research by Professor David Dranove, which says that if a regression model does not include all possible factors that might predict mortality, and just one of these omitted factors is correlated with insurance status, then the reported coefficient on insurance status is biased.

Harvard Business Review

Ineffective Sales Leaders Can Cause Lasting Damage – 01/30/17
Article by Professor Andris Zoltners examines how we can recognize the signs of a poor sales leader and the possible damage the person can do — especially when they appear to do some good early on.

Strategy + Business

Why Good Employees Do Bad Things – 01/30/17
From an outside’s perspective, it is often hard to figure out why companies do bad things and how they let themselves get to those controversial places. Maryam Kouchaki, assistant professor at Kellogg, explains how the situation perspective differs once you are inside the organization. Kouchaki has focused on this issue throughout her academic career, as she studies the causes of unethical behavior. Kouchaki explains that since people spend so much time at their workplace, their actions at work become intertwined with their identity, which make unethical decisions have significant implications.

U.S. News and World Reports

Dive Into Global Health Issues During Med School – 01/30/17
Since we live in such an interconnected world, diseases and epidemics are no longer confined to certain countries or geographic borders. Thus, medical school students must be well-versed in global health issues. Dr. Joel Shalowitz, professor of preventive medicine at the Feinberg School of Medicine, says that understand other nation’s health system is an important skill that also allows you to compare and contrast health systems between other places and your own.

Chicago Tribune

Study Finds Link in School Shootings: Jobless Rate – 01/30/17
Article profiles research from Professor Adam Pah that found one pattern in the seemingly chaotic nature of school shootings: They rise and fall with the jobless rate and other signs of economic uncertainty. Also reported in Huffington Post, Reuters and Quartz.