Kellogg Faculty in the Media

Business Insider

I took a neuroscientist's advice for saving money, and it's transformed my finances – 11/13/17
Article highlights how one can manage their finances efficiently, featuring Professor Moran Cerf and his advice on decision making and how to make it easier.

Crain’s Chicago Business

Docs have always been a tough sell for Outcome. This snafu isn’t helping. – 11/09/17
Article explains how Outcome Health is too closely associated with drug-makers for some physicians and hospitals to feel comfortable being in business with them, quoting Professor Joel Shalowitz on one downfall of the company. “In an era where we’re trying to customize patient care, does a generalized approach in the waiting room make sense?”


Will $250bn In china Deals Fix The Trade Deficit – 11/09/17
Article written by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy takes a look at the $250 billion trade deal made between China and the United States this week. Levy notes that although this may help the trade deficit, it does not come close to solving it.


Why Polls Don’t Tell the Story in Virginia Governor’s Race – 11/07/17
Article written by Professor Jorg Spenkuch discusses the governor’s race in Virginia, noting that the winner of the race will “come from the party that most successfully mobilizes voters. Spenkuch also highlights the effect of Trump and protest votes on the outcome of this election.


The Drug Kingpin Running Venezuela’s Bond Negotiations – 11/06/17
Article explains how Venezuela is preparing to restructure its crushing debt in a meeting of bondholders in Caracas, noting that Vice President Tareck El Aissami is accused of overseeing a cocaine-smuggling network while being one of the nation’s iron-fisted political operatives. Adjunct Lecturer Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez was quoted on the state of the meeting: “They are basically assigning the discussion with bondholders to the most radioactive member of the Venezuelan government.”

Crain’s Chicago Business

Why so many Chicago startup founders are moving on – 11/03/17
Article discusses “The Founder’s Dilemma,” or the long odds that a founder of a startup will remain the CEO, highlighting Adjunct Lecturer Gabe Vehovsky’s personal experience with this phenomenon and how he teaches his students about it.


How consumers hold businesses accountable – 11/03/17
Article features an interview with Professor Brayden King, highlighting the ways in which consumers are able to hold businesses accountable. King notes that although boycotts of businesses do not hurt immediate sales, they can cause consumers to have an everlasting negative impact with the organization or brand.

Business Insider

How to keep the passion alive in your relationship, according to a relationship scientist – 11/02/17
In this article and accompanying video interview, Professor Eli Finkel discusses research on relationship compatibility from his new book, "The All-or-Nothing Marriage.”


The iPhone X Is the Beginning of the End for Apple – 11/02/17
Article written by Professor Mohanbir Sawhney takes a look at the iPhone X, questioning if Apple has reached its “peak phone.” He also explores where phones could potentially go from here by looking at the history of the phone.

New York Times

As a Debt Deadline Looms for Venezuela, Maduro Is Defiant – 11/02/17
The Venezuelan government and Pdvsa have been skipping interest payments over the last four weeks, taking advantage of grace periods to delay more than $700 million in payouts. “They’re living day by day essentially,” said Adjunct Lecturer Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez. “There’s a sense that at the liquidity level, there’s a scramble, there’s always a scramble.”

Washington Post

Papa John’s claim that NFL protests are hurting pizza sales is a stretch. But the backlash won’t last. – 11/02/17
Article discusses the backlash to Papa John’s CEO blaming low pizza sales on NFL player’s protests, quoting Professor Lakshman Krishnamurthi. “People get upset and the outrage lasts for a week. These kinds of things blow over.”


How To Put Advertising Theory Into Practice – 11/01/17
Article written by Professor Derek Rucker explains the problems that professors and practitioners run into when attempting to apply academic theories in practice, noting that he suggests theory-driven experiments. “This idea is not to simply test different ideas against one another, but to use academic research as a starting point and experiments as the bridge to leverage those concepts in practice.


Internet Trolls, Corporations, And Your Personal Data: New Regulations Coming – 11/01/17
Article written by Professor Robert Wolcott comments on internet trolls and a personal anecdote in which he directly dealt with them, noting that new protections for your personal data rights are on the way. These protections, however, could threaten convenience and customization, and they probably will not curb trolls.


A Bipartisan U.S. Trade Policy? Lighthizer Will Face Challenges – 10/31/17
Article written by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy takes a look at U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer’s optimistic wish to return to a time where “there was a substantial majority of people in both [political] parties that voted for trade agreements.”

Poets & Quants

A Tribute To Kellogg’s Legendary Don Jacobs – 10/31/17
Article pays tribute to former Kellogg Dean Don Jacobs who peacefully passed away on the night of October 30th. “For 26 years, he led the Kellogg School with tenacity, courage and foresight, making it one of the world’s premier players in graduate management education.”


In Its Old Age, GATT Is Suffering From Neglect – 10/30/17
Article written by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy discusses the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, or GATT, which was created in the aftermath of World War II to help stabilize global trade. It explores a history of the GATT from the time of its conception until present day.


Imagining Obamacare in 2020 – 10/30/17
Article imagines the Affordable Care Act in 2020, making projections from what the Trump administration is doing and says it will do to change healthcare laws, quoting Professor Craig Garthwaite on the expectations he had for the marketplace under the ACA.

Chicago Tribune

Founders and investors dig into Chicago’s deal scene at Fund Conference – 10/27/17
Article says that start-ups are going to have to get more creative with their business ideas, as “all the easy stuff has been taken.” Professor Mohanbir Sawhney says, “When you start scaling a company, that’s when you need process, you need structure, and you need professional management,” which can be found in an MBA.

Crain’s Chicago Business

Which Chicagoans are best at mentoring women? – 10/27/17
Article takes a look at Chicago executives who excel at mentoring women in different sectors, highlighting Adjunct Lecturer Troy Henikoff, who helps to mentor young Chicago entrepreneurs.

Huffington Post

How Well is American Capitalism Working? – 10/27/17
Article by Professor Philip Kotler discusses how well American Capitalism is working. Professor Kotler also discussed the topic of capitalism with Marketplace Radio.