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The Atlantic

Are You Sure You Want Single Payer – 08/21/17
Article explains how difficult it would be for Americans to transition to a single payer, “Medicare for all” system of healthcare, quoting Professor Craig Garthwaite on the changes one could expect on a system like this. “We would see a degradation in the customer-service side of health care.”

Crain’s Chicago Business

Coming soon to a strip mall near you: An MRI provider – 08/19/17
Article discusses the growth seen throughout the medical field in outpatient providers and “strip mall health care.” Professor Joel Shalowitz was quoted saying that hospitals should not be too concerned about this new competition.


Beyond Virtual Reality: Synthetic Reality And Our Co-Created Futures – 08/18/17
Article co-authored by Professors Robert Wolcott and Moran Cerf discusses how as virtual reality matures, users will become increasingly engaged in co-creation, where people can create their own realities and interact with them.

Huffington Post

How Did We Get to Charlottesville – 08/18/17
Article by Professor Philip Kotler examines the recent events that took place in Charlottesville and how they were handled by the Trump administration.

Poets & Quants

The Favorite Professors of Executive MBAs – 08/18/17
Article highlights Executive MBAs’ favorite professors, noting Professor Harry Kraemer on page three as a professor who gives “an ample sprinkling of common sense.”

Tasty Trade

Bootstrapping in America – 08/18/17
Radio segment with Professor Linda Darragh discusses Kellogg’s entrepreneurship curriculum, the collaborative environment of the Global Hub, and Darragh’s background in entrepreneurship.


CEOS now have the upper hand with Trump – 08/17/17
Article by Professor Nicholas Pearce discusses CEOs unique opportunity to leverage their collective influence for change in the Trump administration. These leaders have the power and responsibility to “inject the values of humanity, justice, and equity into the marketplace and into the public conversation.” Pearce is also quoted on this topic in NPR and Poets & Quants.

Crain's Chicago Business

Here's what it's really like to switch to nonprofit work – 08/17/17
Quotes Professor Liz Howard on the uptick in senior executives seeking a “mission phase” to their careers, noting that MBA students in their late 20s and early 30s are also increasingly showing interest in social impact-focused career paths.

The Economist

Why Family Businesses Outperform Others – 08/17/17
Article takes a look at numerous studies that indicate family businesses are overall more successful than their non-family counterparts, highlighting perspective from Professor Justin Craig on why family enterprises do outperform others.

Business Insider

White nationalism is the alt-right’s ‘center of gravity’—and Trump can’t condemn one but not the other – 08/16/17
Article discusses Trump’s inability to fully blame the alt-right in the violence that erupted in Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday. The alt-right is defined by many different people throughout the article, highlighting the research done by Professor Nour Kteily that found the alt-right emphasizes a “perception that certain historically advantaged groups are superior to other groups and need their interests protected.” This research was also profiled in Vox.


NAFTA Negotiators Are Off To The Races! All There Is To Do Now Is Wait – 08/16/17
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy discusses the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement that started last week in Washington, DC. It is likely that these negotiations will take years to come to fruition and in the mean time we should not expect much drama or fanfare surrounding the discussions.


Inc. 5000 2017: The Full List – 08/16/17
Article highlights the annual rankings of the fastest-growing private companies in America, noting that Level Office, founded by Adjunct Lecturer William Bennett, was named 94th.


Radio Flyer And The Benefits Of Doing What You Love – 08/14/17
Article written by Adjunct Lecturer Paul Earle explores the benefits of following one’s passion and zeal while building a business. Three lessons to take away are: do what you love, establish a purpose and stick to it, and embrace beauty in design.


New Study Highlights Strong Link Between Basic Research And Inventions – 08/14/17
Radio segment explains that with time research that once seemed abstract can turn out to be practical, highlighting recent research conducted by Professor Ben Jones that uncovered a strong link between basic research and inventions that can be brought to market. This research was also featured in The Conversation.

The Wall Street Journal

Investment in Heart Disease Treatments Slips in First Half – 08/14/17
Article takes a look at venture investment for heart-disease treatments, noting that first-half investment this year has been sizably less than previous years. However, many corporations still see opportunity in heart disease. Adjunct Lecturer Evan Norton mentions that “treatment of cardiovascular disease is a large and diverse market with huge opportunity for growth.”

Wall Street Journal

How Corporate Leaders Overstate and Mismanage the Threat of Disruption – 08/13/17
Article by Adjunct Professor Cesare Mainardi says that when we looked into the actual impact of disruption on companies, we found that the fear of disruption is often harsher in its effects than any actual disruption would be.

Crain's Chicago Business

Woman- and minority-led small businesses need cash to grow. How to get it – 08/12/17
Article profiles a new grant in which Kellogg will partner with the University of Chicago and JP Morgan Chase to mentor minority-owned and small businesses that employ a "significant portion" of residents from Chicago's 11 lowest-income areas. Quotes Professor Michele Rogers on the importance of the grant.

Poets & Quants

B-School Bulletin: The Age Of Dominant Leaders, Managing Millennials, & More – 08/11/17
Article cites a Kellogg Insight article on research from Professors Jon Maner and Adam Waytz, discussing the links between feeling powerful and feeling connected.

The Conversation

Tracing the links between basic research and real-world applications – 08/10/17
Article by Professor Benjamin Jones discusses how much marketplace innovations are linked to actual scientific research. Because there is a large investment in academic centers, government labs and other facilities, there is an ongoing debate over the value of basic research and the practical application of it.

The Economist

Mistrust in America could sink the economy – 08/10/17
Article discusses that although mistrust is at an all time high in America, the business market is not doing badly. However, research from Professor Paola Sapienza shows that pairs of countries, such as Britain and France, whose populations say they distrust each other, have less bilateral trade and investment.