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Business Insider

The most effective leaders aren't the most-hated or most-loved — or at least, they don't care if they are – 06/15/18
Article explains how a boss shouldn't be preoccupied with whether other people love or hate them. Instead, a boss should do the right thing for the organization. Quotes Professor Benjamin Jones, who says that leading by fear isn't a sustainable management strategy.

Harvard Business Review

What to Do When Your Boss Won’t Advocate for You – 06/15/18
Article by Professor Nicholas Pearce discusses strategies for someone to succeed in the workplace, even if their boss won’t advocate for them. He suggests that a worker have a conversation with their boss outlining their expectations for excellence, then begin to look for other advocates and build their own professional network.


You’re twice as likely to found a successful startup when you’re 40 than when you’re 25 – 06/15/18
Article examines the assumption that a younger entrepreneur will be more successful than an older one. According to Professor Benjamin Jones’ research, which examined over 2 million company founders, someone who is 40 years old is twice as likely to fund a successful startup than someone who is 25, although the younger entrepreneur is seen as having a higher potential for success. Originally published in Kellogg Insight.

The Wall Street Journal

Why Companies Have the Urge to Merge – 06/15/18
Article discusses the reasons why companies might consider vertical mergers and quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite, who says that one large motivation is to address “growing uncertainty related to the future of conventional business models."


The Privacy Conundrum: What Will You Give Up To Protect Your Identity? – 06/14/18
Article by Professor Robert Wolcott discusses the vast amount of personal information made public in order to get the best technological performance, and speculates on whether or not people, who are used to instant gratification verging on telepathy will be willing to trade performance for increase privacy and protection.


Venezuelan Autocrat Maduro Attempts a Public Relations Coup – 06/13/18
Article discussed the recent actions of the corrupt leader of Venezuela. Quotes Adjunct Lecturer Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez, who says that Maduro’s actions, such as releasing some political prisoners, are calculated to ease tensions with other countries and allow him to remain in power rather than to benefit Venezuela.


The Name Of Your Next CEO Will Surprise You – 06/13/18
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Jeff Hyman focuses on how the VP of HR is well-prepared for the position of CEO because of the things their job entails, but how they are often overlooked because HR has only recently evolved into a leadership position.


4 Ways to Thoughtfully Address Disruption Risk – 06/12/18
Article discusses strategies for assessing and addressing disruption risk and quotes Adjunct Professor Cesare Mainardi, who says that the best way to head off potential disruption is to create a strategy that plays to the specific strengths of the company.

The New York Times

Court Rules in Antitrust Case – 06/12/18
Article discusses the possible outcomes of the Justice Department’s case against the proposed merging of AT&T and Time Warner, which argues that it would limit competition and raise costs. Professor Mark McCareins says that the Justice Department may have difficulty in building a case, since the proposed deal is a vertical merger, which doesn’t fit the horizontal-merger analytical framework. Professor McCareins also wrote an op-ed on this topic for The Hill.


Is President Trump's Protectionism A Savvy Negotiating Ploy? – 06/11/18
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy discusses the arguments against Trump’s trade policy, especially focusing on the fact that the Trump administration hasn’t provided any evidence that the policy will improve the American economy.

The Wall Street Journal

Why the Cost of Buying and Selling a Home Remains High – and What We Can Do About It – 06/11/18
Article by Professor Benjamin Harris examines the immense expense of buying and selling a home, pointing to the lack of competition in the real-estate industry and the fact that real-estate-agent costs continue to dominate as culprits, but says that shopping around for a deal can shave a substantial amount off of title charges.

Bloomberg Businessweek

The Fight for Female MBAs – 06/08/18
Article discusses how business schools are now offering more fellowships and incentives to draw more women to B-Schools. Quotes Professor Ellen Taaffe, who said getting more women to come to business school is a way to build the pipeline to effect change longer term. Taaffe added that this is not a women’s issue, but rather it’s a human issue.

Chicago Tribune

Encyclopedia Britannica's New Chrome Extension – 06/08/18
Article discusses Encyclopedia Britannica’s new Chrome extension, which provides information from their site at the top of the results page in order to give people an additional source, rather than them taking the first result at face value. The article quotes Professor Brian Uzzi, who says that many people won’t use the plugin because they don’t think they need a second source, believing Google to be just as accurate.

Crain’s Chicago Business

UIC, John Marshall Law School on track to merge – 06/08/18
Article examines how higher education merger proposals may become more common, quoting Dean Sally Blount: “"Based on what I know about the economics of what it takes to run colleges and universities, there is no way that (nearly half of four-institutions) are operating at scale and have sustainable business models.”


Why Does President Trump Feel Like a Loser on Trade? – 06/07/18
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy discusses how President Trump’s analysis of the trade situation ahead of the G7 summit is misguided.


5 habits to adopt now to get that promotion – 06/07/18
Article discusses habits to adopt to help land a promotion, quoting Professor Carter Cast, who said people are more likely to be promoted if senior management is comfortable with them, making it important to find ways to get close with senior management.


Recruit the Best in One Magic Moment – 06/06/18
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Jeff Hyman discusses how as an employer it takes just one moment of truth to seal the deal and just one moment to undo all your hard work.

The New York Times

Elizabeth Warren and a Scholarly Debate Over Medical Bankruptcy That Won’t Go Away – 06/06/18
Article brings into question a research paper that Elizabeth Warren wrote on medical bankruptcy in 2005, quoting Professor Craig Garthwaite on his assessment of the research’s findings. Article also cites research from Professor David Dranove, which found that medical problems were probably responsible for less than 20 percent of all American bankruptcies.


The Biggest Mistake You’re Making When Hiring – 06/05/18
Article discusses the difficulty of separating the notions of hiring for cultural fit and hiring because you enjoy the same activities. Article cited research from Professor Lauren Rivera, who found that in many cases, employers hired in a manner more closely resembling the choice of friends or romantic partners.

Poets & Quants

Four Lessons from Kellogg’s Global Women’s Summit – 06/04/18
Article written by 2Y student Lauren Levine highlights the Kellogg Global Women’s Summit, which was a day-and-a-half event for hundreds of alumnae, students and business leaders to convene and have genuine dialogue about the obstacles women face in business. The article mentions four key takeaways from the summit.

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