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Barrels, Crates And The Wisdom Of Norman Rockwell – 09/14/17
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Paul Earle takes a look at the creation story of Crate & Barrel, noting that the founder, Gordan Segal, who is also a Kellogg alum, was intently aware of his surroundings, making a simple observation that launched a billion-dollar company.


Why Most of Us Will Buy the iPhone 8 Plus Over the iPhone X – 09/14/17
Article by Professor Mohanbir Sawhney discusses the release of Apple’s iPhone X and iPhone 8, noting the steep price increase of the iPhone X and speculating that the iPhone X may play a role in making the iPhone 8 Plus more reasonable to consumers, therefore driving its sales.

Harvard Business Review

Sales Bonuses are Supposed to Motivate, so don’t Waste Them on Easy Targets – 09/14/17
Article by Professor Andris Zoltners says that many of the commissions and bonuses companies pay salespeople aren’t truly at risk, and as a result, the company may be spending money in ways that produce little in the way of extra effort or motivation.

New York Times

Blaming Medicaid for the Opioid Crisis: How the Easy Answer Can Be Wrong – 09/12/17
Article discusses the theory that Medicaid expansion is causing the opioid crisis and how this idea is gaining prominence amongst American politicians, quoting Professor Craig Garthwaite on the possibility of this being true.


Why your Economic Argument Against Immigration Is Probably Wrong – 09/11/17
Article by Visiting Professor Ben Harris takes a look at the recent announcement of the likely end of the DACA program made by the Trump administration last week, particularly looking at the widespread and positive effect immigration has on the economy.


The subtle ways colleges discriminate against poor students, explained with a cartoon – 09/11/17
Article features research by Professor Nicole Stephens that found administrators from top universities and colleges across the nation have a “bias toward thinking college is for learning more of the independent norms, like learning to express yourself.” This seemingly insignificant bias holds much more weight than previously thought because research suggests that these values are actually dependent on a student’s class background.


Why Are We So Obsessed With Pumpkin Spice? – 09/08/17
Article by Professor Bobby Calder explains the pumpkin spice craze and why consumers are so obsessed with it. “While seasonality and limited quantities pump up the pumpkin fad, there’s a bigger consumer desire driving this trend, making it less about the spice and more about consumers wanting to spice up their lives.”

New York Times

How to Fix the Person You Love – 09/08/17
Article by Professor Eli Finkel explains the potential conflict in a marriage: trying to better a spouse while also making them feel loved and valued. Finkel and his colleagues found that partners who “use oppositional, even aggressive methods to inspire each other’s pursuit of goals can increase their partners’ effort and success in the long run, but such methods cause distress in the short run.”

Directors & Boards

Directors to Watch 2017 – 09/07/17
Article features Professor Ellen Taaffe as one of the top female directors to watch in 2017.

Chicago Tribune

Will your next new co-worker be a robot? Automation is hitting office jobs in Chicago – 09/07/17
Article examines how robots represent one way companies are automating white-collar jobs, quoting Professor Mohan Sawhney. “The technologies at play in both cases are examples of a subset of artificial intelligence that allows computers to understand text and recognize images.”

Chicago Tribune

Chicago will bid for Amazon's second headquarters — and its 50,000 jobs – 09/07/17
Article discusses how Chicago plans to respond to Amazon's request for proposals for the company’s new 50,000-employee campus, quoting Professor James Shein on how Amazon "is going to follow the money."

Wall Street Journal

Sally Blount, First Woman to Lead Top-Ranked Business School, to Step Down – 09/07/17
Article discusses the decision by Dean Sally Blount to step down at the end of this academic year, noting that during her tenure as dean, Blount expanded the program’s global offerings and led development of Kellogg’s new $250 million global hub. In a video published with the announcement Blount says, “Kellogg is in such strong shape, and I’m proud of all that we’ve accomplished together.” Also covered in Fortune, Poets & Quants, Clear Admit, Crain’s Chicago Business, and Chicago Tribune.


How Amazon Will Use Analytics To Shake Up The Supermarket Industry – 09/06/17
Article co-authored by Professor Eric Anderson and Professor Florian Zettelmeyer takes a look at how even on the first day after acquiring Whole Foods, Amazon has lowered the prices on certain items in the store, and consumers should plan to see the implementation of analytics to drive sales going forward.


Why You’ll Probably Give in and Buy the iPhone 8 – 09/06/17
Article by Professor Alexander Chernev discusses why consumers will still buy the iPhone 8 even with its expensive price tag. He notes that there may be some initial reluctance, but with time people will accept the change in features and the hefty price of the phone.

Associated Press

To get sales kicking, LL Bean renews focus on the outdoors – 09/05/17
Article explains how L.L. Bean is putting a heavy focus on “the fun of being outside” as it tries to up sales in an ever-changing marketplace, quoting Professor Tim Calkins on how companies with long traditions can be reluctant to change.

CBS News

How Starbucks covers pricey in vitro fertilization for even its part-time employees – 09/05/17
Article discusses how Starbucks is helping employees, even part-time baristas, by offering benefits to cover infertility, noting that one in eight couples in the United States has trouble getting pregnant. Professor Craig Garthwaite was quoted on the reasoning behind Starbuck’s decision to include these benefits: “They’re not doing this out of the goodness of their heart, this is part of a cohesive strategy to attract and retain talent.”


Fatal Attraction For South Korea Imperils KORUS – 09/03/17
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy discusses how for several months, the U.S. administration has complained about trade with the South Korea and, in particular, the Korea-United States free trade agreement (KORUS) that came into effect in 2012. The administration’s preoccupation, now familiar, is with the bilateral trade deficit.


Why You Really Need to Make Time for Friends – 09/03/17
Article discusses research by Professor Neal Roese, which found “people most regret not having, losing, or experiencing a reduction in the quality of their social connections,” showing that it is important to maintain friendships.

New York Times

In Venezuela, Cooking With Firewood as Currency Collapses – 09/02/17
Article explains how common food shortages in Venezuela have lead to the creation of the country’s black stalls to get basic goods, quoting Adjunct Lecturer Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez on the fast rate at which Venezuelan currency is disappearing.

Business Insider

An ex-Apple recruiter says there’s an unexpected dark side to hiring for 'culture fit' – 09/01/17
Article takes a look at the darker side to hiring for “cultural fit,” noting that hiring managers can easily allow unconscious biases to creep into their definition of “fit.” Research by Professor Lauren Rivera is cited, showing that interviewers often look for potential friends rather than those with the best work experience.

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