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Bloomberg Businessweek

The Fight for Female MBAs – 06/08/18
Article discusses how business schools are now offering more fellowships and incentives to draw more women to B-Schools. Quotes Professor Ellen Taaffe, who said getting more women to come to business school is a way to build the pipeline to effect change longer term. Taaffe added that this is not a women’s issue, but rather it’s a human issue.

Crain’s Chicago Business

UIC, John Marshall Law School on track to merge – 06/08/18
Article examines how higher education merger proposals may become more common, quoting Dean Sally Blount: “"Based on what I know about the economics of what it takes to run colleges and universities, there is no way that (nearly half of four-institutions) are operating at scale and have sustainable business models.”


Why Does President Trump Feel Like a Loser on Trade? – 06/07/18
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy discusses how President Trump’s analysis of the trade situation ahead of the G7 summit is misguided.


5 habits to adopt now to get that promotion – 06/07/18
Article discusses habits to adopt to help land a promotion, quoting Professor Carter Cast, who said people are more likely to be promoted if senior management is comfortable with them, making it important to find ways to get close with senior management.


Recruit the Best in One Magic Moment – 06/06/18
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Jeff Hyman discusses how as an employer it takes just one moment of truth to seal the deal and just one moment to undo all your hard work.

The New York Times

Elizabeth Warren and a Scholarly Debate Over Medical Bankruptcy That Won’t Go Away – 06/06/18
Article brings into question a research paper that Elizabeth Warren wrote on medical bankruptcy in 2005, quoting Professor Craig Garthwaite on his assessment of the research’s findings. Article also cites research from Professor David Dranove, which found that medical problems were probably responsible for less than 20 percent of all American bankruptcies.


The Biggest Mistake You’re Making When Hiring – 06/05/18
Article discusses the difficulty of separating the notions of hiring for cultural fit and hiring because you enjoy the same activities. Article cited research from Professor Lauren Rivera, who found that in many cases, employers hired in a manner more closely resembling the choice of friends or romantic partners.

Poets & Quants

Four Lessons from Kellogg’s Global Women’s Summit – 06/04/18
Article written by 2Y student Lauren Levine highlights the Kellogg Global Women’s Summit, which was a day-and-a-half event for hundreds of alumnae, students and business leaders to convene and have genuine dialogue about the obstacles women face in business. The article mentions four key takeaways from the summit.

Huffington Post

If Robots Steal Our Jobs, Maybe We Should Make Them Pay Tax – 06/01/18
Article on the effects of automation and AI on the job market, cites research from Professor Sergio Rebelo. Rebelo analyzed whether taxing robots could reduce income inequality, concluding that the tax would actually make sense.

Crain’s Chicago Business

Chicago’s Notable Women in Education 2018 – 05/31/18
Article highlights the most notable Chicago-area women in education, featuring Dean Sally Blount.


Why Your Job Interviews Are Probably Worthless -- And How To Fix Them – 05/31/18
Article which discusses how companies are sabotaging their recruiting efforts with unfocused job interviews, cites research from Professor Lauren Rivera. Rivera found that interviewers rated applicants higher when they shared their personal tastes, experiences and hobbies, pointing to a clear bias in the process.


The Silver Lining In Trump's Tariff Attack On The EU, Mexico And Canada – 05/31/18
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy discusses the silver lining of Trump’s tariff attack, noting the mature and measured response of trading partners and their fealty to the global trading system.


The way women tend to think about promotions can hold them back – 05/31/18
Article by Professor Victoria Medvec discusses her research on how women tend to see promotions as a reward for doing a good, causing them to wait to be rewarded instead of actively negotiated with their bosses for new promotions.

The Wall Street Journal

Starbucks’s Big-Bang Approach to Crisis Management – 05/31/18
Article analyzes how Starbuck has handled its recent PR crisis, quotes Professor Brayden King, who said boycotts devised to punish corporate misdeeds rarely result in a drag on revenue.


Competing For Talent Against The Tech Giants? It's Not About Money – 05/30/18
Article by Adjunct Lecturer Jeff Hyman discusses how to compete with large tech companies for talent, citing that companies should not try to compete on salary or prestige.

Poets & Quants

Favorite Professors of Best & Brightest MBAs – 05/30/18
Article highlights the favorite professors of select MBA students, citing Professor Carter Cast as a go-to counselor and confidante. The student said, “Cast invests more time than any other professor I’ve had to ensure he is prepared and extending meaningful feedback on all assignments."


If Trump Is Trying To Send China A Message On Trade, It's Unlikely They're Getting It – 05/29/18
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy discusses the lack of clear and consistent messaging from the Trump administration on its China strategy.


Et Tu, Autos? The Case For National Security Tariffs Is Weak – 05/25/18
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy discusses how Congress has the power to stop the Trump administration from abusing an obscure national security provision of federal law to raise new protectionist barriers. The question is whether it has the inclination.

Chicago Tribune

More women are landing seats on Illinois’ corporate boards, but pace of change is glacial – 05/24/18
Article about the increase of women representation on corporate boards in Illinois mentions Kellogg Dean Sally Blount and how her joining of the Ulta board led the company to reach a 50 percent gender parity on its board.


What to Make of the NFL’s New Kneeling Policy – 05/24/18
Video brings on a panel to discuss the recent NFL policy change that owners decided on, which mandates all personnel to stand for the anthem. The panel includes Professor Nicholas Pearce, who said the NFL has the right to declare what happens in their workplace, but they also have the right to be criticized. Professor Pearce’s perspective on the situation can also be seen in Diverse Education.

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