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Blue Sky Innovation

How three economists combined wanderlust and business – 05/24/14
Q&A with Professor Michael Mazzeo about his new book, Roadside MBA: Back Road Lessons for Entrepreneurs, Executives and Small Business Owners. Co-written with two former Kellogg professors, the book will be published June 10.

Daily Mail

The key to getting children to eat well? Don't tell them fruit and vegetables are healthy – 05/23/14
Article about Professor Michal Maimaran’s research on what entices children to eat healthy foods.


B-School Building Race Shows Societal Value of Business Acumen – 05/23/14
Article proposes that if what is built at great scale and expense is what is important to people, then the upscaling of b-school architecture is testimony to the growing social and economic importance of business schools. Mentions new buildings at Yale, Columbia, Kellogg and Stanford.

Covering Health

Health care industry reacting to overtesting, overtreatment – 05/20/14
Professor Joel Shalowitz participated in a panel discussion about how unnecessary tests and procedures contribute to the American health care system’s $750 billion a year in wasteful spending. “The reason we should look at this is the quality issue,” Shalowitz said. “The reason we are looking at it is cost.”

Chicago Tribune

Inside Blommer Chocolate: family & cocoa at 75 – 05/18/14

Article quoting Professor John Ward on the 75 years of the Blommer Chocolate Co.


The Limits of Mandatory Disclosure Laws – 05/15/14
Quotes Professor David Dranove, who provided examples of when disclosure encouraged people to game the system to make themselves look better.

New York Times

One Reason Health Insurance Premiums Vary So Much – 05/15/14
Professor Leemore Dafny on how the lack of competition in health plans drives up the prices.

Business Insider

Here's Why You Should Always Make The First Offer In A Negotiation – 05/14/14
Quotes Professor Leigh Thompson, who said, “Whoever makes the first offer essentially drops an anchor on the table. I might say that your opening offer is ridiculous, but nevertheless, unconsciously, I've been anchored.”


Being the 'Best' Isn't Best for Marketing to Consumers – 05/14/14
A Kellogg study found that brands that position themselves as the best actually set themselves up for failure. Quotes Professor Neal Roese, who said that no matter how good the product is, a “maximizing mindset” causes consumers to be unsatisfied. Also ran in Fox Business.

Olean Times Herald

Some things are worth protecting – 05/14/14
Article by Professor Harold Sirkin about deforestation in Borneo.


Yes, the World Needs More MBAs. Here’s Why – 05/13/14
Article by Dean Sally Blount, in which she argues that more MBAs are needed because business is “the dominant social institution of our age,” yet “it falls short in its potential to serve our global society.”


Seeing Human – 05/13/14
Op-ed by Professor Adam Waytz about people’s ability to “see humanness on a spectrum” as technology has become more humanlike. His research on driverless cars found that the more humanlike the car was, the more people considered the car to be intelligent and trustworthy.


Non-profit uses crowdfunding to launch a preschool – 05/13/14
Quotes Professor Liz Howard, who said, “This particular online initiative enables you to spread the word farther and gain donors and stakeholders from a broader, more diverse geographic area.”


Thanks, But No Thanks: Avoiding Customers You Don't Want – 05/12/14
A Kellogg study found that products which only appeal to a small group of customers with niche tastes are destined to fail in the long term. Figuring out who these customers are before a product goes to market might help businesses figure out which products are going to flop. Quotes Professor Eric Anderson.

Chicago Tribune

Portillo's sale an entree to red-hot founder debate – 05/11/14
Column examines the role of the founder in the success of a business. Quotes Professor Stephen Burnett, who said, “…you should keep the founder engaged, so they can begin to relate to you some things they think are really important to preserve and things they think can be improved upon.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Hard part of Affordable Care Act is making health system affordable – 05/11/14
Quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite, who said, “It's far easier to expand coverage than it is to control the market forces within health care to bring down spending.”

Blue Sky Innovation

A venture capitalist on the ratio that signals a good entrepreneur – 05/09/14
Video interview with Professor Carter Cast, who discusses entrepreneurial traits, the importance of a good team and the significance of questions over statements.

Crain’s Chicago Business

Chicago tech veterans Henikoff, Achler to raise $25 million VC fund – 05/08/14
Professors Troy Henikoff and Mark Achler will aim the fund at early-stage tech startups.

The New York Times

Simmons Spends Big on Star Power – 05/08/14
Article reports on Simmons Bedding Company’s two new celebrity-driven advertising campaigns. Quotes Professor Timothy Calkins, who said, “Both campaigns will help the business because they’re building differentiation and giving consumers a reason to ask for these brands.”


When Betting on a Losing Company Is a Great Career Move – 05/07/14
Article by Professor Greg Carpenter about Professor Eric Leininger’s decision to join McDonald’s in the midst of resurgence.