Kellogg in the News

Business Insider

People Who Work In Tech Say These Are The 10 Best Business Schools In The World – 08/19/14

Article reports that professionals in the tech industry consider Stanford the best business school, followed by Harvard, MIT, Wharton, Booth and Kellogg.

Daily Herald

Ice Bucket Challenge heats up fundraising in the suburbs – 08/19/14
Quotes Liz Livingston Howard, Kellogg’s director of nonprofit executive education, who said that the Ice Bucket Challenge creates “a dialogue that gets people to ask questions.”

Huffington Post

Millennial Recruitment and Impact Investing – 08/19/14

Article lists b-schools that offer courses on social enterprise, impact investing or sustainability, including HBS, Wharton, Kellogg, Booth, Stern, Stanford, Columbia and Ross. Also mentions Kellogg’s Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge.

Poets & Quants

Which Schools Produce the Highest Returns? – 08/19/14

Article reports on Financial Times' ranking of B-schools by their return on investment, comparing average costs with average salaries. Top-ranked schools ranked low by this measure due to higher tuition. Kellogg ranked 92, compared with its overall FT ranking of 15.

EY Family Business Blog

A grave matter for family businesses – 08/18/14
Article by Professor Lloyd Shefsky explores the potential consequences of family business leaders who try to continue controlling the company after they’ve left it.


Interview with Professor Lloyd Shefsky about being your own boss.


Gary Fencik: A 'hit-man' aims high – 08/14/14

Article profiles former Chicago Bears safety and Kellogg alumnus Gary Fencik, who now works in private equity.  In 1985, Fencik completed his MBA and won the Super Bowl.

The New York Times

Helping Prevent Foreclosures – 08/14/14

Article reports on a study by Professors Brian Melzer and David Matsa that found that the $250 billion paid out in federally funded unemployment benefits helped prevent an estimated 1.4 million foreclosures from July 2008 to December 2012.

The New York Times

For Merchants, Bitcoin Shows More Pop Than Potential – 08/14/14

Quotes Professor Derek Rucker, who said, “It’s possible they’re using their association with Bitcoin for different reasons, but clearly, it’s an attention-grabber.”

Fast Company

What To Do When Investors Think You're Crazy – 08/13/14

Excerpt from Invent, Reinvent, Thrive by Professor Lloyd Shefsky encourages entrepreneurs to turn to potential future customers and industry leaders when experts don’t believe a business idea will work.


Interview with Professor Joel Shalowitz about the cost of marketing for the Health Insurance Marketplace.

The New York Times

A Campaign to Pique the Interest of Those Who Revel in a Deal – 08/11/14

Article reports on a coupon-aggregating site’s ad campaign to increase the use of its mobile app. Quotes Professor Alexander Chernev, who said, “At the end of the day, consumers are not likely to have five different apps for discounts.”


TODAY test drive: Does wearing a nametag make you nicer? – 08/11/14

Quotes Professor Keith Murnighan, who said, “If you're less anonymous, then you're likely to be more responsible, ethical, moral.”


Pump Up The Bass, Feel Like A Boss – 08/09/14

Article reports on a study by Professors Derek Rucker and Loran Nordgren and student Dennis Hsu that found that listening to bass-heavy songs makes people feel more powerful. Also covered by Business Insider and Businessweek.

Financial Executives International

Want a Cheap Corporate Loan? Learn Your Banker’s Vacation Schedule – 08/08/14

Article reports on Professor Mitchell Petersen’s study that found that firms borrowing during seasonal “sales” in late spring and fall issue at 19 basis points cheaper and raise 50 percent more total funding than winter and summer borrowers.


The New Supercompetitors – 08/08/14

Article reports on research by Professors Thomas Hubbard, Paul Leinwand and Cesare Mainardi that found that supercompetitors are emerging today because companies with distinctive capabilities are both scalable and relevant, while other forms of competitive advantage, like sheer size, have decreased in importance.

WBEZ’s Tech Shift

Groupon and enterprise apps – 08/08/14

Interview with Professor Linda Darragh about Groupon’s disappointing second quarter earnings.  Darragh said that Groupon is “probably looking deep as to what their core competency might be to see how they can reinvent themselves.”

Business Insider

To Be Successful, You Have To Repeatedly Reinvent Yourself – 08/07/14

Q&A with Professor Lloyd Shefsky about his book, Invent, Reinvent, Thrive.  Originally appeared in Kellogg Insight

Fast Company

The $95 Watch Designed To Win Over The Luxury Market – 08/07/14

Article profiles Kellogg alumnus Chris Chon, who used Kickstarter to fund his luxury watch brand for consumers who aren’t willing to pay excessive price markups.  


The wisdom of less: How Procter & Gamble can grow by shrinking – 08/07/14

Article by Senior Fellow Sanjay Khosla and Professor Mohanbir Sawhney argues that “if companies aren’t disciplined in how they grow, the complexity of their business increases at a faster rate than revenues do.”