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Financial Times

Cornell and Tsinghua launch double degree MBA in Beijing – 06/04/14
This will be the first time a top-ranked US business school has taught a full-time MBA degree in China, although Kellogg recently partnered with Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management to run an EMBA program in Beijing and Insead jointly teaches an EMBA with Tsinghua. Unlike Kellogg and Insead, the Cornell program will be taught in Chinese and English.


Nine Leadership Traits That Stand The Test Of Time – 06/04/14
Quotes Professor Harry Kraemer, who said, “Delivering the message and being the leader involves nonstop communication, making sure that everybody on the team understands what you’re doing and why.”


Five Lessons Board Directors Can Learn From Activist Investors – 06/03/14
Article by Dean Sally Blount outlines the five key lessons she’s learned, both as a dean and board director, from activist investors, who have a growing presence in Fortune 500 companies.

Newark Public School Principal Receives Prestigious Ryan Award – 06/03/14
The award, sponsored by the Chicago-based Accelerate Institute, includes a $25,000 honorarium and the opportunity to teach his successful methodologies at Kellogg.

Darla Moore School of Business

2013 Page Prize for Sustainability Issues in Business Curricula – 06/03/14
Professor Ozge Islegen was awarded a 2013 Page Prize for Sustainability Issues in Business Curricula Honorable Mention for her course syllabus “Emerging Areas in Operations Management” by the Darla Moore School of Business.

Poets & Quants

Top Schools To Adopt Common Recs – 06/03/14
Article reports that Columbia, Wharton, Yale, Darden, Booth and Kellogg are planning to adopt a common system for recommendation letters after reports that MBA applicants often write their own recs. Admission officers hope that a common form will reduce the burden on many recommenders and lead to more honest appraisals of candidates.

Financial Times

The Academic Week Ahead – 06/01/14
Roundup mentions a guided tour at HBS and the healthcare symposium at Kellogg.

The Wall Street Journal

How to Make Robots Seem Less Creepy – 06/01/14
Article by Professor Adam Waytz about his research that found that when emotional jobs such as social workers and preschool teachers are given to robots, people prefer robots that are capable of conveying human emotion.


Middle Market M&A Is Surging; Are Company Owners Prepared? – 05/31/14
Quotes Professor John Ward, who said, “You’re seeing more and more private equity firms looking for family controlled companies in transition.” Private equity brings a rivalry of ideas to business continuity. The net effect of that is healthy.

Chicago Business Journal

Starcom's Lisa Donohue spills the beans about why media buying is hot — and creative – 05/30/14
Article recaps the Q&A with Donohue and Kellogg students, led by Professor Julie Hennessy. Donohue said that data is now at the heart of the media business.

DNAinfo Chicago

Bucktown Mail Woes? Business Students Find Way to Keep Packages Safe – 05/30/14
Article reports on DropSpot, a startup created by five Kellogg students as part of the New Venture Discovery course. DropSpot pairs people looking to pick up their packages with local businesses willing to receive them. The deal keeps packages safe until pickup and increases foot traffic for businesses.

Poets & Quants

MBAs Expect 44% Pay Bump Due To Degree – 05/30/14
In an open web poll of 804 prospective MBA students conducted by Huron Education, Kellogg ranked third after Tuck and Fuqua regarding schools that did the best in getting to know applicants through the application process. Applicants’ feedback on schools with a video essay component varied, with some students highly positive and some students very negative. US News & World Report and Bloomberg Businessweek are virtually tied for the two most consulted rankings lists by applicants.

Business Insider

If You Want To Get Hired, Act Like Your Potential Boss – 05/29/14
Article reports on Professor Lauren Rivera’s research, which found that employers sought candidates who were not only skilled but also culturally similar to themselves.

Poets & Quants

Kellogg Wants To Be A Top Three Business School For Startups – 05/29/14
Article reports on Kellogg’s recent increased emphasis on entrepreneurship education. It highlights Professor Carter Cast’s New Venture Discovery course and includes a Kellogg Innovation & Entrepreneurship video.

Healthcare Finance News

Safety rankings: should hospitals care? – 05/28/14
Quotes Professor Joel Shalowitz, who said, “As far as individuals are concerned, publishing these report cards does not seem to make a lot of difference in their choice of which hospital to go to.”

Psychology Today

4 Reasons You Can't Trust Yourself – 05/28/14
Article cites research by Professor Neal Roese that found that watching an animation more than doubled the hindsight bias because “Animations can whitewash the guess work and assumptions that go into interpreting reconstructions. By creating a picture of one possibility, they make others seem less likely, even if they’re not.”

Insurance Networking News

More ACA Insurers Could Help Brokers Enroll More Consumers – 05/27/14
Article reports on a study by Professors Leemore Dafny and Christopher Ody that found that if all US insurers had participated in their respective markets, premiums on the federal healthcare exchange would have been 11.1 percent lower.

The Kansas City Star

As cases mount, attorneys rush into the field of college sports law – 05/27/14
Quotes Professor Lloyd Shefsky, who launched a sports lawyers group in the 1970s that focuses on the legal tangles of professional players and teams.


The end of the job listing? – 05/27/14
Radio interview with Professor Nicholas Pearce, who said, “One of the biggest issues that companies are facing currently is not just attracting talent that is competent but attracting talent that fits the culture of their organization.”

The Motley Fool

Why It's Good That Disney Is Giving Away a Fortune – 05/27/14
Article cites Kellogg research, which found that companies whose spending on corporate and social responsibility programs exceeds investor expectations tend to enjoy positive stock returns.