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Why 2015 Super Bowl Spots Aren't Selling Fast – 12/18/14
Article by Professors Tim Calkins and Derek Rucker argues that Super Bowl ads are selling at a slower pace due to the increased price tag and increased risk from the NFL’s recent domestic abuse controversies.


The Worst CEO Screw-Ups Of 2014 – 12/17/14
Article mentions Professor Harry Kraemer, who helped compile the list of this year’s worst CEOs.


To Avoid Taxes, Delta's Assets Could Book a One-Way Flight to Europe – 12/15/14
Quotes Professor Mitchell Petersen, who said, “A lot of these tax-efficiency strategies are about postponing the taxes, not avoiding the taxes. If you pay the tax in 10 years, the present value of that burden drops.”

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Innovation In Business: Leveling In A Competitive Market – 12/14/14
Package includes interview with Professor Robert Wolcott, who said, “If you’ve got increase in competition, if you have increasing opportunity, there will be some people who see the opportunity and have the guts, the courage to take the risks and go out and try new things, and some of them will work.”

Poets and Quants

Big Data Drawing Big Student Enrollments – 12/13/14
Poets and Quants on big data drawing big student enrolllments.


A Private Label YouTube Shows The Power Of Data Monetization – 12/11/14
Article mentions that Professor Russell Walker’s idea of asset surveillance could be used by JW Player to monitor the quality of networks in various countries or how tastes for content differ across the globe.

Chicago Tribune

How Quxsi and other apps are responding to the surge of Uber – 12/10/14
Quotes Professor Mohanbir Sawhney, who said that Uber’s surging popularity spawned a microeconomy of new companies, which is “a healthy development for consumers, because there are unsolved problems” that Uber has created.

Chicago Tribune

How Quxsi and other apps are responding to the surge of Uber – 12/10/14
Mohan Sawhney on how one company’s surging popularity can spawn a microeconomy of new companies and why this is a healthy development for consumers.


Consumers Are No Longer Brand Loyal – 12/10/14
Quotes Professor Robert Wolcott, who said, “Brands earn trust by being authentic, and by being seen to be authentic. They earn loyalty by creating meaningful experiences across all contacts in ways that matter to customers.”

The Globe and Mail

Fewer, Bigger, Bolder named Best Business Book of 2014 – 12/09/14
This book from Kellogg Senior Fellow Sanjay Khosla and Professor Mohan Sawhney topped several 2014 book lists, resonating with leaders seeking growth through sharp focus.

Chicago Tribune

Fancy management systems aren't going to fix bad managers – 12/08/14
Quotes Professor Tom Kuczmarski, who said that companies need to have a system that reinforces values—authentic values that are defined by people from all levels of the company—and good behavior in order to achieve organizational success.

The New Republic

Israel Destroys Homes to Deter Terrorists. A New Study Says It Works—But Is It Moral? – 12/08/14
Article notes an analysis in which Professor Efraim Benmelech was involved, finding a strong correlation between Israeli military demolitions and subsequent suicide attacks. It is the first serious analysis of Israeli punitive demolitions in government, academia or anywhere else.

The New York Times

We Can’t Trust Uber – 12/07/14
Op-ed by Professor Brayden King argues for the creation of independent, external bodies that oversee how data collected by websites and apps is used, backed by laws that ensure that individuals can see, correct and opt out of data collection. King’s article was also discussed on CNBC’s Squawk Box.


You Stole Those Paper Clips Because You Were Stressed Out – 12/05/14
Article reports on a study by Professor Maryam Kouchaki that found that anxious adults are more likely to make unethical decisions in the workplace, like stealing office materials, lying in a report or using confidential information that'd been accidentally left behind to advance their own careers.


Women on boards: Are quotas really the answer? – 12/05/14
Article reports that there were fewer layoffs in Norway after its government imposed quotas to get more women on corporate boards. Quotes Professor David Matsa, who said that this could be because women directors care more about workers, women think about broader issues than shareholder implications or because layoffs weren’t the right business decision in the long run.

Business Insider

7 Proven Ways To Appear More Powerful – 12/04/14
Article cites a study by Professors Derek Rucker and Loran Nordgren that found that listening to bass-heavy music makes people feel more confident.

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TEL 105: The Innovative Entrepreneur with Daniel Spulber – 12/04/14
Professor Daniel Spulber discusses his book, The Innovative Entrepreneur, in which the author unveils an economic theory for innovative entrepreneurship that asks why people with new technologies start their own companies.


Fix Your Useless Brainstorming Sessions in Two Minutes – 12/03/14
Article includes a video of Professor Leigh Thompson explaining how brain writing can neutralize employees with the strongest personalities, who tend to dominate brainstorming discussions, so that everyone’s contributions are heard.

Harvard Business Review

Wikipedia Is More Biased Than Britannica, but Don’t Blame the Crowd – 12/03/14
Article reports on research by Professor Shane Greenstein that found that on a per word basis Wikipedia is slightly less biased than Britannica and that the more revisions a Wikipedia article undergoes, the more neutral it becomes.

Brazilian Management Review

The effect of distribution on market share in different channels – 12/01/14
Refers to the research of Professor Lakshman Krishnamurthi about how product distribution has been identified as a major factor in explaining the variations in the market share of products from companies in various markets. (In Portuguese)